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{Vivian}Sexy HK 38E Chiobu Sweet~babes,Attractive,Whole Body Msg,Auth Msg,JG HDLY,Hj

Please Call Or Text Vivian ☎ 8434 9415
★❤★All races all welcome!★❤★
* Vivian had many years of massage experience, 100% no bullshit*
★❤★Personal Data★❤★
Name : Vivian
Age : 28
Origin : Hong Kong
Ht/Wt : 163/55
Bustline : 38E 100% NATURAL
Languages : Cantonese, Chinese & Simple English
[There Is Time Restriction, You May Mix & Match The Following Services Within 60/90Mins]
Whole Body Massage & Oil 全身按摩推油
*She will be fully nude 一丝不挂 *
*-Physical relaxation
Improved circulation, which nourishes cells and improves waste elimination
-Relief for tight muscles (knots) and other aches and pains
-Release of nerve compression (carpel tunnel, sciatica)
-Greater flexibility and range of motion
-Enhanced energy and vitality
-Help heal scar tissue as well as tendon, ligament, and muscle tears
-Hard and solid massage with essence oil. She have years of experience in massaging.*
★❤★ MUST TRY!★❤★
[Autoroaming 触摸全身]
*World wide roaming is allow during the whole session.*
[Chinese Mixed Thai Style Massage 中泰式结合按摩]
*Love this to the Max! her strength is good & spot on core acupoints. Highly accurate acupoints massage that relieve body tension.Feel really Good after This!.*
[Authentic Traditional Full Body Massage/JAPANESE/THAI Massage 正宗传统全身按摩/泰式/日式按摩]
*Authentic full Body massage by professional experienced masseuse skills to relax & de-stressed your tense muscle! walk out a happy man!.*
[Authentic Chinese Physician Fingers Massage 正宗中医指压推拿 /全身按摩]
*She is a very Experienced Masseuse who know how to apply the correct strength at the right spot to press on your back, massage you fully to soothe and relief fatigue for you!.*
[Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage 头,颈,肩部按摩]
*Office workers fall in! She can do great head massage to reduce migraine & headaches. Your shoulder & neck will Loosen Up Too!.*
[Kneeing Back Massage 跪背][Silk Stocking Seduction 丝袜诱惑]
*Balance both her knee on your back & exert right pressure to cure your Backaches!.*
[HDLY 海底捞月]
*Performing erotic hand movement on your dick and balls and she really do magic hands and her subtle strokes and touches that not only deeply relaxes you but also produces a very exciting effect at the same time!.*
[Prostate Massage 前列腺保养]
*Massage Acupoints Around Your Groin Area To Promote Better Blood Flow To Your Precious!.*
[Whole Body Guasha 全身刮痧]
*Scrub your back in multiple strokes which helps purge coldness & impurities out of your body!.*
[BooBs Massage /Breast Fxxk 胸推 /感性胸交]
*She will use her 38E CUP boobs and nipples to massage you, shiok!*Imagine your dick fucking her natural 38E boobs and feel the stimulations of 2 Gigatic Breast pressing your dick rubbing, shiok to the max!.*
[Juagen 抓根]
*Your manhood therapy. She will massage acupoints around your balls and penis with good hand movement to boost up your manhood and better Sexual. Damm Good!.*
[Hand job 打飞机]
*This Is Her ULTIMATE Showdown! Be Taken Aback By How GOOD She Is Able Pump Your Sexual Adrenaline To Da Max! Her gentle touch with smooth and Magical hands,and slow body touch will make you surrender in no time!.*
[Attitude/GFE 服务态度/女朋友感觉]
*Guarantee good attitude and good massage, highly friendly, Chatty when ice broken, not a time watcher & SUPERB Gf feel!.*
*Services that She don’t provides:
Other Services That Are Not Mention Above
Other Initmate Actions Depend On Your Chemistry With Her*
$100/ Whole Body Massage + Head & Abdomen Massage +Juagen抓根 + HDLY With 69HJ/60 Mins
$150/ Whole Body Massage + Head & Abdomen Massage +Juagen抓根 + Boobs Massage + Boobs Fuck + HDLY With 69HJx2/90 Mins
Please Call Or Text Vivian ☎ 8434 9415
★❤★All races all welcome!★❤★

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Beth experienced severe migraine headaches before locating relief with Dr. Robert Harrell of Charlotte Headache Center Call us to see just how we can minimize your persistent migraines and migraines, TMJ problem, earaches, ringing in the ears, neck pain and/or sleep apnea.

Charlotte Headache Center.
7820 Ballantyne Commons Parkway
Suite 103
Charlotte NC 28277

Get The Bet Richardson TX Chronic Pain Relief – Hormone Replacement Therapy

Get The Bet Richardson TX Chronic Pain Relief & Hormone Replacement Therapy ID: 598901
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(firmenpresse) – Looking for the best pain relief experts in Richardson? The experienced doctors at Richardson Pain & Wellness will help you experience a pain-free, happier and healthier life through professional personalized medical solutions!Richardson Pain & Wellness, a health and wellness clinic based in Richardson, Texas, announced an updated range of services for patients interested in conservative pain management, hormone replacement therapy, fast medical weight loss and other professional health solutions. The clinic works with a diverse team of doctors and other medical staff to provide personalized health and therapy plans adapted to the needs of each patient.Go to for more info.The clinic’s recent update aims to provide the Richardson community with the most recent medical innovations in chronic and acute pain management, weight management, hormone therapy and other fields.You can contact the clinic for professional pain management plans created by a team of expert anesthesiologists and other medical professionals.Richardson Pain & Wellness offers complete preliminary consultations to identify the root cause of your pain and create a custom therapy plan. Among the most common pain issues treated are arthritis, back and neck pain, cancer pain, migraines and headaches, among others.The clinic’s pain management team work closely with your physician to ensure a thorough understanding of your case and create the best pain relief plan.The Richardson clinic also provides professional hormone replacement therapy. These services are ideal for active individuals looking to replenish their testosterone levels, which tend to naturally decrease with age. Low testosterone levels are associated with increased risk of fatigue, depression and low energy, making hormone replacement therapy an ideal way to improve your overall health and wellbeing.More information on the clinic’s hormone therapy services can be found at the recent update, Richardson Pain & Wellness continues to expand its range of services according to the latest medical and therapeutic innovations.A satisfied patient said: “After confirming diagnosis of Chronic Lyme Disease I made an appointment at Richardson Pain and Wellness. The staff is very professional, but make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Their approach to care was very sensible and I appreciated their honesty with choosing the correct direction to take with getting well, since it will be a long process. I will definitely recommend them to friends and family.”Click on the links above for more information. additional information:

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In this video clip, we have explained exactly how to obtain rid of serious headache as well as margin headache quickly in the Telugu language. If you like this video clip please give thumbs up, remark and share our video clip factory channel video clips. Share this video clip if

you find it informative and locate for helpful.
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Migraine Headache: Guidelines Knowledge Check

Migraine Headache: Guidelines Knowledge Check Andrea Eberly, MD, MS, FAAEM September 17, 2019 Migraine Headache Clinical Guideline Knowledge Check
Let’s look at the current management of migraine headache guidelines. The 2017/2019 ACEP Guidance on Headaches addresses emergency department management of migraine (2017 expert summary) and severe headaches (2019 guideline). What is recommended regarding imaging patients who present with acute migraines that are different from their “usual” migraines?
Stay in step with current national guidelines with Med-Challenger Guideline Knowledge Checks .
Today’s Guideline Knowledge Check question comes from the desk of Med-Challenger Emergency Medicine Editor-in-Chief, Andrea Eberly, MD, FAAEM. Are you following the most current guidelines for management of migraine headaches? “Not My Usual” Migraine:
A 27-year-old, healthy female with a history of migraines presents to the emergency department with an unusually severe migraine that is somewhat different from her usual attacks.
The onset was gradual (as usual) while driving her car in bright sunlight without sunglasses. However, this episode began with less visual auras than usual, and now is more severe and prolonged, and is located somewhat more centrally than her usually left-sided migraines.
She denies loss of consciousness, but has vomited once, which is also unusual for her migraines that normally present with nausea, but not vomiting. The headache began one hour ago and currently is at maximum intensity and “the worst ever”.
Her vital signs are normal, incl. no fever, and on exam, no neurological deficits, neck stiffness or pain with flexion is noted. Her mental status is intact and she denies any recent head trauma.
Two years ago, a magnetic resonance imaging study of the head without contrast was normal.
What do the 2019 headache guidelines published by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), in combination with their 2017 expert review on migraines, recommend with regards to imaging studies for the above patient?
Answer Options :
The patient should receive a magnetic resonance imaging study with angiography (MRA) to look for possibly missed vessel pathology..
The patient should receive a CT scan with contrast to exclude a subarachnoid bleed.
The patient should receive a CT scan or MRI with contrast to exclude a subarachnoid bleed; a negative scan should be followed by a lumbar puncture if concern for a bleed remains.
The patient should first be treated with a non-opioid medication by IV drip over 15 minutes, such as IV metoclopramide or IV prochlorperazine or IV droperidol +/- IV dihydroergotamine, and then reassessed.
See the Answer: ▸ Click Here for Answer & Full Explanation The correct answer is: The patient should first be treated with a non-opioid medication by IV drip over 15 minutes, such as IV metoclopramide or IV prochlorperazine or IV droperidol +/- IV dihydroergotamine, and then reassessed. Key Point:
The 2019 ACEP guidelines on headache, in combination with ACEP’s 2017 expert review on migraines, emphasize that even patients with “different than their usual migraines” (longer, more severe, different location) can FIRST be treated for migraine prior to any diagnostic work up as long as red flags are absent. If treatment brings relief in the absence of red flags, then no further work-up is necessary.
The above patient had a history of migraines and no red flags, thus justifying treatment before any workup (see explanation below for details). Explanation:
In patients who present with a migraine that differs from their usual pattern (longer or more intense than usual, doesn’t respond to standard medication, or different location than usual), but who lack ALL of the below red flags, treatment should precede any diagnostic work up or decisions about neuroimaging.
Often in these cases, treatment not only alleviates the headache, but also patients are then often better able to recognize similarities to past attacks.
If concern persists after treatment (eg. about a tumor or sentinel bleed), neuroimaging should be obtained.
Neuroimaging and possibly laboratory studies should always be obtained when the following red flags are present: Thunderclap onset (sudden, severe onset without warning) Focal neurologic findings

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Migraine headaches can be soothed in the house by utilizing aromatherapy, cooling balm, cold pack as well as herbal supplements to reduce the discomfort. Think about daily at-home avoidance for chronic migraine headaches with suggestions from a board-certified neurologist in this totally free video clip on frustrations.

Specialist: Alexander Mauskop
Biography: Dr. Alexander Mauskop, MD FAAN, is the director and also founder of the New York Headache Center in New York City.
Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Magnetic Therapy for Pain Relief

admin Magnet Therapy
Magnetic Therapy is making a comeback worldwide, companies are offering magnetic underlays for all sizes of beds, and they come in Cotton or authentic Sheep’s Wool.
There are little sized units, to fit on the wrist, fit on the waistband of underwear, belts to fit around your back, your knees or just about anywhere that you are probable to undergo pain. a couple of ladies are using a magnet that fits on the waistband of underwear at the front, when they are undergoing menstrual pain, and they swear that it eases the pain.
It has been claimed as a drug free substitute for insomnia, headaches and migraines, by sleeping with a magnetic pad in the pillow, it reacts on the Pineal Gland which is in the middle of the brain and responds to a magnetic ground.
Magnetic Therapy, is not new, it has been around for about 3000, years, it was supposed to have started at that time in India. The red dot worn by a couple of Indian women on their forehead, was originally generated from a magnetic powder. It was put on a crucial nerve point midway among the two eyes, an ground that a couple of believe is the third eye, it supposedly calmed down the brain and diminished stress, thereby keeping the ladies seeking beautiful. Magnets work on the circulatory system by making the blood flow quicker and at the same time refining the blood. This helps the body to dispose of waste and toxins. A number of health issues are typically due to a sluggish circulatory system and magnets appear to overcome plenty of these troubles.
Science has shown that by putting a magnetic ground next to the body, a bioelectric task occurs. At the cellular level, it is the trace elements of Iron and Potassium in the blood that are drawn to the magnetic field provoking a mild outcome in the blood stream.
A large number of people feel heat when sleeping on a magnetic underlay, this is quite frequent, this increases vasculation, oxygenation, balancing of energy flow and stimulation of the Lymphatic System.
Magnetic Therapy today is being used to treat multiple illnesses and painful conditions, it is a Natural Therapy, that truly has no dangerous side effects, you should develop your intake of pure water, to assist the waste and toxins flush from the body, you might feel a small hot, but if you are in a cold climate, this is possibly a favorable side outcome.
Scientists are researching the therapy and the pros of treating colds and flu arthritis, reduction of pressure and nervous troubles. It has even been tried on people with partial hurt to the spinal cord.
A number of famous people are using Magnetic Therapy, this includes Hollywood celebrities and even one ex US President. Magnets have become an interest to the medical world. The potent effects of healing by means of magnetism on thousands of patients, has caused a couple of doctors to have another look at the circumstance. Magnets themselves needless to say don’t heal anything; they cultivate the body into healing itself.
The body has a Natural Healing system installed at conception, this is the Immune System, but if it does no damage, why not give this system a bit of a expand along. The Immune System has quite a struggle in our modern day, fighting the effects of Chemicals, Pesticides, Herbicides gasses and a million other things that we consume, drink and breathe every day. Share this:

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(G15) A Concerted Effort (Marvus Xoloto TF/MC) by A-C-Crowley

Trinity hurried along the corridor, cursing the fact that even in this whole damn concert hall there was a suspicious lack of toilets. Even if he did find one, he’d swear as he found every stall was engaged or out of order…or oddly both. That did nothing for him, he really REALLY needed to go. His sneakers squeaked against the lino-clad floor as he pushed onwards, checking each and every door that he could find to see if there was something he could use. At this rate he’d even take a bucket…maybe.
‘Dammit I’m either gonna burst and be uncomfortable for the whole concert or burst and miss the whole damn thing!’ his mind said, bitterly cursing the fact that he really should not have had so many of those Purple Blood drinks. It wasn’t his fault though, they were just that tasty; that they were rather cheap…
And the fact they were in those large cups, which made the notion of him drinking four of them already all the more eye-widening.
As Trinity passed a slightly ajar door, he turned his head, peering in through the crack to see if this had a place he could use. It was well lit, something that contrasted form the dinginess of the corridor well, almost making Trinity want to look in it as if it was a flame and he a moth. There was a strong scent coming from the room, not one that was unpleasant but it definitely smelled a little sweeter and fresher. Leaning in, the male peered through the crack in the door before his hand reached out and pulled it open. Just a bit.
The light spilled out a bit more as the room revealed itself a touch more. There were a few plush looking purple chairs scattered around the room, walls painted a mostly teal hue but it looked like someone had let their ‘artistic’ nightmare of a toddler go to town with the paintbrush. A teal countertop was set against one wall, just below a rather large mirror that sat opposite another of the chairs. But that was something that Trinity glossed over for the moment. For there was something that caught his eye on the far wall. A door, one that was open and lo and behold there it was. A toilet.
‘Oh thank fuck…’ he thought, opening the door fully and stepping inside. Sure, it must be one of the musician’s changing rooms from the looks of it but also from the looks of it they were not there. And besides, he would be in and out before anyone knew that he had been here.
That is if they didn’t have a security camera. But Trinity wanted to take that risk. Making sure that he closed the door behind him (hell he wasn’t that stupid to let someone see that he was in here taking a leak), he padded across the plush carpeted floor before slamming the door to the bathroom shut behind him.
Then…bliss…utter utter bliss.
So much bliss that Trinity didn’t hear the sound of the door to the dressing room creak open slightly, letting a bit more barely lit light into the room before soft footsteps were heard. Phantom ones; they belonged to no one but someone most certainly. Whatever this thing was, it stood there in the room, just distorting it a little. A drawer opened, a rather sizeable box was pulled out and placed on the dressing table by the mirror, opening up to show a myriad of colours and tools perfect for someone to get someone ready.
Trinity was ignorant in this bliss. The sweet relief that he had been granted was quickly brushed aside. Washing his hands, he turned his attention to the dressing room.
‘I wonder whose this is suppose to be?’ he thought to himself, gently peeking his head through into the room proper. The garish colours really didn’t gel together at all in his opinion, but the purple seats looked comfortable as hell. Kinda plushy if he was to hazard a guess. His eyes peered around before sensing nothing wrong; if anything he felt like he could get away scott free. Thankfully. It would have been very awkward if he had to explain to the person who was supposed to use this room as to why he was taking a piss in their bathroom. How would he have gotten out of that aside from using a mix of ‘I was lost’ and ‘I’m probably diabetic, that or I have an infection’. But that’s beside the point.
No one was here, he was free to leave.
Trinity’s eyes turned their attention to the plush purple chair by the dressing table. He smiled a little as he looked around.
‘Okay, it’s like…a half hour before the show…’he started to think, stepping towards the chair before poking it. It was so soft, so much so that his finger pushed into the material before it sprung back as he recoiled his touch.
‘So soft…where can I get one of these?’ he thought, chuckling to himself as he ran his hand across the seat. It was just inviting to sit on and considering that he had been and would be on his feet for a while as the concert play out, there was just a little bit of him that was niggling at the back of his thoughts that said ‘oh go on, just for a moment’
Just a moment…that’s all he needed. A moment off his feet to relax before the concert.
And besides if he was going to go and buy a chair like this he would need to know what it felt like when he sat on it, rather than what his finger did when he poked it. Trinity smirked a little, looking around before deciding to keep the door to the dressing room open to let him have a chance to know when someone was coming. Just a few moments, not that long at all really…
The male softly sat in the chair, leaning back as he sighed; weight lifting off his feet as he stared at his reflection in the mirror. Just a mirror, one that had no smudge or smear and one that clearly shimmered in the light. A shimmer that dances almost across the surface of the mirror, almost distorting Trinity’s reflection a little. It was almost like the tail end of a set of ripples in a pool of water; subtle enough not to notice but there is one were to notice it if they focused on.
“Hmm….I hope that Purple Blood drink isn’t gonna have me bouncing off the walls later…” Trinity hummed, reclining back into the chair, letting the plush purple envelop him. He was relaxed. So very relaxed.
So much so that he just had to close his eyes. Just a moment. That’s all it would need.
A moment.
Trinity’s eyes shot open as he stared at the mirror. His reflection was there, as always. As was the room with the garish paintwork and the chair on which he sat on. What wasn’t there? Well, for a start there was no little lit of light creeping in through the open door. That had closed, maybe not on its own volition. The second thing that he noticed was something that had appeared where it had once not been. His eyes widened as he stared slack jawed into the mirror.
‘Uh…’ his thoughts started as his brain froze. Scissors. A pair of scissors was floating in the air, snipping gently. A pair of scissors…and…a brush? Both were purple and both looked like they were being held by someone. Trinity blinked, turning his head around to try and see if it was just a trick of the lack of light.
The operative word being ‘try’.
Not because there was no one there, but for some reason, he sat there. Head straight ahead, staring into the mirror. Around his reflection a bit of a distortion grew, almost as if there was another image being overlaid on top of his. It was larger, both in height and in broadness, though any real detail was lacking. It was just an outline. Of someone…
Someone that Trinity was sitting in the middle of, judging by the reflection.
“W-what?” he stammered, hands tightening suddenly against the arms of the chair as the snip snipping of the scissors stopped. In the mirror he watched them float towards the dressing table before being placed down gently and perfectly as if they were going to be used in a bit but not right now. No, instead a drawer opened; a distorted aura flickering as if Trinity was about to suffer from a migraine danced at the corner of his eye before what looked like a small canister was pulled out. A purple one, going with the theme of this room by the looks of it. Trinity’s eyes watched it, mostly in awe but also in fear of what it was about to do. It was pulled out of view, then a slight popping sound hit his ears before…
Trinity coughed rather viciously as a plume of some sort of substance was sprayed into his hair. You might even call it…hairspray. Whatever it was it smelt (and tasted, as some had gotten onto his tongue) rather industrial and did nothing but exacerbate his coughing, the slight anxiety that was creeping into his mind and even the sheer irritation of getting a face full of spray. He closed his eyes, making sure that they weren’t affected by whatever this phantom hairspray was made of (a spray of course, one that’s safe for hair…but for eyes? Maybe not so much)
‘Just what in the world?’ Trinity thought as he felt the stream of spray stop, the can being placed back on the counter before the brush started to do whatever it needed to do. A tug. Just a small one at first as if someone had just pulled his beloved hair tie out from its place, letting his long hair cascade over the back of the purple chair. Was it safe to open his eyes? Maybe, there wasn’t any spray at all now.
So Trinity did, staring at his reflection.
Then he turned his head a little before a strange force almost pushed it back in place, like when one gets their hair cut and they turn just a little out of place for the barber. But he had a reason to turn his head.
‘Are my roots…darker?’ he thought, narrowing his eyes as he almost lent in but was again pulled back by the phantom hands. The short answer to that thought? Yes, yes they were. The longer answer? Yes, yes they definitely were…but the darker shade wasn’t just limited to where his hair began. No, as the brush was brought to his hair, slowly dragging the teeth between the follicles the darker tone started to rise up higher and higher as if the brush was pulling whatever dye had been sprayed over his hair. Was it the spray? Must have been. But what sort of spray turns your hair dark..wait, not dark.
Trinity watched as the black shade rose up his hair like the tide coming in, staining his brown locks in their hue. The brush worked more and more, stretching each strand of hair he had long and proud, but then a tugging hti Trinity’s scalp as his hair started to grow. Not just in length, though that was the first thing he noticed as his already long hair was pulled and tugged to a new length. Judging on how his hair sat against the back of the chair before, maybe the length would now be more akin to it resting at just below his ass…give or take. He shuddered as the brush kept on being forced through his hair; each time he moved his head in protest it was forced back in place which only caused him to grumble a bit, trying not to let the slight heat of anger that was slowly bubbling up like magma in a volcano erupt. He would tear this place down if he could; smash the mirror and maybe even throw some things at whatever -whoever- was brushing his hair. His longer, blacker hair…heavier…
Trinity groaned as the weight was added to his head as the locks fluffed and swelled, billowing outwards thicker and more voluminous, getting a rather messy look to it. Some bangs crept in from the sides of his face while a rather large one flopped down between his eyes that refused to really move at all aside from the odd sproing that happened as his head got manipulated into whatever position the brush wanted it to be in. Heavy, but oh so soft. This was all natural, all perfectly conditioned locks of hair. Which would have been nice, save for the fact that it was being forced upon him from something brushing his hair.
“Hey just what the hell is going on here?!” he shouted, finally letting that anger bubble over, watching as the brush was placed back on the dressing table. “You better have a good reason for-” he added, well wanted to add before something suddenly was forced into his mouth. Another brush.
But not one for hair, one for teeth.
Trinity gargled a little as a toothbrush, purple in colour but seemingly engraved with black and gold on the handle, started to lather up a rather strange tasting paste across his teeth. The mirror told him that it was a strange colour too. Not the usual white streaked with red or blue, or even the sparkly blue one that had some sort of really good abrasive to it that helped to clean them better. No. This was grey. A sickly, ashen grey that stained his tongue, painted his gums but at the same time…they left his teeth so pearly white. So white and perfect that they almost glinted in the light. Glinted…then started to ache.
The brush was pulled form Trinity’s mouth as the grey foam evaporated in the air, maybe being dabbed dry by something that he couldn’t see. But that was a side thought. His teeth ached, almost as if someone was tugging and yanking them, reshaping them in his mouth as Trinity watched in shock and a little bit of awe. His teeth pushed inwards, straightening out as they started to sharpen, locking together like a set of shark’s teeth, save for his canines. They stretched longer, poking over his lips as they refused to comply with what he wanted. Such a proud set of fangs. But Trinity didn’t really agree. They felt so odd, too big for his mouth as he was silenced somewhat, letting out a few strange ‘blargs’ and ‘graags’ as he tried to work out how to enunciate with these chompers. His tongue lolled out a little, showing that the stained hue wasn’t shifting, staying the sickly looking ashen grey tone. Well, if his hands were tied down (not literally, but the urge to not move his hands was overwhelming) then he had to use his tongue to feel up the new teeth.
So he did…
And they felt good. So strong and firm, perfect for a smirk, perfect for a smile. But not perfect for how he looked. No, that would have to change. Trinity’s eyes stung suddenly, forcing him to close them. Which was probably for the best. A third brush rose up from the dressing table, this time coming along with a strange looking thing that might have been a brush, but it was far broader and flatter and coated in a pure white substance. One that quickly pounded at Trinity’s face, causing the male to gargle out in surprise. Oh great, now he was being assaulted by some damn makeup tools! Could this day get any weirder?
Well it turns out, yes. Yes it could.
The make up deftly started to coat his face, paling whatever skin it could find to a pure white before leaving two grey diamonds over his eyes. The make-up tingled, causing a burning sensation to spread across Trinity’s face. Oh god, was it an allergic reaction to whatever was plastered to his face? If so, then it was a rather odd reaction for his face didn’t swell up like a balloon. Instead it started to warp and shift like clay, nose and chin squaring off as his jaw hardened. His mouth stretched a little, letting his new teeth sit pretty to the point he could finally maneuver them. His eyes narrowed, sclera burning as they shifted to a strange yellow hue while his pupils turned a pitch black. Whatever they were, they were not…human looking.
Trinity found that out as he finally opened his eyes, staring at the strange face in the mirror.
“H-holy…” he started, coughing suddenly as his voice started to tickle and crack, pushing deeper, charismatic in tone and very alluring in sound. “…crap u know i ain’t a fan of being forced painted…” he said, accent and words so very different to what he wanted to say but at the same time it sounded right. He blinked.
‘Why did that second part sound so…wrong?’ he thought, hands gripping the sides of the chair as he tried to push himself upwards. The phantom binds seemed to have loosened somewhat, surprising him as he heaved upwards. His hair flowed down his back; a black silken tapestry that swayed as Trinity moved his head. A hand rose up, trailing through the fluffy locks.
“u no this…wait what the hell am I saying?” he said, slapping the side of his face, just catching his eyebrows vanishing into the make-up, turning into two painted chevrons on the skin.
This wasn’t right…no this wasn’t!
He needed to get out of here…and fa-
Trinity gasped, growling slightly as he doubled over. His hands gripped the dressing table as two spikes of pain hit his scalp. It was like someone was driving a needle into those two specific points, equally split apart from each other but just as painful.
‘Oh fuck…fuck fuck fuck…’ Trinity though as his sharp teeth clenched together, trying to get to grip with the splitting headache that had suddenly struck him. Splitting…quite literally. Rearing back, Trinity cried out as the pain released causing two sharp protrusions to burst free, sending a slight spray of purple scattering onto the walls. The male gasped, panting a little as he looked up, feeling a strange set of weight that he now carried.
Trinity stared at the mirror…
Then he shook his head…
Not even ones though. One had grown from the right side of his skull, tapering as it curved upwards, then curved into a point. The left side though? That was horizontal, yet it curved in the same way. The colours were a little strange though, making Trinity instantly think of candy corn. Like seriously, candy corn-horns? They hurt like hell when they grew in but now they just looked a little…goofy? It was certainly a contrast to the face that stared back at him in the mirror. That was handsome, but at the same time slightly clownish…
Okay so maybe the horns weren’t too out of place.
‘Wait, why the hell am I admiring this?’ Trinity thought, pushing himself up from the dressing table. His legs wobbled, a slight dribble of purple mixing in with his hair before that vanished without a trace. ‘I gotta get out of here, fast!’ Turning his heel, Trinity pushed past the chair before bolting for the door, eyes widening as it slammed shut just as he got in reach of it. Was there someone actually in here that he couldn’t see? Whoever it was they were getting in his way of getting out of here! Wherever they were they were…
Trinity gasped suddenly as he felt a weight on his shoulders, almost as if there was someone resting their arm across his frame. Maybe it was that, but as it happened his shoulders started to push further apart, swelling and rounding nicely with muscle. His shirt didn’t agree on the point that they were nicely rounded, instead it strained a little as a few tears ripped through which showed a strange sight to Trinity. His skin looked ashen, not quite as pale as the make up on his face but also not overly grey in colour. Off grey perhaps? Or whatever the other forty nine shades it could be. Said shade of grey suddenly advanced down past Trinity’s shoulders, poking out from the hem of his shirt as it flooded down right to his fingertips. As it stretched though, so did Trinity’s arms. They snapped and popped, clicking and cracking as they grey tone pulled them out longer, skin tightening against the light layer of muscle he carried under the slight layer of flab that clung to his arms. Well, the better description would be ‘used to carry’ The skin tightening pushed the fat there up and out of the arms, framing the remaining muscle perfectly before said remaining muscle decided that it now had a chance to do something that they always wanted to do…and in all honesty, something that Trinity honestly wouldn’t mind having.
Trinity’s biceps swelled, puffing up rather nicely as they taxed the hem of his shirt, proudly bulging with each motion his arms did. Which when he noticed, he had to do one thing.
“woah these bbys r big u no i could get used to…” Trinity started, slapping his cheek again as his hands started to pop and swell, growing larger and thicker. The palms roughened a little, not too much to actually feel like they were calloused or overworked. His lithe fingers tingled a little as his cheek stung. God that slap had a greater magnitude than he was expecting…must be the new muscles. Muscles? Trinity lowered his arm a little, letting his tingling hand poke and prod at the grey mountain that grew from his limb. Firm. Strong. Well sculpted but oh so alien to him. The pressure on his shoulders seemed to remain, definitely feeling as if whoever this phantom person was was definitely pulling him in for a bit of a hug. A friendly one at that, but as it happened Trinity felt a pain in his chest. It was one that almost felt like he had been pushed there, playfully though. But as the pain slowly subsided, one thing didn’t. Warmth. So much warmth that filled his chest. Skin started to stretch and strain, muscles started to groan and bloat before with an almighty rip hit the dressing room. What was once a t-shirt that was doing its job perfectly was not just a set of rags, clinging vainly to Trinity’s torso.
His grey, smooth skinned torso.
And the pecs. Two firm large pecs happily resting there as the slightly cool air of the room tickled them. Trinity shuddered, glancing down before his fang-filled mouth opened wide in awe.
“Holy…wait…what the fuck is going on here?!” he said, first a little happy at the additions then indignant as to him not knowing what was going on. It was almost as if he was being trolled by…well, nobody noone (since he couldn’t really keep on calling it a something or someone) He lunged for the door once again, firmly grabbing the handle with his two new hands, rattling it as it sat there on its hinges, locked tight from possibly the outside. His motions didn’t help anything really. The rags of his shirt fell to the floor and the motions was only sending a wave through his spine. One that built up suddenly, making Trinity grunt as he fell against the wooden panels, pecs pressing firmly against it. His spine snapped, popping and pushing him taller by a few inches, stretching his torso more as his stomach pushed inwards, becoming a bit of a concave shape on either side as his core tightened and thickened up. A toned set of abs pushed through the grey flesh, accentuating his new musculature perfectly. The tickle of his hair on his back made Trinity groan more. It felt so strange…so foerign to him but…
Well, in a way. It was hard not to admit the tight muscles that were being pushed against the door were not having some sort of effect on Trinity; the sensations they were giving off were definitely making his head start to swim. Pushing against the door with his hands, he tried to stand up straight but only to double over again. His ass swelled a little, tightening with firm muscles as his thighs stretched likewise with muscle. The shorts were still covering them well, but as the grey skin pushed downwards under the hem, the colour started to change. It dyed from its usual beige huge, one that he always preferred mind you, to something that was becoming a bit of a recurring theme. Purple. A deep, royal purple, not of the tyrian shade but something darker. Well, aside from a row of diamonds down the front that were magenta in hue, complimenting the purple rather nicely. But the shorts were, ironically enough, too short.
Those legs needed to be covered.
And so they were. Trinity watched as the hem of the shorts started to stretch suddenly, zooming down his leg to meet with the top of his shoes. The diamond pattern followed, not letting off for a second until three of them adorned the front of the oddly soft and supple feeling pants. They were definitely of a high quality but Trinity felt nothing but softness against his grey skin as they swished a little with his motions. His fists clenched; Trinity pushed himself up from the door as he turned around, only succeeding in slumping against it back first. His pecs rose and fell as a slight pain hit his feet as they swelled and stretched to match his new proportions, sneakers growing with them. Sneakers that quickly dyed yellow, puffing up at the toes as a firm black heel pushed him up half an inch or so. His breath increased as he looked down at his shirtless form. God he felt so weird, so different.
Why did he feel that? His head was swimming a little, the purple substance that burst from his head definitely trickling around in there. His eyes closed, thoughts humming a little as his ears pricked up. Sound. No, not just sound…music?
A warm up act perhaps…wait…a concert? Trinity groaned as he rubbed his head, trying to figure out what the hell was going on here. His shoulder tingled as something patted it, making him look up, eyes open as they stared at something from across the room. A shirt and a jacket, well more like ripped tank top and a circus performer’s coat. It even had gold epaulettes and tails…wait..well duh! Of course they did! Would he be seen performing in something less?
‘Oh man…man…what’s…’ he started to think, mouth slowly stretching into a rather mischievous smile.
“o i need to get rdy…2 busy lookin at me” he said to himself, pushing off the door and boldly striding over to the coat, hanging on the front of the wardrobe. He deftly removed it from the hanger, sliding the low cut black tank top on, ones that perfectly showed off those pecs of his. The rips were just a little touch he liked(?) but it was the coat that really sold his look! Trinity chuckled, smirking as he slid his arms into the sleeves of the coat, adjusting it so it sat comfortably across his broad shoulders. He flicked his hair, letting it cascade down over the back, shimmering a little as the light caught it. Confident. He felt oddly confident.
Cocky perhaps.
But then again, people loved him.
He was GREAT! But he souldn’t think he’s better than anyone. After all, he may be a purpleblood but he ain’t the sort of guy to put others down. Sure he had that status, some may even kill themselves at the end, but that was a bit therapeutic on his nerves. Trinity sighed, walking over to the dressing table before opening one of the drawers, pulling out some gold rings and a magenta bow tie. The latter he slipped round his neck to complete his attire, the former he slipped onto his fingers and thumbs. Trinity…wait…
Trinity? Who was that again? Some…something? Someone?
The male rubbed his shoulders almost about to question this further. He was interrupted though by a few heavy knocks at the door.
“Mr Xoloto sir?” Came a stern voice. Xoloto…Xoloto…
How could he forget? This was HIS performance after all!
“yeh yeh i’m comin jus preppin buddy buddy” the troll said, walking to the door. Marvus Xoloto. This was his show, his performance.
His concert. One where everyone could attend regardless of caste. He was amicable on that at least! Clenching the handle, he turned it. It opened. Marvus grinned. Glancing back over his shoulder, he smirked.
“time shenanigans again oh well” he stated, shrugging. Maybe it did something bad this time, maybe not. He didn’t really care.
He was Marvus Xoloto…and he had a concert to perform!

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05:30 Your migraine continues after the pain is subdued with triptan drugs.
05:57 Migraine injections target one neuropeptide that is associated with pain transmission. It does not take a look at the origin reason of migraine.
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15:42 When your brain is in an energy situation, it switches on the migraine headache as an alarm system, forcing you to rest.
When you take triptans and powerful pain awesomes for a migraine attack to override your body’s warning signal, 17:09 You still have a power deficit in your brain.
17:30 Migraineurs have a higher threat of anxiety.
18:07 Migraine threat decreases drastically in diabetics.
19:24 There is evidence to suggest that a migraineur turns insulin immune. It may not be the source of migraine, however an act of conservation of sugar for the brain.
20:03 Migraine triggers belong to oxidative tension boost.
20:11 Teen ladies that take contraceptive pills establish migraine headaches 6 months to a year later, or they existing migraine headaches worsen.
When estrogen plunges, 21:11 Premenstrual migraine headache takes place.
23:37 Migraineurs typically have actually a delayed insulin response, initial sending also little insulin and afterwards as well much.
25:23 If you still have migraine headaches on a low carb diet regimen, try getting dairy products and gluten. It this still does not function, attempt ketosis.
25:41 Ketone bodies are signifying molecules that can reduce hyperexcitability using a number of systems.
26:04 Ketosis likewise increases mitochondrial biogenesis. Much more mitochondria must convert into even more energy.
26:16 Ketones reduce oxidative stress.
27:10 If your liver isn’t making enough ketones or you are worried with high cortisol levels, you can add BHB exogenous ketones, like a ketone body salt.
28:53 Exercise is one of one of the most powerful migraine headache triggers.
31:05 In a study, migraineurs had actually glucagon resistance.
35:39 A migraine attack can occasionally be aborted at the start with high dosage BHB exogenous ketones with magnesium.

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