Looking After The Future

Bloomberg was far and away the best Mayor of NYC in my lifetime. He was reviled by many for his close ties and support of the real estate industry, and the complaints were legitimate, but he was a wonderful Mayor who upgraded the technology needed to run the City to the 21st century. Other cities are still trying to imitate what Bloomberg did in that arena. His approach to racial and ethnic social justice was laudable and he openly supported the sanctuary city philosophy and encouraged undocumented students to even attend City University of New York, which they do. The latter practice enables them to increase their chances for legal status and for making a contribution to the US. But one of the most outstanding contributions that Mayor Bloomberg made, I think all would agree, was to elevate the tone of discussion and debate in NYC government to an truly civilized level. Mayor Guiliani was not like that and when he stepped down it was palpable, the relief, from what was beginning to feel like a migraine headache. Do you know that not once did Guiliani meet – he never met her – with the African American President of the Borough of New York (Manhattan) who represented the entire Island of Manhattan, including Harlem? Bloomberg was respectful and also would have been deeply disgusted by Trump and his goons, but , characteristically, he is very low key about his opinion and prefers to substitute socially constructive action for hot air. Unlike Guiliani and Trump. This move to insert millions into the effort to flip the House is typical Bloomberg.

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