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2nd Trimester!

Baby is growing!! and so is Mommy!
The 2nd trimester energy boost is a lie! haha. I would say that I have not been AS tired as before, but I definitely would not call it a BOOST. I am thankful for a bit more energy though! I’ve been shameful at cooking this entire pregnancy. We’ve eaten out more than I care to admit. It’s just SO hard with everything going on!
We had an appointment at the 13/14 week mark and I had to do my glucose test- which I passed with flying colors!! So excited about that again! and so very thankful 😀 My headaches/migraines have gotten worse this 2nd trimester and the doctor put me on extra vitamins to help them subside. The hardest thing about them is when they come, they come on SO fast. and they’ve been debilitating. John has done an amazing job and has really picked up the slack for me in almost all areas- parenting, cooking, cleaning. He’s been a rock and I cant imagine how people do this alone!! I started keeping better track of things around 18 weeks, so here goes:
Week 18: This is when my headaches really picked up 🙁 The exciting news though is this is the first time John was able to feel the baby moving! I feel him a lot! and it started at week 15. My placenta is on the backside this time and it’s exciting to feel so much movement! Even more exciting John can already feel the baby!!
Week 19: We got to find out the gender this week!!! I’ll post a separate thing about that, but YAY!! This week I was not sleeping well at all, had really dry skin, super vivid dreams, and it was the first time this pregnancy that I gained weight!!! So YAY for me! haha 😀
This weekend we were also in Kiawah with John! Jim and Jane came with us and Savannah got to have lots of beach and pool time! It was so much fun taking her this year where she got to explore so many more things on her own! I’ll share more about our fun adventures in another post 😀
Week 20: I think this picture is on John’s camera, so I still need to pull it off. But this weekend was a BUSY one! We spent Saturday celebrating a neighbor’s first birthday in the AM and Quinn’s first birthday in the PM! Then Sunday was an even bigger day for us! We spent the day sharing the fun news about our new little one!
Week 21: I also need to find this weekly picture still. lol But this week was ROUGH. My pelvic bones started to shift. WAY earlier than last time and it was incredibly painful.SO SO SO painful that I even called my doctor to chat with them about it. Of course it’s normal. THANK GOODNESS it only lasted a few days! Other than that, my headaches started to go away! YAY! I had more energy this week, my appetite grew, AND I was able to eat Chinese! LOL 😀 OH! and ALL the baby movement. This little one is a wiggle worm!
We had a play date with Mason on Saturday and then we took Savannah to the pool for the first time weekend! We joined the YMCA not too long ago and have been super excited about taking Savannah to the pool. SHE LOVED IT! Week 22: I was feeling great this week! Sleep was still hard to come by and I had Savannah on my own for most of the week since John was out of town for his annual meeting, but otherwise I was feeling pretty good and baby is moving like crazy!! My crazy summer started June 1, so we were in the full swing of crazy at work, so my exhaustion level was especially high. My grandma Brinn was also in North Carolina, so we took a quick day trip to visit her in Jacksonville. Mom and Sherry came with me and it was nice to have someone in the back with Savannah to entertain her for the 2 1/2 hour ride. Happy Kiddo! had to send daddy a picture because she looked so stinkin’ cute in my sunglasses! Chris, Britt, and Beau met us in Jacksonville! Savannah LOVED playing with Beau! Amber played with Savannah most of the time, they had a lot of fun! Lovin’ on grandma! Week 23: This week I seemed to have a bit more energy, which was good because I had to travel to Athens, GA for a site visit for work. Traveling while pregnant is exhausting. When I got back, it was SO nice for both John and I to be home for a little while! We spent part of the weekend starting to clean out the nursery (which is filled with over 10 years of our junk!).
Week 24: This week is probably the most energy I’ve had since I got preggers. It was a welcome relief to all of us. I was so much more productive at home. It helped that one of my sites was on their break and so my phone wasnt ringing off the hook 24/7. We spent the 4th of July at the Kinlaw’s house. We had a play date in the am, put them down for naps, and then did pool time after! The Klings came too and we smoked some ribs and bbq. It was really nice! I didnt get many pictures, but here’s them playing in the pool 😀 This is the only pic I got of all 3 of them. Of course none of them are looking. haha Savannah was exhausted after her big day! She wanted to cuddle with her baby brother. So sweet! More 4th of July shenanigans were had at the Johnson’s House. And Savannah got to pet a lizard! Week 25: This week started off in a place where I could only have dreamed about! I LOVE sunflowers! So John took me to the sunflower fields!! I still need to get all the pictures off John’s camera, but here’s a couple 😀
As far as pregnancy this week, my bones started to shift again and sleep was really hard to come by. I just cant get comfy! Otherwise, eating most foods is still hit or miss. Although I will say my sweet tooth has picked up. haha Also, Mr. Wiggle Worm is still dancing away in my belly!! Week 26: This weekend was rough. I had to make a last minute trip to UGA for work. Crazy work stuff and travel within 2 weeks made this mama really tired. and sore. Savannah also developed another double ear infection and a sinus infection. 🙁 When I got back I ended up having to stay home with her because she was so sick. I never mind the extra baby snuggles, I just hate she felt so bad! We’ve learned over these last few ear infections that one of her first symptoms is goop coming out of her eyes. If she happens to get another ear infection in Aug, we’ll be talking tubes. I’m not sure if I want that or not. I want her to just stop getting sick all together. lol. Little man is doing great on the inside. He’s super wiggly and moves non-stop. I fear for us when he makes his debut. lol Cuddle times with a sick Savannah We were home for 2 days and Savannah started to feel much better on the 2nd! We decided to join Krystal, Mason, and JJ at the library! Our first trip was a huge success! Such a big girl Putting puzzles together and being mischievous!
Week 27: Feeling pretty good over all! This pregnancy has been pretty easy. I’ve been really exhausted a lot but otherwise, I dont have too many things to complain about. I am starting to feel quite huge. lol and Little man is just as squirmy as can be! I feel also tons of hiccups all the time- which I dont think I really felt with Savannah, so it’s a pretty new sensation and it’s so neat!
We started out the week finishing cleaning out the nursery- talk about nesting! My mom came over and watched Savannah for the day so John and I could work. We got the entire room cleaned out! I couldnt believe it!! We also went to Claire’s 2nd birthday- so much fun! John had to go to Fayetteville to get our stuff out of his grandma’s barn since she is selling her house, so he didnt get to come with us. But, it was nice to have that trip knocked out. John left for Kiawah mid-week and I was on single parent duty as my programs wrapped up for the summer. Before we cleaned the office out for the nursery… After!! Claire’s Birthday! Climbing UP slides, instead of sliding down them…lol Telling Claire Happy Birthday and thanks for having us!

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