Looking After The Future

I have the same history and prior to being pregnant was on a daily preventative medicine and had a nasal spray for when I got a migraine. Everything was great. I stopped taking the medicine and I’m out of the nasal spray (not even sure it’s safe while pregnant) and tried Tylenol with no relief. I ended up taking Excedrin Migraine which helps some, but when I’m literally having to take it every day, sometimes twice a day….it’s not good. I have an appointment with my neurologist today. My OB didn’t want to prescribe something because of my history. I think if I was a “normal” person getting headaches and migraines they would but with my history of it they wanted the professionals in the area to handle it. I’m nervous because a few of the medicines I looked up that I’ve had in the past were class C which is fine when not pregnant but not great while pregnant. I couldn’t find a class B or A so I’m not sure they exist 😭

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