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When we are pregnant, our blood volume increases. That means we need extra fluids and extra electrolytes. Stay on top of water consumption as much as possible (I know morning sickness can make that hard) and get in electrolytes. There are many different electrolyte supplements: Nutribiotic Essential Electrolytes, SaltStick, Nunn Tablets, LyteShow Drops. Coconut water is a wonderful source of electrolytes. Ever since I added daily bottles mixing mineral water and coconut water, I haven’t had any issues. Ask your OB if they approve anything like that. I can stop a headache with a supplement and water (plenty of water).
Magnesium supplements will also help greatly. Get a citrate or glycinate form. It works as a great preventative when taken daily but some people who drink Natural Calm report it can stop a headache in its tracks. If you have migraines as your doc about taking 400mg magnesium, 400mg B2, and 200mg CoQ10. Very effective combo for migraine prevention. Also for migraines, taking vitamin d3 with magnesium and vitamin k2 can be very helpful. Don’t take d3 without mag. D3 needs mag to process and will deplete you magnesium stores without extra supplementation.
With magnesium, some people take it and they get relief from their migraines (prevention wise). For others, they still get migraines but it lessens severity and allows them to respond better to medication. So if you take magnesium and still get migraines (it can take weeks to take effect), see if it at least makes them more manageable.
To stop an active headache, Tylenol and caffeine are your friends. Excedrin Tension contains no aspirin, just acetaminophen and caffeine, which is safe. Some people rub VapoRub on their temples and back of neck which can help. I’ve heard someone was told to take two Tylenol, drink a coke and stand in a hot shower for 20 minutes to relax muscles. There is some belief that there is a histamine response to some migraines, which is why in the ER they include Benadryl in the IV cocktail for migraines. You can add Benadryl to your Tylenol as well to see if it helps.
My combo for migraine is:
1 Excedrin Tension
1 Extra Strength Tylenol
1 Nutribiotic Essential Electrolyte capsule
Water, water, water
Magnesium spray on my neck
Get in bed with ice on my head, heated rice sock at my feet, bottle of water to drink
1 Electrolyte capsule an hour later
If it hits when I can sleep, I take a Benadryl as well
Combo hasn’t failed me once.

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