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I don’t think there’s any correlation with your weight and the protein Or creatinine. However I also wanted to ask are YOU concerned about the “serious” weight gain or is the OB? I know it may be more weight than the recommended amount, but I know of very few women who have stayed in those guidelines and even fewer who’s doctors were concerned. Remember that weight gain is like baby birth weight… everyone is different!!! So don’t sweat it, and stay eating healthy plus drinking all that water!
I would also think if these labs were an issue, the 3 day window wouldn’t be something to wait on. I used to work for my OB and any abnormal labs automatic get flagged for doctors review. Even if they are a decimal off. Good luck & please keep us posted!!
Oh and lastly- peppermint oil rubbed on your head is an amazing relief for migraines or headaches in general. I never take meds for it, pregnant or not! Just watch your eyeballs!! Lol

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