Looking After The Future

I’m actually in the same boat as you . Except for my anxiety I have Xanax which I hate Bc it slows my digestive system down as is plus pregnancy . Since I got pregnant , I’ve had horrible morning sickness , horrible headaches (can’t take Tylenol without it hurting my stomach) I don’t eat much Bc I’m nauseous so I do smoke marijuana. I have smoked it in the early weeks with the last 2 pregnancies and this one as well. My babies are fine but beings my stomach can’t handle breaking down any medicine without it tearing my stomach or physically hurting me , then I’d rather smoke . I have digestion issues tho. I don’t have a medical marijuana license Bc it’s just becoming legal and able to let the people in my state who have certain diseases take it .
I only smoke maybe 2 times a week right now and I can’t immediately stop my anxiety medicine Bc it will literally kill me and the baby. I have to prolong the weening process which sucks but my little smoke helps so much. I was at 160lbs and I’m now down to 137lbs in just 2 weeks . That’s from throwing up and having a migraine 24/7 I can’t get rid of unless I smoke. TMI (too much information) – I suffer from constipation (not going for a week or so) , I bleed everytime I go , I have issues down their so what I put in my stomach really goes hand and hand . Hence why I can’t take Tylenol and why I’ve had a migraine for 4 days with no relief even when I did cave and take Tylenol New Year’s Eve.
I’ll probably get a lot from this post but I’m tryong to have a healthy body, mind , and baby.

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