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I suffered severe daily migraines since April, 2010. I was treated with almost every FDA approved prophylactic without any success. The only triptan that worked to stop the headaches was relpax. I would get several headaches a day. The triggers are horns honking, sirens, jarring, light, expressed anger, anger expressed at me, sugar, strong odors, among others.
In January 2014, I woke up with a seized neck on left side, and pain on left side of head piercing through my left eyeball. I could not move my neck or eyeball to the left without triggering piercing pain. This continued for close to 2 years.
I changed doctors to headache center at University of California medical Center (UCSF), where I was eventually treated for hemacrainia continua with indomethacin. It worked well. But not as a prophylactic.
I spent 3 years at UCSF headache center and went for second opinion with Dr. Robert Cowan at Stanford headache center. Dr. Cowan told me I had new daily persistent headaches superimposed over hemacrania continua. Dr. Cowan told me to continue with indomethacin up to 300 mg per day, and use an herbal supplement called Boswellia when the indomethacin did not provide enough relief.
I continued on that protocol for a several months. I went to Rite Aid pharmacy one day, and saw a topical get called stopain migraine (that is exact spelling). The cost was approximately $10. When I get the eye pain, I immediately put a small dab of the stopain on my left cheek and over my eyebrow, and on the left side of my eye. The eye pain goes away almost immediately.
My left eye starts tearing for a couple of minutes. I clear it up with a tissue.
I was able to lower my dosage of indomethacin to 50 mg at night before going to bed. I now take indomethacin approximately 1 time every 2 to 3 weeks. I do not take relpax anymore.
I take just boswellia during the day if the headaches become numerous. The stopain migraine will last about a year for a bottle. You can get it on Amazon.
My biggest fear is that the company that manufactures it will go out of business, so I stocked up with several bottles.
I urge anyone with hemacrania to get stopain migraine. The cost is very little and the potential benefit is great. Boswellia also works well. Neither is a prophylactic.
The stopain migraine also works on migraine headaches. The instructions say to rub it in occipital area at base of back of scull. I find it works better if you dab it around the headache area.

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