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Hello There my Sound Soulmates!

Invite to the Headache Relief Clinic, where you can get therapy for any type of sort of headache you might be experiencing.

In this #ASMR roleplay, sets off consist of: soft speaking, whispering, personal focus, writing, deal with touching and also a head massage therapy.

I hope that this video clip can help anybody with a migraine or with just some straightforward relaxation.

I love you all!

Thanks to.
Russo J, Angelo Fernandez Jr., DrCatherwoodASMR, Ascetic, BruteBrawler, Chris Lamp, Finnigan, James O’Brien, Jon, Nick C, Sparrow, Billie, Israel, Mr. Atalon, Ryan, Teagan and Ezio Brucato for your assistance on Patreon!

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