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Experience Less Pain With Family Chiropractic San Carlos

By Thomas Fisher
Pain comes in many forms and can range from mildly uncomfortable and disruptive to daily activities, to incredibly painful and debilitating. This type of discomfort can be the result of so many different circumstances and is not limited to a specific age group. Family chiropractic San Carlos has many innovative methods and techniques that could be helpful to children and adults alike.
A lot of people are under the misconception that only a very limited range of pain can be treated by chiropractors. They usually associate this kind of care with age related arthritis, sport injuries, repetitive motions causing stiffness, and whiplash typically from an accident. Most do not realize that they can also take care of discomfort stemming from health concerns and certain diseases.
The nerves, bones, and muscles can be affected by many different diseases, and maintaining the relationship between each of these factors is what chiropractics is all about. Pain might also manifest due to unusual stress or tension. Quite often one’s pain and discomfort could be alleviated through natural means by a chiropractor, instead of the traditional methods of surgery and medication.
Chiropractors work in a field that is centered around the science of maintaining the delicate relationship between the body’s muscular, neurological, and skeletal systems. When the bones are in proper alignment, the nerves and muscles are better able to function as intended by nature. These doctors use carefully constructed methods and techniques that do not involve either pharmaceuticals or surgery.
Another misconception that is widely believed is that a chiropractor’s services can only benefit adults. There is absolutely no truth to this statement. In fact, there are literally thousands of young children and teens who are also prone to pain stemming from skeletal misalignment and stress on nerves are muscles, who can also be attended.
For handling the more delicate bones of young children, toddlers, and babies, specially formulated techniques and more gentle methods are available. Unique approaches have also been devised to attend the needs of elderly or disabled patients. Because these centers are all inclusive, they are more than capable of addressing the concerns of each individual, no matter their age.
To find out if one’s condition could be attended through these natural techniques instead of traditional approaches like surgery and medications, a consultation is required. The chiropractor will conduct a full physical examination – which may include x-rays, MRI, or other digital imaging – and an interview to gather information of one’s situation. The data will be analyzed and a treatment plan devised specifically for the individual.
There is way more to chiropractics than sore backs and sprained joints. Spinal misalignment is the main cause of a wide range of discomforts and pains like spasms, nerve malfunctions, muscle tension, migraines, and headaches – conditions which might possibly be alleviated naturally without any addictive pharmaceuticals or invasive surgeries. Any one of any age who prefers natural pain relief should call their local office today to arrange their personalized evaluation.
About the Author:
Find an overview of the benefits of using professional chiropractic services and more info about an excellent family chiropractic San Carlos clinic at http://www.peninsulachiropractor.com today.

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Chandler Rose, LMT, discusses exactly how CBD functions & educates deeply soothing methods for the neck, shoulders & scalp.
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New hope for migraine relief | Living | Journal Gazette – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette

Dreamstime/TNS New drugs that address the root causes of migraines are bringing relief to some people. Monday, December 10, 2018 1:00 am New hope for migraine relief Sarah Vander Schaaff | Washington Post
Migraine tips
The biggest problem with the holiday season for migraine sufferers is falling out of a regular routine, said Charles Flippen II, professor of neurology at UCLA. Flippen offers some tips:
• Try not to overdo it.
• Stick to regular patterns – eat at the same time and get the same amount of sleep.
• Stay hydrated. Colder weather brings a drier atmosphere, so use a humidifier and increase water intake.
• “Don’t pass up those cups of water” when flying. Also consider limiting caffeine during the flight.
• Drink water when consuming alcohol, since alcohol dehydrates.
• Avoid alcohol if you know it triggers migraines.
• Keep medication with you at all times and within easy reach. Act quickly. To be effective, abortive medications should be taken in the first 20 to 25 minutes of a headache.
• Try to reduce stress when traveling: confirm plans; get to the airport in plenty of time; have a plan to occupy children if a flight is delayed. If things change, “roll with the punches.”
• If prescriptions aren’t available, try over-the-counter medication such as ibuprofen, drink water and find some isolation to fall asleep. A compress on the forehead can help.
Nancy Baum Lipsitz remembers the night the pain began. She’d had a glass of white wine with a friend and went to bed with a terrible headache. The next day, she still felt horrible, the beginning of what she called a “rolling tide” of near constant migraines and lower-level headaches.
For three years she dealt with the symptoms. Sometimes she got tunnel vision, or a visual aura, a warning that a big headache was on the way. Those felt like “someone taking a pick and jabbing it through my nose and eye,” she said.
Then there was the vomiting, numbness and sensitivity to light and noise. Her speech slurred. Less severe headaches felt like a “hangover.” She stopped exercising, socializing and overseeing her 15-year-old daughter’s homework, relying instead on her daughter to take care of her, bringing an ice pack, medication or whatever else she needed when a migraine attacked.
“Everything you are as a human being gets stripped away,” Lipsitz said of what was ultimately diagnosed as refractory migraine.
The one thing she did not give up was her work. As director of anesthesiology at Carnegie Hill Endoscopy in New York, she knew patients and staffers depended on her.
“I am not going to let a migraine shut me in the bedroom,” she said. She showed up at 6 a.m., no matter the pain.
Heavy toll
Migraines, a type of headache disorder that is distinguished from tension headaches by its pain, frequency, and the nausea and sensitivities Lipsitz endured, affects 10 percent of the world population and 29.5 million Americans, the majority of them women, often during the prime years of career and parenthood.
The cost, measured by direct health care expenses, lost or poor productivity, and missed family involvements, affects children, too. A recent study showed increased anxiety and depression in adolescent children of parents with chronic migraines.
For years, treatment has been limited and primarily addressed symptoms rather than prevention. Migraine was thought to be “more of a hysterical woman’s disease and not given the respect it really deserves,” said Susan Broner, Lipsitz’s neurologist and medical director of the Headaches Program at Weill Cornell Medicine/New York-Presbyterian. Funding for research has typically been disproportionately low compared with the disease’s effect.
But new treatments, decades in the making, are giving patients more options to manage what is now understood to be a complex neurological disease. This year, the Food and Drug Administration approved three drugs meant to prevent migraines and those, along with less expensive and less invasive techniques to stimulate the body’s response to pain through neurostimulation, are giving optimism to headache specialists and the patients they treat.
“The entire field is changing,” said Stephen Silberstein, director of the Headache Center at Jefferson Health in Philadelphia. “There is a revolution in migraine.”
Whole new world
In July, Lipsitz started monthly injections of Aimovig, one of the three new drugs targeting the pain transmitting signal, calcitonin gene-related peptide, or its receptor. Monoclonal antibodies, such as the one in her medication, work by blocking CGRP, the chemical involved in migraines.
“I see it as being my savior, my hope,” she said. She has had more days of feeling good in three recent weeks than she had in the previous three years.
The treatment has not eliminated all pain. Lipsitz has not been able to wean off other medications. But the new therapy has given back much of what migraines had taken away, especially time with her husband.
Preventing migraines with CGRP antibodies opens up a new world, Broner said.
“It is the first time we have a medication developed specifically for the mechanism of migraine, which means we are really targeting the disease state itself.”
For decades, doctors treated migraines with therapies developed for other diseases, using blood pressure medication, anti-seizure drugs, anti-depressants and even Botox.
Lipsitz has been on all of these, finding some relief but also reduced effectiveness over time, or side effects and fatigue. The nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs she took for breakthrough pain gave her a bleeding ulcer and kidney damage.
The new drugs are unique because they not only prevent (as opposed to abort) migraine attacks but also are well tolerated.
“That’s the key,” said David Dodick, a neurologist and headache specialist at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona. “If I give you something to take and it’s effective but you can’t tolerate the side effects, you’ll stop it.”
Getting at cause
The recent shift in migraine treatment comes from a change in understanding what causes them, he said. Migraine had previously been considered a blood vessel problem. It was “really a nerve problem,” he said.
Credit for understanding the role CGRP plays in the brain goes in large part to the Swedish researcher, Lars Edvinsson, who began his work 30 years ago.
In 1990, Edvinsson and a colleague, Peter Goadsby, looked for CGRP in patients during a migraine attack, taking blood samples from the jugular vein, near the point of release in the brain, instead of the arm, where levels are diluted. They showed that CGRP was the only neuropeptide released during the headache phase.
Some of the new antibody drugs – Emgality, Ajovy and eptinezumab (which is in phase 3 clinical trials and administered as a quarterly infusion) – target CGRP directly, while Aimovig, targets the CGRP receptor, the means by which the protein transmits pain. Blocking the receptor is like putting gum in a lock, Dodick said.
“You can’t get the key in anymore. You can’t open the door,” he said.
Because these antibody drugs are proteins, they do not interact with other drugs in the liver or constrict blood vessels, which are considerations for patients who are taking other medications. It’s one of the limiting aspects of triptans, drugs used to abort migraines that were considered a huge advancement when they were introduced in the 1990s.
Still, not all people will respond to CGRP-related therapies. And while clinical trials show few side effects, large patient populations have yet to be followed in long-range studies. CGRP is involved in other functions involving the heart and skin, and there is reason to still be cautious, Broner said.
“I’m not running out and prescribing it to everyone,” she said. The new medications are also expensive, costing about $7,000 a year, not always covered by insurance.
Tina Ansari, who reduced the frequency of her chronic migraines to 12 a month with Botox injections, added Aimovig to her regimen with a program created to give patients up to 12 doses at no charge while they pursue coverage approval.
“I am not an experimental person,” Ansari said. “But at this point in my life, I have suffered for so long.”
After two months on Aimovig, she has had one migraine and her daily headaches are less painful, down from a “seven to a four.”
“I can drive my kids. I’m living my life. It’s been a game changer,” she said.
Her three boys, ages 10, 12 and 14, have just started running 5Ks together. She hopes to be able to join them someday.
“If I could get to the point where I could run again, that would be amazing,” she said.
Neurostimulation, which uses electrical stimulation to treat pain, is also giving patients more options, especially with the development of noninvasive devices or less invasive procedures.
The techniques used to carry an “end-of-the-road implication,” said Goadsby, a neurology professor at King’s College London and University of California at San Francisco. But single-pulse transcranial stimulation, for example, which can both prevent and treat an attack, is a hand-held device that patients use at home.
Goadsby said options that don’t have “downside baggage” are a valuable consideration for the demographic most affected by migraine: women in their reproductive years, who have additional considerations about medication when pregnant or breast-feeding.
These devices are also becoming more affordable in upfront costs, said Peter Staats, founder of the division of Pain Medicine in the Department of Anesthesia at Johns Hopkins, who developed a hand-held noninvasive vagus nerve stimulator, gammaCore, approved in January to treat migraines.
“We consider this a digital drug,” he said.
Doctors write a prescription and, if covered by insurance, the patient pays the co-pay. They are given a radio-frequency identification card, much like the cards used to open hotel doors, which activates their device. Patients reload the card as needed, similar to refilling a prescription.
“If it doesn’t work, they haven’t bought something that will be expensive and will sit on the shelf,” he said.
Robert Levy, president of the International Neuromodulation Society and a neurosurgeon and researcher, said noninvasive therapies do not work for all patients.
He is studying a model of minimally invasive nerve stimulation individualized to the location where patients feel pain, described as “the stimulate where it hurts model.” Small wires are implanted under the skin of the scalp and connected to a battery pack similar to a pacemaker.
The success rate for patients is vastly improved over stimulation that only targets the back of the head, he said.
“It’s critically important to be able to offer patients both caring and hope,” he said.
More to learn
The complexity of a migraine – driven by a combination of genes interacting with the environment – means no treatment will work for everyone. More medications are in the pipeline. What is significant now is that migraine has a specific treatment, no longer relegated to being a “soft disease,” Goadsby said.
Recently, he wrote his first prescription for a CGRP-targeting drug.
“It’s weird to think about something for three decades and then pick up your pen and very carefully print it out,” he said. “It’s surreal.”
Goadsby began the CGRP research with his colleague after Edvinsson, as a 20-year-old student, was first turned down by a professor who told him that “everything has been discovered already.” With migraines, there was, and is, much to learn.

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28 Soothing Gifts For The Person Who’s Always Stressed

They’re far superior to tapping their shoulder and saying “there, there.” 1. A wine/dog subscription box to give everyone a lil’ treat that’ll help blow off some steam. CrateJoy Includes a doggy-delicious drinkable treat, doggy hors d’oeuvres, and a festive dog toy, and for the human there’s 4–6 eclectic items. Perfect for a besties’ night in.
Promising review: “I’m not sure who looks forward to this box more, me or my dog! I have received two boxes so far and have loved every single item inside! Can’t say that for other subscription boxes, and I have tried MANY other subscriptions. My dog is obsessed with the toys that come inside and she loves all the treats! Without a doubt I will have this subscription for a very long time!” — Rebecca
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2. A squishy brain they can squeeze for some relief when it feels like their eyes are ready to pop out of their head. Amazon Get it from Amazon for $11.99 .
3. Or a litter of squishy animals to scatter around their home, office, and wherever else they can reach ’em quickly when they just want to squeeze out the stress. Amazon Get 12 from Amazon for $10.49 .
4. A ball sack set designed for smacking around and getting out some tension. Amazon Promising review: “Hysterical gift I purchased for a friend when life seemed to just keep kicking her when she was down. She called me laughing when she received it in the mail. Her whole family loved it.” — Melissa K
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5. A spa bath pillow so they can enjoy a relaxing bath without paying for it with neck cramps later. Amazon Provides head, neck, and shoulder support. Made with 2″ of padded foam and has 7 suction cups so it stays in place.
Promising review: “The best….and so damn affordable!! Got it for a close friend for Christmas who loves her bath time and has reported back that it is the absolute best spa pillow she has ever had for her personal tub. She says ‘It never slips, never deflates (cause duh, no air needed), extremely comfortable, easy to install, easy to clean, and helps make bath time what it’s supposed to feel like a relaxing escape’… was definitely a ‘winning’ gift Idea!” — Amazon Customer
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6. A six-pack of bath bombs in a pretty gift box that’ll create a lil’ fizzy action while relaxing in the tub. Amazon Get them from Amazon for $13.99 .
7. Or a CBD-infused bath bomb that could help provide some pain relief for achey muscles. Three Sweet Petites FYI, CBD won’t make you feel “high.”
Get it from Three Sweet Petites for $6+ (available in several styles). Or get the non-CBD version from Three Sweet Petites on Etsy for $3+ (available in several styles).
8. A bottle of lavender room spray to give ’em a break from that loud Hawaiian floral automatic air freshener that’s not putting them at ease. Amazon Sure a Hawaiian floral smells nice, but they could use something a little less invigorating.
Promising review: “This is the second time I have ordered this lavender-scented spray. I use it on linens and refresh them while being used. When I spray my bed linens I am able to relax and fall to sleep more rapidly . The scent is long lasting, which makes it more cost efficient.” — Margaret S
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9. A weighted eye mask packed with cooling beads for a face-conforming fit to shut out the world for a spell. Amazon Promising review: “I have migraines. I got these for that reason but they are nice for sleep, spacing out. These are so nice and comfortable out of the freezer and also at room temp. I have given many of these out as stress reliever gifts to other nurses and techs as a way to disconnect for a few. If they had a 10-pack I would order them just so I had them as spare gifts. I have had several ask where I got them. For a migraine/headache person these are great — no pressure on your eyeballs but the elastic holds pressure just enough to keep me from holding it myself like I often do. The beads inside the mask give just enough cold and pressure without squeezing. Even at room temp the beads are cool. I generally take two Excedrin, put this on, and pass out if my headache is bad.” — NursePicky
Get it from Amazon for $9.09 .
10. A foot massager to help put their old dogs at ease, even if everything else is still stressing them out. Amazon Promising review: “I love this product! I bought it to keep under my desk at work to help relieve stress and keep up circulation throughout the day. The knobs on the rollers hit exactly the right pressure points and it feels wonderful!” — Melissa A. Syphurs
Get it from Amazon for $19.95 .
11. Or a shiatsu-style foot massager for a DEEP massage that’ll make their old dogs purr. Didn’t know dogs could purr? Well they can. Hammacher Schlemmer FYI, all of the items from this store have a lifetime guarantee!
Get it from Hammacher Schlemmer for $259.95 .
12. Soothing lavender pads that’ll stick on their feet and (reviewers say) help them sleep better. Amazon Reviewers also say they can see “toxins” on the pads when they wake up. But TDLR, lavender is an extremely relaxing scent and there are enough reviewers who speak highly of their soothing ability for helping them drift off to sleep, so they’re probably good for that alone!
Promising review: “I did feel more rested the next morning. I would advise wearing socks on the outside after application of foot pads 🙂 One of mine slipped off in the middle of the night.” — garafalo greg
Get 20 patches from Amazon for $15.99 .
If you prefer a bootie foot mask you only leave on for 20 minutes, try out these that I swear by from Sephora for $5 a pair.
13. A Groupon gift card so they can find a local exercise class to help burn off some steam, whether it’s yoga, spin, aerobics, whatever! Tap to play GIF Tap to play GIF Walt Disney Pictures
See, Gonzo looks so peaceful already.
Get a physical or digital gift card from Groupon here .
14. A candle with a fluorite inside, which is meant to bring order and balance to chaos and disorganization. Arabella Crystals / Etsy Get it from Arabella Crystals on Etsy for $26.99 . (FYI, the shop has lots more candles with crystals inside.)
15. And a rose-quartz face roller so they can give themselves a pampering sesh with their go-to face oil. Free People FYI, rose quartz is a soothing and calming crystal. But even if they’re not into crystals, giving yourself a massage with a roller like this just feels nice.
Get it from Free People for $28 or a cheaper version from Amazon for $13.99 .
BTW, here’s a good face oil they can try.
16. An amethyst dildo for some ~good vibes~ if you’re on that level of friendship! Free People Amethysts are meant to promote calmness and peace.
Get it from Free People for $230 .
17. A face mask subscription box that’ll provide some supple relief for their beautiful visage, all without causing them further stress by figuring out which face mask they need atm. FaceTory Get a four-mask box from Amazon for $6.23 for the first box and $8.90 a month for every box afterward.
You can also buy past boxes on FaceTory, including the October box (shown) for $24.95 .
18. An aromatherapy stick to use on the go when lighting a candle just isn’t in the cards. Amazon Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in several varieties).
19. An essential oil stick they can keep in their bag in the case of a headache. (One BuzzFeeder swears by it!) Katy Herman / BuzzFeed Read all about why a BuzzFeeder loves it !
Promising review: “OMG, finally something that works! I’ve had tension and migraine headaches for around 20 years. I’ve tried everything: over-the-counter medication, prescription medication, pain injections, going to the chiropractor, etc. This topical oil has given me relief for nearly six weeks now. I’ve only had two or three headaches in that time and they were mild. I’ve already ordered more so I have some in my car and at home, and I bought some for two of my friends who suffer from chronic migraines. I would recommend this product to anyone with migraines — it’s phenomenal.” — Mary D.
Get it from Amazon for $10.99 .
20. Cake-scented slime that’ll occupy their fidgety hands while mulling over a big decisions, like whether to add extra cheese to their Domino’s order. Amazon
Let me make that decision for them. ALWAYS go with the extra cheese ;).
Get it from Amazon for $15.47 . Also check out some rainbow fluffy slime for $11.99 .
21. A morbid patch for the person who doesn’t want any of your soothing mess. Pretty Bad Co. / Etsy Talk about a MOOD.
Get it from Pretty Bad Co. on Etsy for $7.20 . Also check out the matching T-shirt and sweatshirt .
22. A tabletop fountain can add to the soothing vibes *and* decor of their office. Plus they’ll be especially grateful when a tide of stupid emails lands in their inbox. Amazon Lightweight and easy to move. Has a pump and 9-foot cord.
Get it from Amazon for $49.95 (available in several styles).
23. A portable white noise machine that won’t take up too much space, whether it stays put at home or gets tucked into a frequent flyer suitcase. Amazon Has three sound options, including bright white noise, deep white noise, and gentle surf. USB charging.
Promising review: “I travel a lot with work and noisy hotels really stress me out! And unfortunately most hotels are not well soundproofed, so this is why this has become my ‘must pack’ item! It’s small, lightweight, and compact, and although it is not as powerful as the original Dohm, it is great for just covering all that annoying noise you get in hotels — TVs and talking from neighboring rooms, slamming doors, vehicles outside, etc.” — Mark H.
Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (available in three styles).
24. A loose-leaf tea subscription box because nestling a mug of warm tea is one of the most calming things ever and they deserve to do that on the reg. CrateJoy Each box includes 4 teas, 10 grams of each tea in resealable pouches, 4 linen tea filters and information on each tea. This makes 4–5 cups of each tea.
Promising review: “Just received my third box! I love every tea I’ve tried, I had never tried loose leaf tea before but I am never going back! The night time one is my absolute favorite!” — Justine
Get it from CrateJoy for $8+ /month (available in four box types).
25. And a cute dino tea strainer that’ll fit in a mug or pitcher and bring a smile to their face. Amazon Made from dishwasher-safe silicone. To use, fill the bottom half with the tea of your choice, give the top a quick push to the bottom, and let it steep.
Get it from Amazon for $9.97 .
26. Or a whole bundle of honey lavender tea (96 bags total!) you can split up between the two of you or give out to multiple people for gifts because whom amongst us couldn’t use a lil’ stress relief?! Amazon BTW, this tea is caffeine-free, non-GMO, and certified organic.
Get six boxes of 16 bags each (96 bags total) from Amazon for $29.40 .
27. A maternity T-shirt in case the stress is related to the tot pushing against their bladder. Purple Print House / Etsy Get it from Purple Print House on Etsy for $14.48 (available in sizes unisex S–2XL, women’s S–XL).
28. A weighted blanket — it may just be the next best thing to an actual human hug when they need some comfort. Amazon Keep in mind that the weight of the blanket you order should be 7%–13% of your weight. Due to its weight, it’s not necessary to choose an oversized blanket.
Get it from Amazon for $107.90+ (available in 14 colors and 15 weights/sizes).
Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.
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Looking for the perfect gift for any occasion? Check out all of BuzzFeed’s gift guides! Allison Krausman / BuzzFeed

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Improved circulation, which nourishes cells and improves waste elimination
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Users of medicinal marijuana, why do you use it and how effective is it?

I was getting 2-3 migraines a month. I was recommended cannabis to help with the pain and/or make it easier to sleep it off.
It’s been 2 years and I still don’t know if cannabis will help get through a migraine because I haven’t had one since I smoked my first joint.
Cures my sleep walking. Ever since I was a teenager, EVERY night I would violently sleepwalk. One night I ran and jumped down the stairs in my house in my sleep. Got very injured. Went to the doctor, tried different sleeping medications. Nothing worked, still slept walked. Anxiety killed me, what if I ran out into the road when sleep walking? What if I die?
One day I was hanging out with friends, took a hit of cannabis and that night my sister commented that I didn’t sleep walk. Ever since then, I don’t sleep walk, granted I take at least one small hit from a vaporizer before bed. The nights that I don’t (Traveling, or something else) I sleepwalk every night. It’s the ONLY thing that can cure it.
I’m double majoring in Computer Science and Finance, I volunteer in my community, and pay my taxes. I consider myself a productive, good citizen, but in the eyes of the federal law I’m a criminal. The government would rather I be in fear for my life and injure myself.
I was in the military, had some injections and had a real bad reaction. I have had the same migraine for over 5 years. Medically retired at 24. Been to every kind of doctor and tried every pill. Nothing would touch it. Best case I would sleep through the worst of it. A close family member had been harassing me to try marijuana as pain relief and I vehemently refused because I was always the “good kid” and had barely even drank a beer at the time. One night I was feeling particularly rough and knew said person was coming over and I had him bring a joint. It was like night and day. I may still have a migraine every day but it’s so much more tolerable.
I started getting migraines when I was 12 (just ocular migraines but terrifying nonetheless) and started smoking weed around 17. I went a good 6 years without a migraine until these last couple months. I quit smoking weed in July. Weed kept me migraine free for 6 whole years!
What’s your hobby and what are some beginners tips? What’s the worst things Mankind has ever created? Nice Try, Jeff Sessions…
I started using ‘medicinal’, (it was not legal back then), marijuana many years ago. I was mainly using it for pain relief but it also really helped me sleep as some nights I am an insomniac.
After using it for a while my brain just switched and suddenly when I was high I was paranoid. I kept using for a while when one I day I said enough is enough, I had been stoned consistently for a long time now and it’s not even enjoyable?!
So now I was at a crossroads, I went back to my doctor and started taking prescriptions every day which SUCKS. At the time he mentioned CBD as a possible course although I would have to source it myself. I tried it, fell in love and have never looked back. CBD gives you most of the benefits of medicinal marijuana without the high, as it’s not possible for some of us to be high all the time while being the best people. THC free oil has given me a new lease on life.
After 6 years of daily smoking my brain went weird and i started having anxiety attacks every time I got high. I went on a trip and couldn’t bring my weed on the plane. Just never bothered to smoke again after that. Definitely plan on looking into some CBD or indica solutions now though. I literally never put 2 and 2 together that my lack of migraines was due to my stoner habit until this thread.
My husband suffers from a TBI (traumatic brain injury) from a very bad car accident 5 years ago. Marijuana helps regulate his mood as he has extreme temperament and anger issues now. He also has crippling anxiety and it helps with that as well. Plus the multitude of pain issues he has and seizures..It’s been an absolute lifesaver for him honestly.
I have chronic pain and PTSD. Medical marijuana has replaced opiod based pain killers, OTC pain meds, and benzodiazepines. In my experience, it has proven to be extremely effective for pain management, mood and anxiety management, and insomnia.
Permanent nerve damage in my spine. When it flairs, the pain can be world ending. I can’t breathe or move. Literally 3 minutes after ONE hit, I can relax ever so slightly that it becomes manageable. I think of like this: I built a little paper sail boat. I feel every little crease I’ve folded, I’m anxious for it to be perfect. I can’t take my mind off it but I want to let it sail on the lake if I could only let it go but I continue to grip it tighter. It consumes my every thought and I just want to let it go but I can’t and everything is getting worse. I’m crushing my little paper sail boat. Please let it go I tell myself. ONE hit and 3 minutes later… my hand can relax enough to let it sail away. It’s ok. It will be ok.
This is what medical marijuana can do for me when all other remedies seem to fail again and again. I get to let go just a little bit. It’s enough.
I use “medical” marijuana daily (my doctor is aware and recommends it, but it’s not technically legal in my state, hence Quote: s) for my depression and anxiety. I’ve had diagnosed persistent major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety for over 10 years now, and I’ve tried TONS of different things to get me to a consistently functional, stable state. Marijuana does that. It mitigates any anxiety attacks, helps elevate my mood, helps me sleep better, and makes it easier to be social and engaged in my life.
I use a combination THC/CBD concentrated oil in a vape pen and it allows me to stay on a slightly lower dose of antidepressants and I’ve completely stopped using Xanax.
Have it for PTSD. It’s weird but it keeps me from having dreams, which is super awesome. Also helps me keep my anger/temper in check. Really pretty amazing how drastically it’s changed my outlook on life.
Isn’t it amazing how just knowing that you will get a break from the pain makes it so much easier to deal with?
Any particular reason why you quit?
Cannabis has a very interesting effect on sleep, and dreams in general (in my experience). For instance, cannabis is basically a ‘dream inhibitor’ for me. While i still have dreams while im medicating regularly, theyre rarely memorable and dont seem to last very long.
When i take a break from cannabis i sometimes wake up feeling like ive been asleep for weeks. My dreams become vivid. About as close to real as my tiny brain can distinguish. Its a bit bizarre.
Anyways im no scientist but i think cannabinoids can play a strong role in sleep patterns in certain people. Miracle drug? Probably not. But there is serious psychological potential here
When I’m hungover I smoke weed and I feel better immediately
If you’ve been there the whole time, I’m guessing you’re thankful for the MJ as well.
I have Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy. I’m on a pharma drug that works but the short term side effects suck and the long term side effects are potentially lethal. Because I still take that pharma drug I don’t know exactly how effective the marijuana is unless I get off the pharma drug and wait until I have a seizure, which is terrifying and very dangerous. I’m sure it helps, however, as there’s a ton of evidence and cases elsewhere. I do everything within my power to help myself. I take a very high dose of omegas, lecithin, salmon oil, and cod liver oil. I also eat keto, which has shown to reduce seizures. And I don’t drink alcohol.
Marijuana is a flower. It can be bred and extracted to be ultra CBD concentrate with almost no THC. Neither of which is bad for you. Please support the legalization. It really, truly makes people’s lives healthier.
I live in a recreational state so I don’t have a technical med card. Having one actually bars me from having a Concealed Carry, but that’s a whole other trip down the bureaucracy rabbit hole.
I use cannabis medicinally to treat symptoms of adult ADD. I had a bad bout of addiction with amphetamine salts a few years back so stimulant medications aren’t a smart option for me. Though weed acts differently on the brain I still get benefits. With stimulants I could organize my whirlwind thoughts. With weed the whirlwind slows way down and I can catch a break.
I’ve also been using it to deal with other addictions. It helped me quit both amps and opioids. I’m currently working on quitting drinking and weed is crucial in that process.
I know this is a joke, but Jeffy got replaced.
This happened to me and I got severe anxiety every time I smoked. I took a pretty long break and have had success with smoking CBD flower with like 15% CBD and 10% THC.
Absolutely. I love him with all my heart, but I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been a rough journey to get where he’s at today.
I have been off of it for 4 weeks now because I am trying to find a job. Having the nightmares come back has been hell. Some nights it feels like my body is waking me up evert 90 minutes to keep me from dreaming. Most inportantly I need to keep my sleep routines so ther depression doesn’t spiral out of control.
Period cramps, works like a charm plus pain killers give me bad headaches
That’s awesome you are off the xanax man!
Cannabis will be legal everywhere soon enough, here’s to sooner than later!
I need to go pick some CBD oil for my old doggo. She has arthritis. Fortunately, it’s legal here so no problems.
Another amazing thing about CBD is that it actually removes the anxiety from THC if you combine the two together (as nature intended). “Wild” marijuana contains a good dose of both THC and CBD, but selective breeding over the last few years has resulted in a dramatic increase in THC and a large decrease in CBD, which is why current commercial marijuana tends to give many users anxiety.
Just wanted to say this is a beautiful explanation of a terrible situation. Glad there is something that can help.
Meet the new Jeff Sessions, same as the old Jeff Sessions.
I have spastic diplegia cerebral palsy and had a bad reaction to an anti-spasmodic I was taking. I got sick of taking 7 pills every day just to function and I was always groggy and nauseous from painkillers. I got a medical marijuana recommendation from my doctor in college. Initially I smoked via pipe or bong but I’ve moved on to vaping concentrates and taking CBD capsules. Its very effective, cut down my medication intake significantly, and doesn’t seem to give me any of the weird side effects I used to deal with. All in all, best thing I’ve done for my health in a long time.
Sadly it’s not legal here, but I used to self-medicate with it from time to time. Helps with my depression, anxiety, comfort eating, ADHD and anger.
Any drug that induces sleep will block rem sleep unfortunately. Rem sleep is the most important stage because it gives the most restful and rejuvenating sleep out of any kind. It’s necessary for resetting your brain. If you take a break from smoking weed you’ll immediately start getting more restful sleep and have VIVID dreams
I’ve heard that amount and the strain of marijuana matters in anxiety and mood management. Too much or the wrong strain, anxiety attack likely
Crazy! Are you using CBD oil? I’ve been using that and it’s done me wonders. Can’t complain at all!
Marijuana helps regulate my sleep. Prior military. Marijuana holds my arthiritic symptoms at bay. Marijuana cools tempers and regulates my other anxious moods. Marijuana doubles my appetite as I’m certain I have an undiagnosed eating disorder. Also, Marijuana is the only Hang Over nullifier I know of. Atleast one which has you feeling much better while recovering.
I use for anxiety and it works greay as long as i get the right strains. Indica dominant is good buy most sativas make it worse so I avoid them
Going to be quite honest but lately ive seen an influx of CBD related reddit posts and an overwhelming amount of them mention naturearc and i cant help but feel this is some shallow attempt at advertising
I hope you get some long term relief soon. That sounds awful
I have VIVID nightmares so I am good on that. I don’t have those when I am medicating.
Same. High CBD content oils and concentrates are wonderful.
Weed oil without THC? Doesn’t get you high?
What is this sorcery?
Rhumatoid Arthritis? CBD is hella good for that!
I used to drink 3-6 beers every night after work when it was a really shitty boss or whatever. I started smoking pot and I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol in almost a year, and the change was almost immediate for me.
Wonder if this would work for Cluster Headaches (aka suicide headaches, migraines from hell)
You’re the second person I’ve seen who lives in an illegal state, but uses a vape pen. Where do you get it from?
I used to vape in California after multiple TBIs, but moved to a state where it’s illegal. The headaches are killer, but I’m afraid of buying and smoking flower.
edit: typo
It’s like the same thing in the prohibition era. Decent, productive citizens now are hardened criminals in the eye of the law
This is a good example of why having it legal so you can have a regulated market is really helpful. Buying it off the streets you never know what degree of Indica / Sativa you’re getting, but if you can walk into a store and get a strain that’s 85% Indica it makes a world of difference for medical use.
I am definitely going to experiment with this. I was just at the club yesterday and saw a strain that was 14% CBD and less than 1% THC. Legalization in my state has opened up a whole new world for medicinal marijuana.
Replace “seizure medicine” with “anti-spasmodic” and you have my experience as well. Medical marijuana has been more effective in managing muscle tightness and spasticity than any of the pills I tried and it doesn’t have the same debilitating side effects.
I was thinking of trying this some time.
It absolutely does. Like with any other medication, you’re always best to get reliable information from a doctor in the know, person working behind the counter at a dispensary, etc. to make sure that you’re not going to get stuck in a crummy ordeal. The people that work at dispensaries are familiar with the strains and products that they sell and are usually more than happy to help guide you in the right direction. I personally have a few different strains to help with my various needs. Every single professional that I have spoken with about medical marijuana has recommended microdosing – when you start with the tiniest possible amount – to help figure out what amount works best for the individual’s needs.
It is absolutely amazing that you stuck with him through thick and thin. It makes me feel happy that there are good people like you in the world.
Epilepsy, works 100%. I’ve been seizure free since I’ve started using THC concentrates daily, almost three years ago now.
I have an auto-immune disease (Ulcerative Colitis) along with depression, anxiety, C-PTSD, chronic pain, back injuries and Borderline.
There are many pros and cons but the biggest pro is with pain management and the fact that I no longer take 15 medications, including narcotics, to manage my conditions.
I prefer sativas and the higher the CBD the better.
Yup, I hardly ever drink anymore since I discovered weed, highly preferable for me, and especially now that I’m getting serious about athletics. But on those rare hangover days, it definitely helps a ton.
I did an internship in Seattle last summer and then moved back to my state where it isn’t legal. I can’t smoke due to medical reasons but I would buy weed in chocolate or cookies and eat one an hour or two before bed.
I have a REAL hard time sleeping. Any noise besides my fan will wake me up and I’ll be up for hours. Falling asleep is the hardest part of my day. When taking a small microdose of THC each night I slept like a baby. Best 3 months of my life.
Now I’m back to worrying about how my day will be tomorrow based on how shitty I sleep today :/
Edit: Lot of people telling me to just break the law and do it anyways. As someone with a good job and a family, this is a very bad idea.
When you realize something gives you panic attacks it becomes really really easy to quit.
CBD should help. It’s amazing stuff
Hang in there brother. Best of luck to you and your endeavors. Have a wonderful day.
That’s one of the things I’ve always found interesting about weed. I smoke pretty much daily and have off and on for a few years. I emjoy it, it’s relaxing, it’s social, and I can still wake up in the morning refreshed and ready for work. But I can’t casually mention going home and smoking a bowl after a long day like my coworkers can talk about having half a bottle of wine.
It’s the best man
I live close to DC and get it all legally there, then just carry it back to my legal state.
I dont use medically, but before she died my great grandmother did for her MS. She went from multiple seizures a day and stuck in a hospital bed with a life expectation of a couple months at most to almost no seizures, able to go home, and she lived for 3 more years
The vet “mentioned” it. He didn’t tell me exactly what type it is, but that’s what I’m guessing. My pup has crazy allergies that have resulted in a lot of antibiotics being pumped through her system so apparently CBD oil will help limit the amount of drugs being processed by her little body.
I’m a veteran and deal with a lot of issues ranging all over the spectrum, CBD oil from Hemp doesn’t have ANY THC in it and I put it in my vape juice and have CBD gummies. Definitely changed my outlook on marijuana which seemed beneficial even before I separated from military service. Now that marijuana is so strong when I smoke it I get very paranoid. CBD gets me exactly what I need without any side affects so I’m happy too. Insomnia, PTSD, body pain, anxiety. All of it is under control with just a low dosage of CBD.
Yea! It’s actually extracted from hemp, marijuana’s sister plant. Hemp has very little THC, and the company I buy from ( naturearc ) uses a C02 extraction process that pulls out no THC whatsoever. Pretty cool stuff!
I use audio books when I’m out of medicine or can’t take it for whatever reason. I love physics but am certainly no physicist, so there are a lot of concepts that just overwhelm my brain because it so hard for me to get my head wrapped around those concepts intuitively (like general relativity). So as I’m going to sleep I stick a headphone in and turn on the book. I use the timer and almost always fall asleep before the timer shuts the app off. If I wake up during the night I restart the book and usually fall back to sleep fairly quickly. But that’s how I overwhelm my head when it’s quiet and dark. Entropy is withering fire for anxiety.
Edit: uh, I seriously thought I was the only one who thought of doing this. Apparently we all have anxiety.
I use it to calm my anxiety, and to help me fall asleep. I have insomnia due to my anxiety so I smoke it or eat gummies(they’re really good) to help calm myself down so I can sleep. I live in Canada now, so it’s legal recreationally so I use it in that sense too, but it always helps me fall asleep, better than any sleeping pill I’ve ever used. I’m a huge advocate for full legalization everywhere because cannabis has a wide range of medicinal uses, such as CBD for pain, flower for sleep and anxiety relief, and honestly sativa is great if you just want to giggle and have a good time (safely, of course.). I definitely recommend it.
Be very careful with this. If you go to the VA and are drawing a medical pension, if they decide to drug test you and you pop I believe they can disqualify you. I was wrong.
In many people it does, but your mileage may vary!
Scoliosis, better than popping the perks prescribed to me by a bunch of imbeciles 👍🏿
It is for sure.
I’ve heard that magic mushrooms can provide relief from cluster headaches. I am not a doctor, I don’t suffer from cluster headaches and I don’t know anyone who has tried this kind of treatment but I read about it and seen a documentary on the subject a while back. I wish researchers could more easily loom into this, it sounds like it could alleviate unimaginable pain for a lot of people.
Have you considered psilocybin? I’ve heard it is very good for the treatment of chronic headaches.
A gram of weed gets you more time than a convicted foreign agent these days. Sad times.
-Like at a wedding.
Thank you. It’s my hope that with open minds and more stories about the benefits, we may be able to stop the demonization of such a helpful plant. Let’s keep moving forward ☺️
Not better than anyone else, just rolling with the punches! Thank you though!
My dog has super bad anxiety about going on long car trips so we give her a few cbd drops on a treat and he helps her relax more.
Occasionally I get migraines with aura. My symptoms include visual changes, pain, photophobia, nausea, vomiting and anxiety. Smoking marijuana alleviates all my symptoms, although I still can’t function properly because the mj makes me super paranoid.
I have migraines at least once a month and I’m seriously considering taking edibles but I haven’t had it in like 6 months and I’m considering buying some again in case I get a migraine just to help me sleep when I have one. I’m getting tired of taking pain killers since it seems like I get a higher tolerance for it and so it doesn’t help the pain unless I take a good amount in a day.
His information is also incorrect, The CO2 doesn’t “leave behind” THC as is implied, it’s just a cleaner extraction process. Also CBD plants are not Cannabis THC plants sister, CBD “Hemp” has just had the THC bred out of it whereas THC heavy plants have had that bred into them.
It is extremely effective against migraines.
For anyone wanting to quit any havit, that’s exactly how you do it.
1- want to quit
2-once you’re without it, you’ll see you can live without it
Edit: No2 was summarized because i was typing with one hand and rushing lunch… but mainly i meant if something kept you away from it long enough(could be an illness not relevant to it or just pure inaccessibility), then you’ll realize you can live without it.. i quit ciggies that way too so i know. And yes it doesn’t necessarily apply to serious addictive substances.
Damn that sucks. That’s a big stack of issues for it to help with.. wow
There are a few studies out there that demonstrate that frequent marijuana use (self-medicated) can worsen cases of psychosis in patients with schizophrenia (and also healthy patients to an extent). There’s probably some amount of brain chemistry which gets disrupted, however the research generally shows that stopping usage has no long term negative effects in terms of psychosis.
That’s why the Canadian system is great. Every lot is tested for THC, CBD, and Terpene content.
THC from 0.1 to 30% and CBD from 0-25% labeled right on it.
Psilocybin (aka magic mushrooms) is supposed to effectively treat cluster headaches and some mental ailments like PTSD. Iirc, some cluster headaches sufferers have used a low monthly dose of psilocybin to effectively eliminate the condition. Unfortunately, psilocybin is classified as schedule 1 under federal law, deemed to have no medicinal value and is inelgiable for research.
Harley tsu was the first one I had ever tried. It was less than 1% thc. It was the first time I had ever relaxed.
I used to have to go through physical therapy every other week. I haven’t been in a year.
We all have to get better at calling it Cannabis, especially when referred to in a clinical sense.
‘Marijuana’ was a term doctored by the US gov’t during initial criminalization and demonization of cannabis use, blaming Mexican immigrants on the rise of recreational use of Cannabis, and thusly the slang term ‘marijuana’ was born during the reefer madness campaign.
I have terrible gastrointestinal issues and have had to take promethazine to keep from throwing up throughout my life. Medical marijuana has changed that. A quick dose can settle my stomach long enough to hydrate and keep myself from being hospitalized.
Edit: grammar
Yeah. Sadly, It’s not the best using it from dealers cause I never got a feel for how much or how strong it was. So sometimes I’d be too high to work and other times not high enough to have bothered.
Would be great if it was more regular.
My lady eats a little bit of butter we keep frozen when her cramps get really bad, it changes her mood, energy level and pain level drastically.
Same thing for me. About anxiety. Used to smoke a lot the first two years of college. Then all of a sudden it started to give me panic attacks. I quit right then and there and never started back up.
Same dude. Try out white widow if you live in a legal state/country. My anxiety gets super bad and lately a lot worse than normal. A sativa will make me have an existential crisis but white widow is the perfectly balanced hybrid for me when I want to just hang out and enjoy some freetime instead of just going straight to sleep or continually suffering.
Yeah it’s a strange thing. I know a lot of people who started getting serious anxiety when high after being hardcore stoners for years without a problem. Maybe an overload of cannabinoid in the body or something? Many I know were able to start back up again after a prolonged break though.
You too huh? I would rather smoke than drink anymore.
My husband also has PTSD. He had horrible dreams and very vivid after Desert Storm. Also anger/temper issues as well. It works wonders for him and has for 20 + years. I can vouche about it keeping his anger/temper in check. It is definitely a wonder drug!
That’s fucked, but I would expect nothing less from a government incompetent enough to consider marijuana a class 1 drug.

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