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Are Hemp-Derived CBD Products Illegal In Minnesota?

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A controversy is growing over a trend showing up on Minnesota store shelves.
CBD products claim to help with everything from anxiety to seizures. The key ingredient comes from hemp plants, and supporters promise benefits similar to medical marijuana — but critics don’t think the products are even legal.
There are pouches for sleep and stress, oils, gummies, soft gels and deodorant. It’s available to calm your dog and help with hips and joints. And now there’s a store dedicated solely to products containing CBD.
Stores get around selling CBD over the counter because it’s extracted from hemp, but it’s legally a gray area.
“I tell people this is God’s medicine, we were made to take this,” said Marie Schneider, owner of The CBD Store.
Schneider’s St. Cloud store advertises conditions the products can help, and they offer complimentary samples.
“Come in with a headache and leave without it. Come in anxious and leave feeling fantastic,” Schneider said.
Her store has done so well since a spring opening, relatives opened a store in Maplewood.
“This is all about CBD. This is all about we want to help people be healthy,” Doug Herkenhoff said.
Customers like veteran Maurice Champagne drive for hours looking for relief. He took four hours to travel from Mountain Iron.
“I have PTSD, depression, anxiety. I’m hoping it’s at least part of a solution anything that will give me hope. I’m kind of grasping at straws,” Champagne said.
That’s why Stacey Simmens of Shakopee brought her mom, Shari Jewett of Grand Rapids.
“My mom suffers from pretty severe migraines. She’s had a traumatic brain injury from a car accident,” Simmens said.
“Some days I can’t even get out of bed it hurts so bad,” Jewett said.
It’s being touted as a cheaper and more easily accessible alternative to medical marijuana, where you don’t need a doctor or prescription to buy the hemp-CBD product. But the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy warns the industry is too liberally interpreting the law.
“I’ve sometimes characterized this as the Wild Wild West,” Executive Director Cody Wiberg said. “This was a very rapidly developing industry. There is actually very little regulation of it. The sellers will say this is a dietary supplement, the FDA has actually said no.”
Wiberg says the pharmacy board is currently questioning sellers’ legality, but admits it is a complicated issue.
“We don’t think they’re legal right now,” Wiberg said. “We don’t want to deprive people of products that really could be helpful and may be a cheaper alternative and that could be the case if these products are ultimately regulated and have some standards in terms of their production and testing.”
Wiberg urges customers to use caution. The Minnesota Department of Agriculture tested bottles from various locations brought in by authorities.
“In some cases the products contained no CBD at all, in other cases the CBD was perhaps half of what was stated on the label,” Wiberg said.
Minnesota Poison Control Center’s Dr. Travis Olives says this is a “buyer beware” type of situation.
“This is an unregulated, psychoactive drug that is out there, number 1, and 2, it’s the other stuff that might be in there that you don’t know about in unregulated products,” Olives said.
For now, the legality isn’t being enforced and the products aren’t going anywhere. Analysts foresee a $20 billion industry by 2022.
“To prevent the sale when people can buy on Amazon.com and there are probably hundreds or thousands of retail businesses in Minnesota,” Wiberg said. “It’s pretty hard to go back and shut that all down.”
The federal Drug Enforcement Agency considers CBD products illegal. It’s looking at the issue and reviewing exact statutes.
The state urges caution against using the products and expects the issue to be addressed this legislative session. Jennifer Mayerle Jennifer Mayerle happily returned to Minnesota and WCCO, where she began her career as an intern. The Emmy and Edward R. Murrow award-winning… More from Jennifer Mayerle

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The Medicinal benefits of henna;

Sunday, October 7, 2018 The Medicinal benefits of henna; Use of Henna, Wound healing, Fever Reducer, Rapid Headache Relief, Anti-Inflammatory Capacity, Anti-Aging, Reducer Sleep Disorder, Detoxification, Hair Health, Nail Health, Blood Pressure, Warning; How to increase the effect of henna treatment; Plant Natural of Henna; Henna or lawsonia inermis/ Puuddi in the Peulh language , is a small branched deciduous bush plant that is grown in many countries around the world, especially in the Middle East and North Africa. Henna is a dye plant of current use and appropriate today, its use for hair dye has become widespread in the whole world. A henna plant can be identified by its small white or pink flowers, as well as the small fruits it bears. Use of henna: Henna can be used in a wide variety, including its dye form, as well as in aqueous extracts, tinctures and balms, consisting of bark, seeds or leaves. This versatility makes henna a very valuable element in traditional medicine. Henna oil, bark and seeds are the most common forms for medicinal properties and the high concentration of chemicals and nutrients in the plant gives it anti-inflammatory, hypotensive, ant-bacterial, astringent and antiviral, etc. Wound healing: One of the most remarkable uses of henna is to protect the skin from infections and eliminate inflammation. Henna has been applied to burns, wounds and scratches for generations because it can add a protective layer against pathogens and foreign substances, so henna has natural cooling abilities to the heat of the skin, making it useful for sunburn, in similar capacity as the aloe gel. Reducer of fever: Henna is able to lower fever, when people are suffering from very high fevers as a secondary symptom of another condition, this temperature rise throughout the body can be dangerous for organ function and metabolic processes. Essentially henna can bring the body’s overall temperature down by inducing sweating and effectively break the fever or just cool the body by providing some relief. Fast relief of headaches: Henna juice can be applied directly to the skin for quick relief of headaches. The anti-inflammatory effects of the compounds found in henna help reduce this tension and maintain a healthy blood flow in the capillaries, which is a common cause of headaches and migraines. Ant-inflammatory capacity: Henna oil is used locally for arthritis and rheumatic pain. As we get older, our joints become more painful, so cartilage and muscles get worse. This can lead to painful inflammation in many parts of the body. By applying henna oil in inflamed or affected areas, one can guarantee a healthier form and wider range of movements to maintain an active and happy life. Anti-aging: Henna oil has been shown to be astringent, which has led some to use henna juice and its oil on the skin to reduce the signs of aging and wrinkles, as well as the appearance of unsightly scars and other imperfections. This is complemented by its antiviral and antibacterial effects that can protect the body’s largest organ, which is the skin. Reducing sleep disorder: Henna oil has been directly linked to the reduction of certain sleep disorders, so if you suffer from insomnia or chronic agitation, adding a little henna oil to your diet can bring you back into a regular and relaxing schedule, soothing the body and mind in a relaxed state before sleep. Detoxification: Soaking the bark or leaves of henna in the water and then consuming the liquid have been linked to the improvement of the spleen and the health of the liver. Because the liver is a crucial organ of body protection, it helps to remove the toxins that accumulate in the body. By optimizing its fonction, and ensuring its health, a wide range of other health problems are prevented. Hair health: Henna has been proven to increase hair strength and therefore represents a safe dye that does not permanently affect the health of follicles. Henna helps seal the cuticle of the hair, which prevents breakage and increases the brightness and appearance of hair. For people suffering from hair loss or baldness, henna restricts this to happen. The traditional mixture consists of putting henna juice or henna oil in curdled milk and then mixing this in the pegs, it increases the effect of the treatment. Nail health: Often people forget to keep their nails healthy, but the cuticles and space under the nails are prime places for infection and bacterial presence. While, nail treatment with henna is a wise choice. Drinking water in which the henna leaves have been impregnated helps prevent cracking nails and also reduce inflammation. Applying a poultice directly to the nail beds can resolve the irritation, pain and infection in the nail beds. Arterial pressure: One of the most important undervalued effects of henna is that it is an herb for good heart health. If you consume henna water or henna seeds, you can enjoy a hypotensive effect that relieves stress on the cardiovascular system and effectively lowers blood pressure. This can help prevent plaque and platelet buildup in the heart and arteries, thus preventing heart attacks and strokes. Warning: Most henna varieties are safe and non-toxic, but black henna has some allergenic potential, such as rashes and internal discomfort of some users. Before adding any new henna based remedies to your routine of care, it is advisable to have medical advice. By the way, hair dyes claim henna-based often contain other skin-sensitive chemicals, so read the labels carefully. Le but principal◄►Santé pour tous ☼ Environnement propre! Posted by

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Binaural Beats For Migraine Relief|Instant Migraine Headache Relief|Healing Rife Frequency By Spectral Binaural Beats Meditation

What is Migraine?
Migraine headache is a persistent neurological condition identified by recurrent moderate to serious migraines typically in organization with a number of autonomic nerve system symptoms.Typically the frustration impacts one fifty percent of the head, is vibrating in nature, as well as lasts from 2 to 72 hours. Associated signs may consist of queasiness, throwing up, and also sensitivity to light, smell, or audio.

This 1 hour session has actually been very carefully gotten ready for those that are experiencing migraine and also want a migraine relief.Its a pure Delta Binaural Beats Sound Therapy + Sleep Hypnosis Music specifically for migraine headaches.After the drug pay attention to this session in a low volume with a top quality earphones as well as relax.this session will assist you sooth your pain.This session is likewise suitable for people with sleeplessness. The Delta waves that has been carefully administered in this session aids you to get you a deep sleep.

Just how to use Binaural Beats?
Locate a comfortable location devoid of disturbances. When you need to do something that needs your full attention like driving, it’s essential not to pay attention to binaural beats. Avoid any kind of jobs that are psychologically demanding due to the fact that the introspective state is not conducive to quick, action-oriented essential thinking.

Pay attention to binaural beats when you intend to unwind, clear your mind, obtain your innovative juices streaming, involve your intuition to help resolve problems as well as for personal advancement work such as repeating affirmations and doing visualization.

Make certain to give on your own sufficient listening time! The brain calls for about 7 minutes to entrain, or fall in sync, with the audio stimulus. Give on your own at the very least 15-30 minutes of listening time to experience the advantages.

You must utilize stereo headphones for binaural beats to work. If 400Hz pulses into one ear and also 410 into the various other, the brain will refine the two noises into a 10 Hz frequency, which takes place to be the same frequency produced by the mind throughout meditation.

Spectral Binaural Beats Meditation Gives you excellent quality Meditation & relaxation video clips that are totally free on YouTube. We have actually been developing these reflections for tension relief & recovery functions. Spooky Binaural Beats labors to maintain most of our meditations suitable for everybody. We always invite remarks, feedback & pointers as well as actively engage with our subscribers.

Our deep sleep songs have actually been composed to unwind mind and body, as well as appropriate for all children, children, adults, and teens who need sluggish, lovely, soft, comforting music to aid them to go to sleep, or to deal with sleep problems.

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The binaural beat offered is not meant to change or replace the suggestions or guidance of your physician or health treatment service provider.

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During this July & August I was waking up with severe pain in my eyes along with migraine headache. I would be sick all day up until 10:00pm. I made an appt with my PC doctor, he recommend I take Zyrtec. Nine days later & I have not experienced any painful eyes or migraines.

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FDA approves new drug to treat migraines and it’s not a pill, it’s injected once a month

KERNERSVILLE, N.C. – A new option is available for migraine patients. In May, the FDA approved Aimovig – a migraine prevention drug for adults.
It’s an exciting time for patients and doctors.
“Nothing else has been designed specifically as a preventative for migraine,” Dr. Christine Hagan said.
Hagan is the lead clinician at Novant Health’s Headache Clinic in Kernersville and estimates that 60 to 80 percent of the clinic’s patients have received a prescription for Aimovig.
Rachel Cervone, 25, is one of them.
“My migraines got worse when I was about 21 or 22 years old when I fell off a horse and hit my head and got a concussion,” she said.
Cervone went through cycles of trying to find an option that worked.
“I’ve tried like five or six medications now. It will help at first and I’ll have a few good months of it working and then it will just kind of tinker off,” she said.
Cervone is hoping this new drug will give her a sense of relief. Instead of taking a pill, Aimovig is injected once a month.
Hagan says it can take up to four months to work. The current data is showing positive results.
“The results would be similar to what we’ve seen in the clinical trials,” Hagan said.
“About 25 percent of people got a robust response to Aimovig. About a third of people got no benefit and so the rest of the people fell somewhere else in between.” 36.119859 -80.073653

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En este video clip te muestro cómo aliviar el dolor de cabeza inmediatamente disadvantage acupresión. Conoce los puntos que tu misma o tú mismo puedes estimular.


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Find out just how to use shoulder as well as neck massage therapy to ease frustrations with professional medical ideas in this free online migraine alleviation video clip.

Professional: Dr. Susan Jewell
Biography: Dr. Susan Jewell is a British born enlightened multilingual Asian with a British accent and can speak Cantonese.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

These Natural Painkillers Are Excellent Post-Collapse – 10/5/18

18 SHARES T here are darn few constants in life, understanding this is why about five million Americans also deem themselves preppers. Yet, there are two things you can definitely count on in any long-term SHTF situation: 1 – calling 911 will not get you the help you desperately need, and 2 – medical preps are the most difficult aspect of any survival plan.
To enhance the chances of your family’s survival during a doomsday disaster, you must educate yourself to the highest amount feasible in both advanced first aid and about natural remedies.
Secondly, you must not only stockpile all the medical supplies and tools that could save the life of yourself or a loved one, but grow your own natural medicine ingredients to create a sustainable supply of “medications” to get you through not just the long-term disaster, but the societal rebuilding stage, as well.
Natural Medicine Prepping Tips
• Start both a backyard and an indoor apothecary.
• Invest in a gel capsule maker machine – these are manual devices that are easy to use, inexpensive, and durable. Both the machines and the actual gel caps come in different sizes so you can make medicines for young children, adults, and livestock. When made and stored properly, the gel caps and the ingredients they contain should be shelf stable for at the very least, two years.
• Stockpile essential oils and learn how to use them both alone and in natural remedy tinctures, teas, poultices, and salves. When stored properly, essential oils should have a shelf life of at least two years, but I have personally used some oils stored in a cool dry place five years after purchase.
These are my go-to books for natural remedies for both preventative care and treatment for our family and livestock: Common Herbs for Natural Health
They were created in the 1950s and updated in the decades since. They are easy enough to read and understand by a novice herbalist, yet still backed with enough information that even a seasoned home remedy practitioner will learn something new as he or she turns the pages.
Top SHTF Home Remedies Amaranth
This healing herb is also one of the oldest known cultivated grains in history. In addition to its healing power, amaranth is packed with vital nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin B, and iron.
Amaranth is a common ingredient in anti-inflammatory natural painkillers. It is known to help boost bone strength, stimulate the repair of bones and muscles, could lower blood pressure from dangerous and painful levels, and enhance the immune system.
This ancient herb possesses the same peptide that is capable of relieving pain from gout, arthritis, and could help prevent damage from free radicals that have been known to cause cancer.
Taking care of a diabetic and the pain that comes from fluctuating sugar levels will likely be extremely problematic during a long-term disaster. Amaranth has been known to help regulate blood sugar levels and decrease insulin levels. The herb can help reduce the spiking of blood sugar levels and prevent a potentially deadly diabetic attack.
Due to the herb’s high content of vitamin A, it is often consumed to treat eye problems…and to prevent them. Amaranth has been known to not only prevent painful cataracts but also could decrease macular degeneration problems. Amaranth Growing Tips
There are multiple varieties of amaranth, but each type requires a minimum of five hours of sun each day to thrive. The herb grows best when it is placed in a well drained soil. Plants are thin and lightweight but can grow up to 10 feet tall and might need staked if being cultivated in a container. Harvesting Amaranth
Amaranth seeds can be tossed onto a salad, sauteed, or thrown into soups to garner the herb’s medicinal benefits. You can also mix one teaspoon of leaves with one cup of water and consume the mixture (up to twice a day) as a cold tea.
The herb is not known to produce any major side effects, but it is recommended not to eat mature leaves raw because the nitrates in the leaves could pose an adverse effect in some people. Diabetics are strongly cautioned from eating the grain (seeds) of the amaranth plant directly and consume on the leaves to avoid a potentially unwanted fluctuation in blood sugar levels. Warming Pain Relief Salve
This natural pain killer salve can soothe arthritis pain, muscle aches, tendon discomfort, general back pain, and ease the throbbing associated with deep bruises.
Ingredients • ¼ of a cup of beeswax pastilles – if you do not have the beeswax you can omit it and use this mixture as a massage oil instead of a salve. • 1 tablespoon of ginger root powder • 1 cup of your favorite carrier oil – almond, coconut, or olive oil are recommended. • 1 tablespoon of turmeric • 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper • Optional – 2 drops of eucalyptus essential oil, lavender oil, or 2 teaspoons of arnica flowers.
1. Steep the turmeric, ginger, and cayenne into the carrier oil in the sun for the afternoon or overnight in a sealed Mason jar. I using the optional flowers petas, steep them in the oil as well. 2. Strain the mixture through a cheesecloth, clean piece of fabric, or coffee filter. Squeeze firmly to get out as much of the liquid as possible oil into a roll-on bottle. 3. Combine the herbal mixture and the beeswax in a pot – double boiler is highly recommended. 4. Stir in the optional essential oils. 5. Once the mixture has completely combined, pour it into container with a firm fitting lid and allow it to cool and harden.
Massage a small amount onto the sore or injured muscle and joint area. A little bit goes a long way, the salve (or massage oil) heat up was it is rubbed onto the skin. Typically, it takes about a week or so for the warming salve to yield optimal results.
The natural warming salve is not recommended to be used over open wounds or on pregnant or nursing women. Some users could experience a skin “burn” or rash if using this strong warming salve on their face.
Ginger is often used by natural remedy fans in place of over the counter pain reliever like ibuprofen.It boasts powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant components. These helpful compounds can help reduce both acid and fluid that can build up in joints (especially in arthritis patients) and cause painful swelling.
This herb is at the foundation of a plethora of natural healing, pain fighting, and anti-inflammatory remedies. Cucumin, which is found only in turmeric, is the active ingredient and causes the bright orange hue of the herb.
Turmeric not only helps draw out infection and fight pain, it has been known to improve blood circulation and stop blood clot.
The healing benefits of turmeric can be garnered several ways.
1. Make gel caps filled with turmeric and take daily like a vitamin. 2. Toss a pinch of two of turmeric in everything that you cook. 3. Mix 1 cup of water with 2 tablespoons of turmeric and drink to help prevent pain, fight infection, and reduce swelling of muscles and joints. 4. Make turmeric and honey “bombs” to ease pain and as a treatment for just about everything fro the common cold to the flu. The little herb and honey balls typically keep up to 14 days when refrigerated. Turmeric and Honey Bombs
• 3 tablespoons of a binding agent – honey or coconut oil are recommended. • ⅓ of a cup of turmeric • 1 pinch of black pepper • Optional – 1 teaspoon of quercetin powder – this helps to activate the curcumin and enhance absorption into the body.
1. Line a baking sheet with wax paper 2. Heat the binding agent on low heat – stirring constantly to prevent scorching. 3. Once the binding agent has liquified, add in the black pepper, turmeric, and quercetin – if using. Stir to thoroughly combine. 4. Remove the cook pot from the stove and spoon out up to a quarter-sized amount of the herbal remedy onto the wax paper – forming it into a ball shape. Space out the herbal drops so they do not touch. 5. Place the turmeric bombs into the deep freeze on the baking sheet. Do not remove the herbal balls until they are entirely firm throughout. 6. Store the turmeric and honey bombs in an airtight container and keep them in the refrigerator until ready to use. Typically, adults consume about 5 grams of the remedy on a daily basis to ward off pain or treat sickness.
Wild Lettuce
This wild plant is commonly referred to as “lettuce opium” by users – even though it does not actually contain any opiates. It is native to Asia and Europe, but can be grown in the United States. The wild lettuce has been used as a sedative in some regions of the globe for centuries. Extensive or chronic consumption of wild lettuce could have a negative impact on the brain.
The wild plant is often used as a natural painkiller for headaches, migraines, whooping cough, chest congestion, and menstrual cramps.
Wild lettuce is most commonly ingested by steeping the leaves of the plant into a tea. To make the tea, steep two teaspoons of dried leave into one cup of boiling water for about 15 minutes. The tea is not recommended to be consumed more than three times per day. Feverfew
This herb has long been used as a natural painkiller to treat stomach pain, toothaches, headaches, and more . Feverfew has also been used to some degrees of success to treat arthritis pain.
Valerian Root
Ingestion of the root can help prevent or reduce nerve sensitivity, anxiety, and minor body aches. Valerian root has often been heralded as “Nature’s Tranquilizer.”
Lavender and Peppermint Oil
This essential oil can be rubbed onto sore muscle and tendons to massage away tension and to help reduce inflammation. Peppermint oil also boasts this same ability and when combined with lavender oil, the mixture has been known to also combat even severe headache pain.
To reduce headache or neck pain, dab a few drops of peppermint oil onto you finger and massage your temples and neck gently in circles.
Cat’s Claw
This natural remedy grows on vines in South America. It is highly distinguishable by its cat’s claw or hook and horn style shape. Typically, cat’s claw is consumed as a pill or capsule. This natural painkiller garners its inflammation and discomfort relief properties from its prostaglandin hormone properties, much like ginger.
In addition to being a painkiller, cat’s claw is also known of its infection fighting and immune system boosting prowess. It is most often taken to relieve pen that stems from chronic fatigue, arthritis, hemorrhoids, asthma, allergies, diabetes, ulcers, and even cancer.
Arnica Oil
Arnica essential oil is perhaps one of the most popular and yet sometimes hard to find natural painkillers. It is especially useful in relieving pain associated with muscle aches, arthritis, and carpal tunnel. The oil is rich in vitamin K and can be massage onto the body to reduce inflammation in addition to decreasing throbbing or stabbing pain.
Although arica oil is native to Europe and prevalent in Siberia, it can also be cultivated in many areas in the United States, particularly in mountain regions. Typically, arnica grows up to 24 inches tall and produces bright orange and yellow blossoms. Arnica oil is also commonly referred to as Leopard’s Bane, Mountain Tobacco, and Wolf’s Bane.
Arnica oil comes from a flowering dairy plant that grows primarily in Siberia and Europe, but is also found in many regions throughout North America – particularly in mountainous regions. That daisy grows up to 2 feet tall and up to three bright yellow flowers with an orange enter blossom on the plant. Devil’s Claw
This South African herb is most prominently used to treat stomach aches, arthritis, ulcer pain, intestinal problems, as well as and lower back pain. It is recommended that pregnant and nursing women not consumer this herb or even use it topically.
Devil’s Claw oil may also naturally relieve pain associated with fibromyalgia, migraines, and myofascial conditions.
Cloves can do a whole lot more than relieve tooth and gum pain – their most common natural painkiller use. Cloves are rich in potassium, iron, iber, omega 3 fatty acid, phosphorus, calcium, iodine, magnesium, as well as vitamins C and K. They boast anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties.
To relieve stomach pain naturally (even morning sickness) simply pour a few drops of clove essential oil onto a clean cloth and sniff – or chew on cloves for a few moments and then spit them out.
Powdered cloves can be mix at a one to one ratio with honey and consumed to each nausea pain. When clove essential oil is mixed with a pinch or two of honey and then stirred into a warm glass of water, it can also be consumed to treat stomach pain and to stop vomiting from occurring.
Cloves also boast a little known but pain-repelling quality – the repelling of mosquitoes. Crush up a few cloves and rub them onto your skin, or dab clove essential oil onto the skin, clothing, and hair, to deter mosquitoes for at least 12 hours.
How To Make Your Own Clove Oil
Ingredients • 1/4 cup of ground cloves (or 10 whole cloves) • Up to 2 cups of carrier oil – almond, olive, or coconut is recommended
1. Place the cloves in a Mason jar. 2. Pour in just enough of the chosen carrier oil to fill the jar to 1 inch above the cloves. 3. Put a lid and ring on the Mason jar and secure them tightly. 4. Shake the jar vigorously multiple times. 5. Place the jar in a cool dry place for 2 weeks – shaking about three times each day. 6. Strain the cloves through cheesecloth, a coffee filter, or a clean piece of cotton cloth to extract the oil. Do not pitch the cloves, they can be used at least two more times before losing their medicinal potency.
Final Words
Learn how to take care of medical emergencies, treat common illnesses and injuries, and create natural preventative medicines.
Educate yourself by all affordable and feasible means, such as: taking a class, participating in an online workshop, watching videos created to show how to make or treat specific medical events, and by buying books and downloading printable guides that offer step-by-step home remedy and first aid instruction.
What are you favorite natural painkillers? Please share your tips with the Survival Sullivan community by posting in the comments section below. Share Google + About Tara Dodrill Tara Dodrill is a homesteading and survival journalist and author. She lives on a small ranch with her family in Appalachia. She has been both a host and frequent guest on preparedness radio shows. In addition to the publication of her first book, ‘Power Grid Down: How to Prepare, Survive, and Thrive after the Lights go Out’, Dodrill also travels to offer prepping tips and hands-on training and survival camps and expos.

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