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Cough Symptoms and Home Remedies for Treating Coug

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Coughing is a reflex that keeps your throat and airways clear. Although it can be maddening, coughing helps your body heals or protects itself.
Coughs can be either acute or chronic. Acute coughs begin suddenly and more often than not last no more than 2 to 3 weeks.
To define cough, it is not anything but an action of the body to get rid of any foreign substance or own creation (like mucus) that irritates or impediment the airway or windpipe.
Read more on Home Remedies for Cough and Home Remedies for Common Cold and Herbal Remedies
When certain special cells along with the air pathway gets irritated and trigger the chain of events, the whole process is called as cough and the act of it is called as coughing.
Cough is a sudden, often repetitive, spasmodic reduction of the thoracic cavity, resulting in violent release of air from the lungs, and usually accompany by a distinctive sound. Read Also: Helpful Bladder Infection Remedies
Coughing is an action performed by the body to throw out or to get rid of substances that are irritating the air passages in their way. A cough is usually initiate to clear the phlegm that is been caught in the trachea or its neighboring areas.
Cough can be acute lasting for a few days to chronic, lasting for a few weeks. It is not restricted to any particular age group and can affect all and sundry.
Coughing is accompanied with a typical noise from the act of exhaling air abruptly in order to clear the phlegm or the blocking.
Treatment of Cough
The treatment of a cough will depend largely on its severity and underlying cause. A productive cough should not be suppressed except in special circumstances (eg, when it exhausts the patient or prevents rest and sleep) and generally not until the cause has be identified. Read Also: Home Cure for Heartburn 101
An acute infection such as pneumonia may require antibiotics, an asthma-induced cough may be treated with the use of bronchodilators, or an antihistamine may be administered in the case of an allergy.
Cough medicines may be given if the patient cannot rest because of the cough or if the cough is not productive, as is the case with most coughs connected with colds or flu.
Home Remedies for Cough
Fill one cut lemon with black pepper powder and salt and suck it to lessen the intensity of cough. This is a very good cough treatment.
Add a pinch of grounded white pepper in one tea spoon of pure honey. Regular use of this 2-3 times a day for regularly for 4-5 days will cure your cough. This remedy is considered as one of the successful home remedy for cough. Read Also: Natural Migraine Relief ? Eliminate Your Headaches With A Natural Migraine Relief
Simple cold and cough can be cured with the usual eating of grapes for number of days. They tone up the lungs and act as expectorant.
Take 1-2 gm powder of black pepper, long pepper, and dry ginger in equal size and make a mixture. Taking this mixture of powder with honey 2-3 times a day give reprieve from cough and is one of the useful cough remedies.
In winters eating garlic at night with meals twice a week will provide relief from cough and its also a simplest cough cure. Mix pulp of Belleric Myrobalan fruit with long pepper and honey and take this mix twice a day. This is one of the good home remedies for cough. Please follow us:

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Migraines and Menopause: What’s the Connection?

by Health Smarts · September 12, 2018
By Sheryl Kraft ( from HealthyWomen’s Headache & Migraine area)
Menopause can make migraines better. But it can also give you migraines for the first time or make the ones you already have worse.
“I wish I had a migraine. At least then, I could lie down and rest,” said no woman ever.
Migraines cause pain, nausea and sensitivity to light, sounds and smells. No one wants one.
Read Why We All Need to Practice Self-Care
They can come frequently and furiously or only occasionally.
But I’m sure you’ll agree that even if you get only one or two migraines a month, it’s one or two too many . That’s because a migraine is more than a headache. These painful attacks can last between four and 72 hours, and they can cause a real interruption to your life—more than 90 percent of people who suffer from migraines are unable to work or function normally while their headache is raging.
Although men and children can be counted as part of the 28 million migraine sufferers, women are most likely to have migraines. A whopping 85 percent of chronic migraine sufferers are women. Chronic migraine is diagnosed if you have migraine or tension-type headaches at least 15 days a month for at least three months and have certain other severe headache symptoms.
Yes, the headache cards are stacked against us.
So, what is it with migraines and menopause ? You might experience a change in the pattern and frequency of your migraines around the time of menopause. That’s because many migraines can be caused by fluctuating levels of estrogen and progesterone (common during this time). These hormones affect the brain’s headache-related chemicals—chemicals that can lead to inflammation of the blood vessels and cause them to press on nearby nerves. Some hormonal migraines are also thought to be linked to the changes in the amount of serotonin in your brain, as well.
Migraines, if caused by hormones, are not limited to menopause. If hormones cause your migraines during menopause, they’ve likely caused them during your menstrual cycle and pregnancy, too.
While some women get more migraines around menopause, others find that their migraines become less severe or less frequent during this time.
It can happen, because every woman reacts differently to hormones. Just as some women breeze through menopause with nary a hot flash or headache, others might be drenched in sweat and cursing the headache gods. Even though hormone levels are at a consistently low level after menopause, the headaches may be anything but.
It’s complicated, really.
But there are things that every woman can try to help stop the symptoms, ease the pain and prevent attacks of these dreaded headaches. These are not sure-fire treatments; they may work for your friend but not for you. Or, they may work once but then not again. You will need to figure out your own strategy for battling migraines.
Some things to take into consideration: the frequency and severity of your headaches, how incapacitated the headaches make you, and any other medical conditions you might have.
There are prescription medicines (for example, triptans, ergotamine) and over-the-counter pain relievers (ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, aspirin, acetaminophen). Some are taken when you first feel a migraine coming on; others help prevent migraines or lessen their severity or duration.
There are also some common medications that are used for other conditions—like cardiovascular drugs, antiseizure medications and antidepressants—that can help prevent or treat migraines, too.
And some women treat their migraines successfully with hormone replacement therapy, although, again, it doesn’t work for everyone and can sometimes make migraines worse.
Another treatment—which may surprise you—is Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA). You may associate Botox with “wrinkles” or “frown lines,” but the Food and Drug Administration approved it for treating chronic migraines in 2010, after people receiving Botox for other purposes reported relief from their headaches. Trials showed that it worked for people with chronic migraine.
How it works is not entirely clear, but researchers think it has something to do with inhibiting the expression of certain pain pathways. To treat migraines, Botox is injected into seven specific head and neck muscles, and injections usually need to be repeated about every 12 weeks.
According to the American Migraine Foundation , Botox treatments take time to work. There’s a cumulative effect with each treatment cycle. It could take up to six months to see maximum benefit.
If you prefer to try alternative treatments instead of or in addition to medications, there is some evidence that acupuncture , biofeedback , massage therapy and herbs like feverfew and butterbur might be helpful in treating migraine pain.
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In this asmr aromatherapy role play, you can expect plethora of glass tapping and glass tinkling as well as spraying, cotton pads and skin sounds. Your session is aimed at migraine and headache relief based on an open theory method. However, most of the video is about deep relaxation and tingles, sleep or anxiety relief.

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Re: Migraine relief advice?
Quote: : It depends on the circumstances, if there are any triggers or what sets it off that particular time. For me the warning is puking so I can’t really down anything tbh and other times it just hits me like a train with no warning. Sometimes I get a head pain that’s somewhere between a regular headache and a migraine and that’s like my cue to take the meds so I do it in time then, and when I get a migraine with aura that’s when I need to take it.
I do always keep them with me. Mine come in packs of 6 pills so when I get a new one I cut it in half and put 3 in my nightstand and the other 3 in my phone case, so I just like always have them. The problem comes when I get the nausea or sudden attack.

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House Remedies for Migraine Headache Relief. All-natural Remedies for Migraine Headache Relief in the house. Migraine headache therapy with ginger ale.

In this video, we provide you a homemade treatment, that provides fast alleviation, from migraine head pains.

You’ll require, the following 3 active ingredients:

Juice, from 2 fresh limes.

1 teaspoon raw organic honey.

3 tbsps of sliced ginger, and

4 mugs of water.

Approach of Preparation:

Initially, bring the water to boil.

After that, add the ginger to it, as well as allow it boil for 5 minutes.

Stress the mix, as well as leave it to cool off.

Include, lime juice, and raw natural honey to the blend.

Drink this combination, for immediate migraine frustration relief.

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Please help me – headache for 2 weeks! |

Two weeks ago I was admitted to hospital with a severe headache, violent vomitting a and a raised temperature. I had scans, lumbar puncture, blood tests etc and anything serious was ruled out. But I still have a headache it’s not any where near as bad as before but I’m still taking pain relief all day (tramadol, paracetamol and ibuprofen) which doesn’t completely take it away. I’ve had headaches in the past but nothing like this and don’t suffer with migraines.
I eating less than usual but making sure I’m well hydrated.
Any ideas?

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These frustration relief treatments are stretches and workouts that could assist ease migraine pain caused by tension, rigidity, as well as limited muscles in the neck as well as shoulders. Even more tension migraine treatments: https://youtu.be/nWNf6Khc9go

Headaches could come in several types. They can be stress migraines, migraine headache frustrations, collection frustrations, and also cervicogenic frustrations.

Cervicogenic frustrations are frequently misdiagnosed as migraine headaches. The primary distinction is that a migraine headache is rooted in the mind (typically a chemical inequality), as well as a cervicogenic migraine is rooted in the cervical spinal column or base of the skull area (usually a mechanical problem or dysfunction).

The initial motion is a chin tuck. These are a fantastic method to reset your neck muscles, and also get your head back right into an excellent posture. You can likewise do these relaxing or versus a wall, so you have something to push right into like an isometric exercise.

Next, you could utilize a foam roll under your neck, yet a bit higher around the C2 vertebrae. When you get it in position, delicately revolving your head side to side will aid mobilize it.

There are scapular or shoulder presses, a chest stretch, as well as thoracic mobilizations. These are terrific in order to help open up your upper body area, as well as keep the thoracic spine strong. If the thoracic spine is not functioning correctly, it can create frustrations.

You will certainly utilize a towel to assist you stretch. GRABS (Sustained Natural Apophyseal Glides) assist set in motion the neck, and also job wonderful when you have a great deal of tightness and also help soothe headaches.

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7 Best Headache Relief Treatments:.

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