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Chronic pain management potential

I’m new to taking mushrooms. Extremely new.
Some friends turned me on to Molly a couple years ago, and the high is incredible but I’m not terribly ecstatic about the neural damage the chemicals cause, and the recovery is emotionally and physically draining.
The same friend turned me onto his Golden Teacher Tea, and I’m a convert through and through. I love the “shrug off the weight of the world” feeling, and the floaty body high I get from it. I’ve only taken 2g doses through tea steeping (blended with a nice pu-erh is lovely, by the way), and although I haven’t had the visual distortions, I’m in love with the other effects. I’m excited for his next harvest so I can shoot for a higher trip.
I also suffer from chronic pain (fibromyalgia, migraines, degenerative/slipped discs, arthritis). I was in the middle of a flare up right before a planned evening of “tea,” and did some research to see if it was a terrible idea (would the trip exacerbate my pain)…I was floored to find out psilocybin has been used in promising studies for cluster headaches and other chronic pain!
I’m now on a very enthusiastic (and geeky) journey to do all the research and experiments to see if this is a viable option for pain management.
I’m off the opiates for years now, and will never go back. My body needs enough THC to kick the CBD’s into gear that I turn into a heavy lump on the couch. Alcohol with a 1:10 THC:CBD ratio chaser is currently the most effective, and the least sustainable (also incredibly impractical).
I hope to start growing my own, once I determine the most advantageous strain. I’d like to keep that beautiful ecstasy feeling and relaxing body high, but I also need to find the strain that “rewrites” the pathways, most effectively providing pain relief.
I’m hoping for advice, both scientific and anecdotal:
*Happiest Molly-like high strain?
*Easiest to cultivate (I live in a small apartment)?
*Anyone using shrooms for pain relief? If so, what strain? What dosage? What frequency? All the knowledge please!

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