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Home » Blog » CAREGIVING » Could A Chiropractor Help With Your Pain? July 17, 2017 By Rena McDaniel 11 Comments Could A Chiropractor Help With Your Pain?
Chiropractors use spinal alignment correction in order to treat a range of different health issues. The most common ones include various muscular and skeletal disorders, spinal alignment and general pain relief. Some individuals have even used chiropractic care to successfully treat problems such as disorders of the connective tissues, lactose intolerance in infants and even migraines.
What makes chiropractic care so popular is the fact that it is a non-invasive, drug-free solution which, when performed adequately achieves amazing results. That said, let’s go over some of the conditions that can be helped with a trip to the chiropractor. Pregnancy pain
Aching and pain are a pretty common occurrence during pregnancy. What most people don’t realize is that improper pelvic alignment might be the one to blame for the pain in the lower back and sciatica, which pregnant women often treat using chiropractic care. Future mothers have rather limited options when it comes to alleviating pain as most treatments have the potential to harm their fetus and chiropractic treatment is often their best option. There’s a complete maneuver used to address sacroiliac joint and sacrum in order to balance the pelvis called the Webster Technique . According to some reports, the technique in question has an 82% success rate and should preferably be performed during the 8th month of pregnancy. High Blood Pressure
In an effort to find a solution for controlling high blood pressure, some researchers have put chiropractic care to use. They have tested a realignment procedure that is performed on the spine to adjust the Atlas vertebra. That is the bone at the top of your spine that sticks out the most. This was done for eight weeks and once Atlas was realigned with the rest of the spine, the patients who’ve had the procedure performed had considerably lower blood pressure. Bell’s Palsy
Bell’s Palsy is a condition which causes hearing disorders, paralysis of the facial muscles and issues with the jaw and the muscles supporting it. The recovery process varies from one patient to another. With enough time to fully understand the patient’s problem, professional chiropractors can actually create individual treatment programs used to relieve pain, improve motion and help with nerve-related issues. A 49-year-old woman who suffered from this condition received chiropractic care over a 6-month period and showed overall improvements. Headaches
Headaches are the second most common condition regularly treated using chiropractic care , with the first being general pain. There are many reasons why we suffer from headaches, including alcohol abuse, processed food, sleep deprivation, hunger, stress, as well as pain originating from nerves in the cervical part of the spine. An experienced chiropractor can manually loosen up the muscles and joints in order to alleviate the pressure on the nerve. This is particularly useful with patients suffering from neck-induced pains and headaches. Asthma-related pain
Asthma is an agonizing condition followed by intense spasms of the bronchi in the lungs which make it extremely difficult to breathe. When struggling for air, those experiencing an asthma attack tend to cough regularly. Constant coughing can lead to pain in the mid-back which additionally worsens the entire situation. Although chiropractors can’t cure asthma, they can help by relieving pain in the posterior musculature caused by it. This is particularly useful for small children who are often the ones who are afflicted by this condition. Lower-back pain
This is one of the most popular, or should I say requested, technique. Pain in the lower back has become widespread due people spending more and more time sitting behind a computer, both at home and at work. A skilled chiropractor can easily manipulate the sacroiliac joint to alleviate pain. Some chiropractors have a certificate to perform the Active Release Technique said to relieve the muscles from scar tissue and relieve pain at the same time, making it an ideal treatment for lower-back pain. This is why it’s important to avoid cheap and unlicensed practitioners and only go for the most experienced chiropractor Perth can offer. ADHD
ADHD is a condition often treated with prescription drugs such as Ritalin. However, simply stuffing our children with drugs is hardly going to solve the problem. This is exactly why researchers have tried to use other, less destructive options. Chiropractic care is one of them and it has shown some rather promising results in treating kids suffering from ADHD. There are numerous researches which have linked posture with brain and motor activities and helping realign the spine becomes a perfectly reasonable answer when compared to hard drugs.
These are just some of the numerous disorders and issues that can either be treated or positively affected using chiropractic care. From headaches and pregnancy pains to attention disorders and asthma, in some cases, even inflammatory bowel disease and therapeutic support for patients with cancer, the chiropractic care has proved itself to be an invaluable technique for non-invasive treatment. So why not give it a go? (Visited 150 times, 2

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