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Drug trial on migraine relief (Kelowna)

Drug trial on migraine relief Jon Manchester – Oct 18, 2018 / 4:48 pm | Story: 239462 Photo: Unsplash/Alexander Mils
Persistent headaches getting you down?
A new drug trial seeks to offer some relief for adults who suffer from treatment-resistant migraines.
The clinical research study is being done by Kelowna’s Okanagan Clinical Trials.
“Many people suffer from debilitating migraine headaches, and despite the availability of preventive medications, many people do not respond to these treatments or are unable to tolerate them. We are always looking for promising medications to help them,” says Dr. Sally Godsell, investigator for the trial.
The study drug is given by injection once per month.
Participants must be 19-75 years of age and must be able to provide medical or pharmacy records of previous failure of migraine treatments. Volunteers meeting the trial criteria will be asked to undergo a screening visit.
About 420 subjects will take part worldwide.
Okanagan Clinical Trials is one of three sites in Canada selected to participate in the study, which will last eight months.
Participants will be seen monthly to receive the drug and to assess their response.
“Most people report having a very positive experience when involved with our studies,” said Dr. Paul Latimer, CEO of Okanagan Clinical Trials. “They are seen often, have a very comprehensive study-related assessment and receive more one-on-one time with study doctors and research staff than is usual in clinical practice.”
If you’re interested, contact Okanagan Clinical Trials at 250-862-8141.

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