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Frequent Headaches, Worried about Tylenol

I suffer from migraines when not pregnant and get them usually about twice a month. They are awful– throwing up, sensitive to light, weak, sleepy, the works. The only thing that would do the trick was Excedrin Migraine Relief.
Now during this pregnancy I’ve been getting them way more often, sometimes 4-5 times a month. I’ve also been getting what I think are tension headaches. Not migraines, just regular headaches. My doctor prescribed me Fioricet for the migraines, and just plain Tylenol, and sometimes some coffee with it, cures the regular headaches.
I am so worried about the amount of Tylenol I’ve had to take lately due to these headaches! I recently read an article that Tylenol during pregnancy is associated with behavioral problems down the road. Now I’m even more paranoid. I usually just take two extra strength in a day, but have been needing it multiple times a week for the headaches.
My next appointment and anatomy scan isn’t until December 6th. I just feel so uneasy about taking so much medication. Comforting words are appreciated! 😩 Also, any ideas for natural remedies?

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