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Using the frequency of the orbit of the asteroid Beauty, and the frequency of 1.8 Hz, this binaural beat track focuses on alleviating you of frustrations and sinus congestion

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Brainwave Power Music dedicates ourselves to producing original noise therapy music, using unique Musical Compositions, Binaural Beats as well as Isochronic Tones as our main sound elements mixed with various instruments and also soundscapes to produce a kicked back audio environment. We have one primary objective: To help others with our music, be it for physical, psychological, psychological or spiritual purposes. We continuously upload brand-new songs and also continue to function hard to give new high quality songs for everybody.

◢ Meditation & Relaxation Music

Our music is influenced by Japanese meditation, Indian reflection, Tibetan as well as Shamanic. Our crucial songs has been developed to urge as well as boost leisure, meditation, mind feature and also massage, focus and health facility treatment, as well as healing songs therapy. Our songs video clips make use of soundscapes such as nature noises, pets, oceans, rainfall sounds, thunder noises and also a lot more.

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◢ Sleep Music, Astral Projection & Lucid Dreaming Music

Special music tracks dedicated to assist you to drop asleep, getting a deep rest that will leave you charged and revitalized. Many of our sleep music generally make use of Delta and also Theta Waves. Our soothing rest music can be utilized as history, reflection, relaxation, peaceful and also rest songs.

BrainwavePowerMusics deep sleep music video clips have actually been made up to unwind body and mind, and also are the finest for children, grownups, children, and also teens who utilize calming songs to drop off to sleep. Our songs has additionally been recognized to assist individuals with Insomnia, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, as well as a wide range of other rest as well as various other disorders.

◢ Study & Focus Music:

BrainwavePowerMusics Study & Concentration Music is ideal history music to assist you to study, concentrate, concentrate and also work much more successfully. Our Creativity Unlocking Music aids you accomplish your full potential.

◢ Reiki & Zen Music:

Our Reiki as well as Zen Music is optimal for recovery sessions and also encourages a state of Zen. Our Chakra Music use unique formulated regularities for each phase of your chakra.

◢ Instrumental Music:
Our Instrumental Music consists of guitar, relaxing piano as well as flute music. Our critical music could be utilized for leisure, meditation, research as well as anxiety relief. We prefer to use several different instruments as well as social audios to add a variety of special music this includes – African, Tibetan, Asian, Indian, American, South American, Spanish, European, Chinese, Arabic, Australian, Native American, Aboriginal, African Tribal, Eastern European

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