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Massage Therapy For Pain Relief From Long Term Stress And Anxiety, Too

By Jose Wallace
Overexertion and injuries are not the only ones that can cause aching of the body. At times stress and anxiety are also accountable for such. While alleviation may be obtained from the intake of painkilling and anti inflammatory medications, these pharmacological solutions only mask and not resolve the problem. This is why regularly having massage therapy for pain relief resulting from stress and anxiety is a good idea most especially because they do not bring about nasty side effects and also certain health risks.
These days, millions across the globe are battling chronic stress as well as anxiety. Most people are aware of the acute repercussions such as mental and physical exhaustion. However, the fact that body aches and pains can also strike is something that is not known to many.
Health authorities say that stress is a matter that can cause inflammation to happen within the body. If left uncontrolled, it can eventually make its presence known in the form of various unfavorable symptoms. Having painful muscles and joints is just one of those. Others are far more serious like increased blood pressure, elevated bad cholesterol levels, abnormally high blood sugar, and mental health related issues such as anxiety and depression.
Having anxiety, on the other hand, can leave the muscles tensed up on a regular basis. Such is most especially true if the said mental illness is managed ineffectively. Having muscle tension, if truth be told, is the culprit behind a few of the most unfavorable symptoms that anxiety sufferers complain about. They include chest heaviness, migraine headaches and also shooting pains in the hands and feet. Quite clearly, anxiety can cause so many other issues than just nervousness or a feeling that something wrong is about to strike.
Complications anxiety is known to bring can also exaggerate aching that the individual who has it tends to experience. For instance, pain perception can be considerably increased by failure to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep at night. Abdominal cramping due to matters related to the gastrointestinal tract can intensify. Actually, the symptoms of an already existing medical condition can be aggravated by anxiety, mental health authorities confirm.
Although there are plenty of anti inflammatory and painkilling drugs that one may choose from, their intake all the time is not really a good idea. Whether prescription or OTC, these pharmaceutical solutions are notorious for causing various unwanted side effects. Heartburn, nausea, diarrhea and ringing in the ears are just a few of those.
Serious health threats may also happen if painkilling and anti inflammatory medications are taken in high doses longer than recommended. One of them includes the development of bleeding ulcers in the stomach. The liver and kidneys are also put at risk, say expert.
Clearly, exploring other options for attaining much needed relief from aches and pains due to chronic stress and anxiety is highly recommended. One of the most effective all natural solutions out there is undergoing therapeutic massages. Especially when conducted on a regular basis, the constant intake of anti inflammatory and painkilling drugs can be avoided.
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