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My Current Skincare & FAQs – Hairspray and Highheels

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I get asked a ton of questions about my skin and my routine so I figured it was about time to put it all in one place. I’m going to tackle everything here from what I’m currently using product wise to the tools and treatments that keep my skin in the best shape it’s been in years. Here’s what you need to know to go into this: the one area where I will invest in is my skin. I don’t put a budget on skincare products, I use some budget-friendly and some not. I also have a strong belief in treatments and dermatology. Also, my routine is extensive and it takes a good 20-25 minutes on short days and sometimes longer but I’m invested in my skin.
Ok yyyy so remember that I said my routine is in depth and I use a bunch of products so bear with me here, friends. I make the time to do it, especially now that I’m in my thirties it’s super important to me to ensure that my skin is living its best life. Seriously just consider it self-care and I promise you won’t be sorry. WHAT IS YOUR MORNING SKINCARE ROUTINE?
So when I get up in the morning the first thing I do is wash my face, I’ve been using the Dermalogica UltraCalming Cleanser for a little over a year now and I absolutely love it. This is great in general but especially if you struggle with sensitive skin or redness. I rub this in with my fingers and rinse off. Once my skin is cleansed and dry I always always always use a toner. I’ve never understood people who skip toner. Toner preps your skin. In the morning I go with the Hydrating Toner from PCA Skin and apply that with little cotton rounds. I let this absorb into my skin while I brush my teeth and while I’m gargling with mouthwash I’m applying my eye gel (that I keep in the fridge because it feels so much better going on the skin and helps cut down on puffiness if you didn’t get enough sleep the night before) the PCA Skin Revitalizing Eye Gel is my go to.
Once I’m finished cleansing and toning and my eye gel have absorbed and dried down I apply a treatment product, the PCA Skin Dual-Action Redness which has tremendously made a difference in my skin. I used to be so red that even full coverage foundation wouldn’t cover it and now? Now I go makeup-free all the time with confidence that I don’t look like a tomato. This product is on the expensive side but it has truly changed my life. Depending on how much moisture I think I need I will either apply a serum or an oil. Layering the products really helps everything sink in. In the mornings I usually reach for the serum more often than not. The one I’ve been using and loving for months is the Hyaluronic Acid Boosting Serum from PCA. Then for a daytime moisturizer, I reach for my the IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Skin Treatment Relief Moisturizer because usually, I’ll be throwing on makeup and the moisturizer helps the redness. If I’m leaving the house I let all of that dry down for about 15 minutes and then apply an SPF from La-Roche Posay . WHAT IS YOUR NIGHTIME SKINCARE ROUTINE?
If I’ve been wearing makeup or SPF during the day I definitely do the double cleanse method of washing my face. I start with the Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm on a dry face and massage it into the skin because this is going to break down all traces of makeup and SPF. I rinse that off and I follow this up with the same Ultra Calming Cleanser I use in the morning. I usually do this cleansing in combination with my Clarisonic . Once my skin is cleansed and dry I use an exfoliating toner at night vs the hydrating toner I used in the morning. For this I pick up the Pixi Glow Tonic . It gently exfoliates the skin without drying it out. As that is absorbing, I’ll apply that same PCA eye gel by tapping it under my eyes and then brush my teeth while everything sinks in.
Here’s where the fun comes in. The anti-aging products that will keep you young and fresh. I go for the PCA SKIN Exlinea Peptide Smoothing Serum and apply that to my forehead lines and smile lines. This is basically botox in a bottle and the bonus is that if you are already doing botox this extends the life of it. I follow this with a Retinol, the PCA Skin Retinol Treatment for Sensitive Skin is my fave for this step. Instead of reaching for a serum at night I grab my Pixi Rose Oil Blend . Remember layering and locking in the moisture is important. For my nighttime moisturizer, I either use the PCA Skin Après Peel Hydrating Balm or the Belief Aqua Bomb both are great at keeping me moisturized all throughout the night. Before I hop into bed I grab my Rose Quartz roller from the freezer and use this to give myself a mini facial massage when I lay down. Facial rolling will not only help all of your products to sink in and absorb deeper but the cool feel of the quartz decreases redness and puffiness. You can also look up Lymphatic massages and learn those techniques and if you have a headache or a migraine it’s a must. DO YOU DO FACE MASKS?
I do! About 3-4 times a week I will use a face mask. Which mask I choose depends on my skin needs at the moment. I can do a whole post on masking if you’re interested but a few of my faves are below. YOUR SKIN IS FLAWLESS, HOW?
It took A LONG TIME to get here. Aside from an extensive routine and a plethora of products I also see a dermatologist twice a year just to keep up to date on my skin. I try to get a chemical peel every 6 weeks, I go to a spa that uses PCA Skin products and I’ve found them to be the most beneficial (I’ve written more about them here ). I also get routine facials and dermaplaning. HOW DO YOU GET RID OF WRINKLES?
You don’t. I’m sorry, I know that’s not the answer you wanted to hear. You can use a variety of products like retinol and anti-aging serums to help with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that will make them less pronounced but nothing product wise is going to get rid of them once they’re there, they are there to stay. That’s why medical intervention was a must for me. I used to have this thought that I would age gracefully but screw that. I started looking into botox. Ultimately I went with Dysport which is a more natural looking version of Botox and is something I plan to continue with. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE SKINCARE TOOLS?
Outside of the Rose Quartz roller and my Clarisonic that I already spoke about. I also love my Ice Roller . This is a must have for me at least once or a twice a week. My skin is dry and especially in the winter, it tends to hurt when I wake up or is incredibly puffy. The ice roller basically heals everything. Also another great tool for migraines.
I know this is A LOT of information. Let me know if this answers all of your questions and if not, definitely DM me on Instagram and let me know anything else you want to know or need more info on.

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