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My Morning

June 20, 2018
I awoke in a slightly sticky state, rolled over, and checked the time on my phone. A little bit before 7 a.m. When was the last time I woke up this early on my own? Then she came. The responsible side of me, Tough Love Elizabeth. She is the one that keeps the house organized, the bills paid properly, and the one who worries about my credit score. Elizabeth likes braids, flowers, and a soft cool colored aesthetic. She started in on me this morning.
“Up! Time to start the day!”
My eyelids were heavy and my body made of cement. I didn’t want to get out of bed. I wanted to sleep until 10, again. I clicked off the humidifier, kicked off the thick comforter, and snuggled back in to my pillow. Thus the fight began. The daily morning struggle.
“You have chores to do!”
“I can do them later. I have a few days to it.”
“You have presents to wrap, a card to make, your sports bras to wash, and the dog deserves your time today. You were gone for over seven hours yesterday.”
Most of the time I could brush off the big To-Do list but that last one made me feel guilty. Yuffie, my miniature double dapple dachshund, had to be left when taking my husband to a job site out of state. I gave a sigh of defeat but determination as I threw myself in to a sitting position. I put my glasses on and started my day.
I usually take Yuffie behind my apartment building and walk for a minute or two. After that I would have breakfast, linger over my journal with a cup of coffee, and attempt to do chores. This morning was a little different. I decided since it was kind of early that it wouldn’t be too hot to go to the park. I whisk Yuffie in to my arms and take her to the nearby park. No dogs at the dog park but the nature trails would be a bit cool and the concrete would wear down her long nails. I hated to clip her nails as she would squirm and be so miserable. The vet said walking her on asphalt or the like would help grind the nails down. Off we went in to the greenery. Some of the plants would lean in to the pathway as if to touch you they would be blessed. The smell of river berries and the trees sighing relief from the rain ever lingering in the air. I could her the light tinkling of Yuffie’s collar and the tap of her nails on the hard surface. My back was already aching when we had begun. I had tried to tuck my tail bone and activate my core as to get a bit farther with Yuffie. This was for her. I had scheduled a gym time with my best bud, JD. Another fight ensues.
“You should turn around right now and go home to rest.”
“No, I need to exercise to lose weight so my back won’t hurt as much.”
“You still have to go to the gym, lady. You need to not push yourself. Matthew wouldn’t be too pleased.”
I feel my back stab with pain and think how my husband wouldn’t be in a good mood knowing I pushed myself too hard. I sigh, once again, and attempt to pop my stiff neck. No dice. I swing Yuffie around and make my way back to the car, which I parked closer to the entrance than normal.Yuffie snuggled in her booster seat the whole way home. My morning headache had turned in to a migraine at this point. I needed coffee in my system. STAT!
Once we were at home I fed and watered the dog, then started on my own food. I had bought steel cut oats, but it turns out that I don’t like the texture very much. I like the soft gooey of normal oats. I put my oatmeal on low as I pout together a coffee beverage. I used some coffee grinds that I didn’t particularly enjoy, but added vanilla and a little pumpkin spice to cover the bitter of the beans. I have been called a coffee connoisseur by a few people, but I just did my research is all. I took a year to try different beans, different methods, water temperature, and got to the point of not adding sugar to my coffee. I wanted to get rid of sugar and fats from my diet and this habit has stuck, so I am quite happy about that.
My morning is spread out before me. Hopefully fall goes well. Wish me luck! Ta Ta For Now!

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