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Listen to Dr Angela Stanton, author & researcher with a PhD in Neuroeconomics, clarify the best ways to prevent and also treat migraine headaches (long-lasting + short) without medications.

In today’s meeting, we obtain an opportunity to talk regarding why some individuals obtain migraines, whilst others don’t.

Angela explains exactly how the migraineur’s mind is rather various to regular minds; it requires a lot more power and is extra quickly stimulated.

Genes are important, but this does not imply everyone with the ‘migraine brain’ is doomed to suffer from migraines. Ecological elements and diet plan add an important item of the puzzle, because migraineurs are likewise various metabolically. By resolving the electrolyte discrepancy, migraine headache discomfort can be solved as well as maintained at bay long-term.

If you recognize a person who is a migraine victim and also has an interest in how they can protect against as well as treat their migraine headaches + learn just how The Stanton Migraine Protocol could aid them come off pain medicine, this interview is for them.

I enjoyed this interview with Angela as she shared a lot information to assist describe why migraine headache sufferers experience the symptoms they do. By understanding the underlying mechanisms going on in the body it makes it that much easier to identify as well as recognize caution indications and also correct them; staying clear of migraine headache episodes completely. I enjoyed the pointers she shared concerning exactly how we can utilize sodium, potassium as well as water instead of grabbing that painkiller!

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Ep65: Natural Migraine Relief Using the Stanton Migraine Protocol • Dr Angela Stanton

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