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Ocular migraine for 24 hours!

I’ve had this ocular migraine for 24 hours now. I woke up to take my daughter to school and came home and went back to bed since I get off work at 2 in the morning. As soon as my head hit the pillow and I turned on my tv, I noticed the blind spot starting. So I fell asleep quickly. About four hours later when I woke, it was still there. I took some pain relief and it still didn’t go away. So later that night I took some more. Went to sleep last night and here I am getting my daughter ready for school and it’s the same thing. It hasn’t gotten worse or anything but it’s still there. My head isn’t pounding like your typical migraine it’s just annoying. It hurts like a small tension headache right now. My appointment is tomorrow so I don’t want to have to rush out there today. I’m at a loss! What should I do?

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