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Please help, it feels like I’m dying 😭

Quote: : Hi ladies! I’m due Sept 25th, I’m 29+6 and I just need RELIEF!
Backstory: I had wicked nasty headaches at the beginning of my second trimester, to the point I couldn’t even get out of bed, so I got cleared to take Excedrin when necessary. I was drinking a lot of fluids and also making sure I was eating.
Now I’m here, about 10 weeks from my due date and it feels like the headaches are back. I passed my glucose test with flying colors, my Dr says all my bloodwork looks good and baby boy is perfectly healthy. I’m always drinking something and I’m still eating healthily, but I know I can’t take my Excedrin in the third trimester because of the aspirin.
Is there ANYTHING I can do to relieve the headaches/migraines? Tylenol doesn’t work very well for the headaches, caffeine works a little. I just want them to go away!
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