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Sinus Congestion Alleviation, Cold Head Therapy, Instant Frustration Alleviation by Binaural Sound Therapy (BST # 166).

Beat Frequency: 1.8 Hz Delta Binaural Beats.
Service provider Frequency: 120 Hz.
These are the regularities which helps you in soothing Head Cold & Sinus Congestion. Please use this audio therapy everyday (twice a day for at the very least 20 mins per session) for centering as well as stabilizing your health.

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For more video clips:.
https://youtu.be/eFzNVOR7-8M (Lucid Dreaming Frequency).
https://youtu.be/aTwynWOS5jE (Intense Euphoria|Unwinding Music & Binaural Beats).
https://youtu.be/s2MLrc_9MK4 (POWERFUL TINNITUS SOUND THERAPY l Tinnitus Masking Binaural Beats Frequency).
https://youtu.be/G3HhAfPeUc4 (Whole Body Regeneration Frequency).
https://youtu.be/aRt6CiqIcUc (Sacral Svadhishthana 2nd Chakra).

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