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Summer Heat

Wednesday, July 11, 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5bUmx-hk-c I really not a big fan of refrigerated air i.e. air-conditioned. In fact I have not used air-conditioning this summer making my apartment of virtual hotbox. I think the apartment hovers around 84° to 85° possibly a little higher than this is really only if it’s like 90+ degrees outside. I like to open my door to my patio especially now that I’ve figured out how to use the screen door effectively. I also keep the window next to my bed halfway open so not only can I hear the noises from the park but I get breezes throughout the night. I have really enjoyed this past summer, with the elevated heat, has been not using any blankets at all through the night. If and when I needed relief from the hotbox I just opened the door to the hallway. The temperature in a hallway is a cool 72°. In my own self absorbed away have not really thought of other individuals entering my apartment and how this temperature increase may or may not affect them. I past a strange night last night. I could’ve got more sleep but I didn’t partially because of issues to my power chair. I was up a half hour later than usual trying to overcome a challenge I was having with my chair. I’m just glad I did not have to stay up all night or have to call the fire department or somebody else save my pathetic but once again. Luckily I solved the problem but I’m sure back asleep affected the way I perceive my day. When my staff (Dana) came in this morning she immediately became emotional freaking out about how hot my apartment was. She was kind of totally freaking out. I was getting worried she was going to walk right out the door and then what would I do? I really was going to on the air conditioner last night before I went to bed but due to all the trauma I completely forgot. My staff was immediately cycling into a migraine headache condition she swears is brought on by excessive heat. I simply had taken care of. I sent her out to the hall to bask in 72° temperature while I suppositories kicked in and kicked out (hopefully 15 minutes). My staff, Dana is great. I do not want to lose her –– she had a veiled threat that if I did not comply with lower temperature she would be forced to stop serving me over the summer months. I’m sure I would survive if she followed through with such a threat but I like her and she really does a great job with me. I can figure out or stand to live in a lower temperature if it means keeping the staff happy. It’s not like Dana is holding me hostage, I could easily request the new attendant. I think I would ever be able to replace Sunny when she quit or got herself fired but I did in some ways replacing my dear Sunny was an upgrade. I sure do not want to go through that again but I think I’m going to have to. Dana has dropped a couple ends that she may not be around that much longer. The lesson I think I have to learn is that staff does not last forever still want to keep my staff happy if I can. So whether I like it or not I’m turning on the air conditioner and torquing down the heat. Posted by

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