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3 ways to make a homemade heating pad

Table of contents 3 ways to make a homemade heating pad How heating pads work Risks Takeaway Using a heating pad can help ease aches and pains, and reduce stiffness in the muscles and joints. This is one way to provide heat therapy, or thermotherapy. Many people use heating pads to reduce neck pain, back pain , muscle aches, symptoms of arthritis , and menstrual cramps.
In this article, we describe three ways to make a heating pad at home. We also explore how heat can help relieve a variety of symptoms.
3 ways to make a homemade heating pad Many stores sell heating pads, but they are easy to make at home.
To make a heating pad, use:
1. A wet dishcloth Place a wet dishcloth in a freezer bag and heat it in a microwave. First, make sure that the bag is microwave safe.
Wrap the hot pack in a towel and place it on the affected area for 15–20 minutes at a time.
2. An oven-heated towel
A person can use a towel to make a homemade heating pad. People can use this method to make a larger heating pad.
First, place a damp, folded towel in an oven set to 300°F (149°C). Leave the towel in the oven for 5–10 minutes. The right timing will depend on the thickness of the towel.
Once it is warm, wrap the towel in a thinner, dry cloth and place it on the affected area for 15–20 minutes.
3. An old sock People can make reusable heating pads out of fabric or an old sock. It is also possible to use these as cold compresses by freezing rather than heating them.
Take an old, clean sock and fill it three-quarters full with uncooked rice, corn barley, or oatmeal. Tie or sew it shut and heat it in the microwave for 1–2 minutes.
To prevent burns, always test a heating pad on the inside of the arm before applying it to the affected area. It should feel comfortably warm, but not hot.
How heating pads work Applying a heating pad can help ease pain in joints, muscles, and soft tissues. This is a form of heat therapy, or thermotherapy.
Heat increases the blood flow to the affected area, relaxing the muscles and helping to reduce stiffness in the joints.
Thermotherapy can help ease:
back pain neck pain menstrual cramps migraine symptoms pain following an injury arthritis pain During the healing process, increased blood circulation brings more oxygen to the injured cells. Oxygen accelerates the healing of tissues.
Heating pads are a popular method of thermotherapy. A hot bath or shower may also help.
How to make and use a cold compress Learn how to make a cold compress for injuries, headaches, and more. Read now Risks
Heating pads can pose a burn risk for people with diabetes. Do not use heat therapy in the immediate aftermath of an injury. This is the inflammatory phase of healing, and heat could cause more swelling and tissue injury. Immediately after an injury, a cold compress can help reduce swelling.
Young children and elderly adults should not use heating pads.
Also, people with heat sensitivity issues should not use any form of thermotherapy. This includes people with neuropathy that results from diabetes or other conditions. They may not be able to feel a burn right away.
Women who are pregnant should not apply heating pads to the abdomen or pelvic area. They should also avoid hot tubs and bathing or showering in very hot water.
Takeaway Heating pads can provide heat therapy, or thermotherapy. Many stores sell heating pads, but they are easy to make at home.
A homemade heating pad can ease pain from conditions such as arthritis, as well as back pain, neck pain, and menstrual cramps. Using a heating pad can also speed healing after a muscle injury.
Use any heating pad with caution, as it can burn the skin.
Related coverage What to know about menstrual cramps Menstrual cramps can be a monthly trial for many people when they approach menstruation, as well as in the first few days of their period. Find out why cramps happen and what can aggravate the symptoms. This article explains the treatments available from the doctor and what you can do at home to lessen their impact. Read now Can apple cider vinegar help with arthritis? Some people find that apple cider vinegar improves the symptoms of arthritis, including swelling, pain, and inflammation. But does it work, and is it safe? In this article, we look at the link between apple cider vinegar and arthritis, safety, and alternative home remedies, including cherry juice. Read now What are some tips for instant migraine relief? Many people experience intense forms of headache known as migraine. There are many potential natural remedies for migraines, including diet changes, yoga, and stress reduction. Other remedies, such as staying hydrated, can prove helpful for migraines. Learn more about the best natural remedies for migraines here. Read now Home remedies for fast back pain relief Back pain is a widespread but potentially debilitating problem. Fortunately, there are a variety of home remedies to relieve back pain quickly and help prevent it in the future. In this article, learn about creams, stretches, and other techniques to alleviate back pain. We also cover when to see a doctor. Read now Can you use a heating pad while pregnant? It is safe to use heating pads during pregnancy so long as they do not raise the body temperature too much. Heating pads can soothe the many aches and pains that arise during pregnancy. In this article, we discuss safe ways to relieve pain, including the benefits of heat pads and why it is best to avoid hot tubs. Complementary Medicine / Alternative Medicine Back Pain Body Aches Pain / Anesthetics Additional information Article last reviewed by Mon 15 October 2018.
Visit our Complementary Medicine / Alternative Medicine Complementary Medicine / Alternative Medicine.
Dehghan, M., & Farahbod, F. (2014, September 20). The efficacy of thermotherapy and cryotherapy on pain relief in patients with acute low back pain, a clinical trial study. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research , 8 (9), LC01–LC04. Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4225921/
Period pain. (2018, March 1). Retrieved from https://medlineplus.gov/periodpain.html
Using heat and cold for pain relief. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.arthritis.org/living-with-arthritis/treatments/natural/other-therapies/heat-cold-pain-relief.php
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Please note: If no author information is provided, the source is cited instead.
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Snowcap Marijuana Strain [Complete Review]

Snowcap Marijuana Strain [Complete Review] Get frosty with this one-of-a-kind strain MarijuanaBreak Staff / Updated on July 11, 2018 Share This strain’s distinctive flavor profile and intriguing effects will leave you hooked
Featuring somewhat mysterious origins that are said to have begun in California, likely around the famous Humboldt area, Snowcap has grown to become popular throughout the world of cannabis because of some unique characteristics that truly set this strain apart from the others.
Though the genetic origins of this marijuana type are fuzzy and not very well understood, that does not keep cannabis lovers from consuming and adoring this strain – its effects are quite intense and intriguing, and are matched with an exquisitely distinctive flavor and aroma profile that make Snowcap a pleasure to smoke.
Keep reading to discover all about the Snowcap marijuana strain with our complete review… What is Snowcap?
Categorized as a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with 50% sativa and 50% indica genetics, it is not completely understood how exactly Snowcap came into existence, but most cannabis consumers are unanimously happy that it did.
Some speculate that the genetic origins of Snowcap are the breeding of Haze and Humboldt Snow, but no one actually knows the real story of what happened.
In any regard, not only does it feature prominent THC levels that rank around 20-25% on average, but this ganja also possesses a CBD content of around 4%, giving it an even more medicinally beneficial edge that may greater support the medical patients who are desiring to utilize Snowcap on their journey to relief. Snowcap Aroma, Flavor and Appearance
This aspect of Snowcap is probably one of the areas in which the strain shines the most. The aroma and flavor in particular are said to be simply irresistible, as the way that this cannabis smells and tastes is distinct.
Beginning as the scent of fresh, revitalizing citrus, the aroma from Snowcap mimics the smell of a big bowl of citrus fruits standing on the kitchen counter. This often causes mouths to begin watering, but in reality they are just preparing for the explosively delicious flavor profile to come. The smell is intensely pungent and the lemony scent can be felt long after the bud itself has left the vicinity.
In addition to the zesty top note of citrus, there is a more complex blend of aromas that mix together with the fruity goodness. Glimmers of menthol-like refreshing mint appear, usually sweet and slightly piney, adding an earthy yet modern twist to the homey citrus.
Upon inhalation, the primary flavor is pine mixed with the sweet citrus, which transforms into a down-to-earth, fruity blend. The exhale is intensely minty and menthol-like, which is especially refreshing and invigorating for those that enjoy this type of taste.
The smoke hits the lungs smoothly, but you will feel the classic menthol chill inside. Both the aroma and flavor are not subtle, so if you do not enjoy intense smells or tastes, Snowcap likely will not be appealing to you.
Sometimes appearing quite similar to a tiny pine cone, the buds often take on the shape of small Christmas trees, but on a much more subtle level. They are not nearly as green, mostly appearing as a yellowish, faded green with many brassy orange pistils that curl delicately among the sugar leaves. Snowcap is not known for having a thick coat of trichomes, or even a heavy crystalline structure, yet the THC content still remains potent. Snowcap Growing Info
Adding to the charm of Snowcap, it is not a massive challenge to cultivate this cannabis strain, which helps to make it a viable option for both indoor and outdoor growing. The crop does, however, grow quite tall, so if you are intending on keeping the plants inside, be prepared with a space that has plenty of overhead room.
The real challenge of growing Snowcap is being able to find a seed . It is relatively rare and difficult to come across a Snowcap seed, so the best way typically to obtain access to these genetics is through a clone.
Realistically, this hybrid strain is present as a clone only. Outdoor environments can support the effective growth of this marijuana type, so long as the conditions are correct and encourage thriving. The best outside condition for Snowcap is a Mediterranean climate, which involves plenty of sunshine and dry heat, especially in the summer when much of its development is occurring.
Snowcap is quite susceptible to powdery mildew, so keeping excessive moisture and humidity away can prevent outbreaks, which is partially why the Mediterranean climate is so supportive of a healthy crop. Other diseases and pests should not be much of a concern, because this crop is naturally quite resistant to them, but be sure to check the buds regularly for mildew .
Requiring about 9-10 weeks until it is ready to be harvested, with the outdoor harvest period falling around mid-October, the yields from successfully cultivated Snowcap plants are moderate in quantity, but superb in quality. Outdoor yields range somewhere around 16 ounces of useable herb per plant, while the indoor yields are smaller at around 12 ounces of bud per meter squared. Snowcap Effects
With its hybrid genetics that sometimes lean more towards sativa in their nature, the effects of Snowcap should be appreciated, and many marijuana consumers dedicate themselves to this bliss-inducing strain because they feel the same way.
Shortly after the initial consumption of Snowcap, the effects begin to take place primarily in the brain, acting as more of a cerebral high. The strong cerebral high is joy-bringing, leading to plenty of smiles, laughter and giggling, as well as an overall uplift in mood, which is especially appealing after a long, stressful or challenging day.
This cerebral high then begins to pleasantly creep over to the rest of the body, and many consumers have reported that the high is very distinctive, because not only do they feel the brain becoming more content, but the body also begins to tingle and buzz in a manner that makes the consumer experience warm and fuzzy physical sensations throughout.
On top of being a real mood booster, Snowcap is also great at encouraging motivation and an increase in work ethic, which is why it is frequently consumed as an early morning strain , because it assists with getting through the day fully productive and capable.
Possibly suited for artists and those who love to create, Snowcap also knows how to clear up creative blocks and open up the consumer so that they can be a free-flowing channel for artistic, passionate expression.
If you enjoy feeling blissful and motivated, joyous and tingly, then the Snowcap marijuana strain may be one to consider, especially if you will be socializing with others and need to discover a way to increase your patience during social interactions or problem solving. Medical Benefits of Snowcap:
Those who are searching for a way to manage their mental conditions, disorders or diseases, may benefit from the Snowcap strain, as it does show an ability to uplift the consumer and promote happier, more content thinking and thought processing.
On a medicinal level, Snowcap may do the same, which is why some individuals smoke this cannabis for increased relief. It seems those with depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, chronic stress and other mood disorders have benefited the most, but it’s possible those with bipolar and PTSD could also experience some relief and assistance.
Overall, Snowcap encourages more positive thinking, and leads to a brighter outlook on life and a greater mental clarity. For mental conditions, a light to moderate dose of Snowcap should be used, and it is extremely important to start at a comfortable dosage and build from there.
The THC of this strain is rather hefty, and it is common for those with mood disorders to report increased paranoia and anxiety due to high quantities of THC. It might be best to avoid any unpleasant circumstances altogether by knowing your limits and sticking to them. Stay within your comfort zone and monitor the way you are feeling regularly.
For physical conditions, Snowcap is known for its energizing sativa qualities, which are effective for some individuals that suffer from chronic fatigue or overall feelings of exhaustion.
Additionally, some pain-reducing and anti-inflammatory properties have been recognized, specifically in relation to back pain, chronic pain , joint pain, cramps, muscle spasms and even chronic migraines. The Snowcap marijuana strain could possibly help these conditions, discomforts and ailments.
For conditions pertaining to the physical body, a higher dose is typically better suited. This can be accomplished through the consumption of more potent products and concentrates produced from Snowcap, including edibles, candies, gummies, chocolates, dabs/waxes and more.
Due to the fact that Snowcap is so popular, it should not be a challenge to find a supplier of this strain, since many medical and recreational dispensaries stock this delicious, sativa-acting hybrid. Possible Side Effects of Snowcap
Considering the immense potency of Snowcap, it is no surprise that this cannabis type poses the possibility of some adverse effects, but they are usually minor and should not be a cause for concern.
The most commonly occurring side effect is dehydration and dry mouth (cottonmouth), which can be managed simply with a little extra preparation and planning. The most important way to prevent this occurrence is by staying hydrated and drinking plenty of fluids. Whether you are on the go or chilling at home, keep a full bottle of water or another hydrating fluid with you or close by, as a reminder to keep drinking even in moments where you get busy and forget. Staying hydrated not only prevents dehydration and cottonmouth, it also helps to decrease the possibilities for any headaches or next-day grogginess.
As mentioned earlier, those prone to THC-induced paranoia or anxiety should monitor their dosages carefully and always stay within a comfortable limit. This assists in the prevention of the next possible side effect, which is a bit more unpleasant: dizziness.
Dizziness is sometimes coupled with paranoia or anxiety, but this is not a frequent occurrence, especially not among those who are not as sensitive, so it likely should not outweigh Snowcap’s many positive aspects. Snowcap Marijuana Strain: Final Thoughts
If you are searching for an all-natural, herbal alternative to conventional medical treatments for depression, anxiety, chronic stress, migraines, chronic pain, fatigue, ADD/ADHD, inflammation, back aches, cramping, muscle spasms and many other debilitating conditions , then Snowcap may be an appropriate marijuana option to begin developing solutions with.
This brilliant cannabis strain is tailored to producing some healing effects that are very much in line with these aforementioned conditions, tied together with an impeccable flavor profile that is one-of-a-kind.
We hope you not only found this article to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.

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Hey there my beautiful!

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00:01 – 01:40 – Warming oil up in my hands (skin massaging appears) as well as after that applying it to your scalp.

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I have the same history and prior to being pregnant was on a daily preventative medicine and had a nasal spray for when I got a migraine. Everything was great. I stopped taking the medicine and I’m out of the nasal spray (not even sure it’s safe while pregnant) and tried Tylenol with no relief. I ended up taking Excedrin Migraine which helps some, but when I’m literally having to take it every day, sometimes twice a day….it’s not good. I have an appointment with my neurologist today. My OB didn’t want to prescribe something because of my history. I think if I was a “normal” person getting headaches and migraines they would but with my history of it they wanted the professionals in the area to handle it. I’m nervous because a few of the medicines I looked up that I’ve had in the past were class C which is fine when not pregnant but not great while pregnant. I couldn’t find a class B or A so I’m not sure they exist 😭

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Cluster Headache Syndrome Market : Size & Share – Industry Trend and Forecast 2016 – 2024

Cluster Headache Syndrome Market : Size & Share – Industry Trend and Forecast 2016 – 2024
Global Cluster Headache Syndrome Market: Snapshot The global cluster headache syndrome market is foreseen to be advantaged by the advent of new medical equipment and drugs for treatment. For instance, neuroscience and technology company electroCore has publicized the commercial launch of a non-invasive vagus nerve stimulator gammaCore that could treat acute pain experienced by adult patients with episodic cluster headache in the U.S. It is supposedly the first hand-held, non-invasive medical equipment applied at the neck that activates the vagus nerve to reduce pain by sending patented and gentle electrical stimulation through the skin. Furthermore, according to a latest research, chemical compounds, viz. cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), found in cannabis could help with equivalent effectiveness in treating acute types of headache such as migraine and also cluster headache when compared to conventional prescription medications such as amitriptyline. The results revealed that the combination drug THC-CBD had improved effects on reducing the count of cluster headache attacks and their severity. Read Report Overview: https://www.transparencymarketresearch.com/cluster-headache-syndrome-market.html While there are various triggers of cluster headache studied, such as alcohol, strong smelling substances, extreme exercise or being overheated, and heavy smoking, there could still be room for more research on actual causes. Advancements made in functional neuroimaging are expected to help better understand the condition and find more effective treatments. With this need in consideration coupled with medical advancements, the demand in the global cluster headache syndrome market is anticipated to see a constant rise. Usually, ergotamine, corticosteroids, lithium, methysergide, and verapamil are prescribed as a preventative treatment to patients. Global Cluster Headache Syndrome Market: Overview Cluster headache is a neurological disorder. It is a condition characterized by recurrence of severe headache usually around the eye on one side of the head. Cluster headache, in most cases, is accompanied by excessive tears, nasal decongestion, and swelling of the eye. Individuals suffering from cluster headache syndrome might often have to endure agonizing attacks of unilateral headaches. The condition shows symptoms that are quite similar to migraine such as nausea and sensitivity to sound and light. The causes that trigger cluster headache are not completely known; however, possible rare causes could include dysfunction of the hypothalamus and smoking. In some patients, cluster headache syndrome could be hereditary. The intense pain felt during cluster headache may be caused by the dilation of blood vessels, which creates pressure on the trigeminal nerve. Request Brochure of Report: https://www.transparencymarketresearch.com/sample/sample.php?flag=B&rep_id=11360 A physical examination of the pupils can help doctors diagnose the signs of cluster headache. Globally, there have been several reports of misleading diagnosis of cluster headache syndrome. A cluster headache patient could suffer attacks multiple times a day, with each attack lasting not more than three hours. A patient is likely to endure these attacks daily for many weeks or months. These may diminish for a period; however, the relief could be temporary as cluster headache can recur after a year or even a few months in some cases. Cluster headache syndrome is more prevalent in men than in women. The two types of cluster headaches are episodic and chronic. Of these, incidence of episodic cluster headaches is more common than the latter. About 10% patients suffering from cluster headaches are estimated to suffer from chronic syndrome. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the global cluster headache syndrome market. It studies the various factors influencing the market’s trajectory and includes exhaustive information obtained from trusted industrial sources. Data thus sourced is presented in a logical chapter-wise format interspersed with infographics, statistics, and relevant tables. Request For TOC : https://www.transparencymarketresearch.com/sample/sample.php?flag=T&rep_id=11360 Global Cluster Headache Syndrome Market: Key Opportunities and Threats Increasing global geriatric population, rising incidence of cluster headache syndrome, and introduction of latest technologies in the health care industry are the key factors boosting the growth of the global cluster headache syndrome market. Rising willingness among people to spend more on health care treatments and awareness about the importance of early diagnosis of cluster headache is anticipated to boost market growth. However, inadequate knowledge among health care providers and unfavorable health care policies that adversely affect overall health care expenditure are hampering the growth of the global cluster headache syndrome market. Global Cluster Headache Syndrome Market: Region-wise Outlook Regionally, North America dominates the global cluster headache syndrome market, followed by Europe. Increasing incidence of the syndrome and adoption of advanced technologies to diagnose the syndrome drive the cluster headache syndrome market in North America. Asia Pacific offers lucrative opportunities for market players due to increasing geriatric population and rising prevalence of cluster headache syndrome. Global Cluster Headache Syndrome Market: Vendor Landscape In order to study the competition prevailing in the market, the report profiles companies such as GlaxoSmithKline plc, ElectroCore Medical LLC, Autonomic Technologies, Inc., and AstraZeneca plc. The recent strategies adopted by these companies to gain a competitive advantage in the market are examined in the report in detail. The report also presents an executive-level blueprint of the strengths and weaknesses of the companies profiled. The threats and opportunities that these companies could face in the near future are also studied in detail. About us: Transparency Market Research (TMR) is a U.S.-based provider of syndicated research, customized research, and consulting services. TMR’s global and regional market intelligence coverage includes industries such as pharmaceutical, chemicals and materials, technology and media, food and beverages, and consumer goods, among others. Each TMR research report provides clients with a 360-degree view of the market with statistical forecasts, competitive landscape, detailed segmentation, key trends, and strategic recommendations. Contact us:

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How effective is brain-based therapy and biomedical nourishment? You be the judge!

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Fioricet vs. Midrin

nausea. What is Fioricet?
Fioricet (butalbital, acetaminophen, and caffeine capsule) is a combination of a barbiturate, a non-salicylate analgesic and antipyretic , and a central nervous system stimulant indicated for the relief of the symptom complex of tension (or muscle contraction) headache. What is Midrin?
Midrin (isometheptene mucate, dichloralphenazone and acetaminophen) is a combination of a pain reliever and fever reducer, a sedative, and a vasoconstrictor used to treat migraine headaches or severe tension headaches. The brand name Midrin is no longer manufactured, but generic versions may be available. What Drugs Interact With Fioricet?
Fioricet may interact with monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitors, other narcotic analgesics, alcohol, general anesthetics, tranquilizers such as chlordiazepoxide, sedative -hypnotics, or other CNS depressants. What Drugs Interact With Midrin?
Midrin or equivalent medications may interact with blood thinners, isoniazid, or antidepressants. Acetaminophen is contained in many combination medicines. Read all labels carefully so you don’t take too much acetaminophen. Tell your doctor all medications you are taking.

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