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Good News Israel! Tel Aviv U Creates ‘Map’ to Repair Hearing, Technion Decodes Cause of ‘Sleeping Sickness’ and More!

Email Dec 16, 2018 Tel Aviv U scientists discover new pathway for treating hearing loss; Technion decodes genome causing of sleeping sickness; Israeli-founded Irish-Israeli startup develops minimally invasive solution for acute decompensated heart failure; and much more!
By Michael Ordman ISRAEL’S MEDICAL ACHIEVEMENTS New pathway for treating loss of hearing
Tel Aviv University scientists have produced the world’s first map of “methylation” (natural gene manipulation) that impacts development and ultimately loss of function of the entire inner ear. They have revealed many new genes that may help restore hearing to deaf children and adults. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6255903/ New treatment for heart failure
Israeli-founded Irish-Israeli startup Whiteswell has developed a minimally invasive solution for acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF). It involves a catheter to drain excess fluid. Whiteswell has just raised $30 million of funds to support development and trials. http://whiteswell.com/ Sleeping sickness parasite genome decoded
Dr. Noam Kaplan of Israel’s Technion Institute is a member of an International team of scientists that has decoded the genome of the fatal parasite Trypanosoma brucei – the cause of human “sleeping sickness”. It should help in the development of techniques to block the fatal disease. https://www.technion.ac.il/en/home-2/#/hazardous-sleep/%20#content Going bats to understand spatial awareness
Researchers at Israel’s Weizmann Institute have found that humans are more like bats than rats in how our brains help us navigate the environment. Rat neurons only emit predictable. rhythmic oscillations, whereas bats and primates additionally use far more complex mechanisms. https://wis-wander.weizmann.ac.il/life-sciences/bat-brains-forgo-rhythm-when-encoding-space FDA designation for solid tumor treatment
I reported previously (28 Jan) that the AGI-134 solid tumor treatment from Israel’s BiolineRX showed promise. The U.S. FDA has just granted Biological Product Designation for the novel immunotherapy compound. Early trials show complete regression of tumors. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/biolinerx-announces-receipt-of-fda-biological-product-designation-for-novel-cancer-immunotherapy-candidate-agi-134-300753579.html Restoring the digestive system
Israel’s E-Motion Medical has just received the CE Mark (i.e. European approval) for its E-Motion System, providing stimulation therapy that restores the natural motor function of the digestive system for patients with acute gastrointestinal dysmotility (GID). https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/e-motion-medical-receives-ce-mark-approval-for-its-novel-stimulation-therapy-for-patients-with-acute-digestive-dysmotility-300753556.html http://emotionmed.com/ New program for treating eating disorders
Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center has set up a new daily program to treat young people up to age 30 in Northern Israel with eating disorders. Each patient receives an intensive, personized plan plus access to doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, dieticians and social workers. https://www.rambam.org.il/en/rambam_news/New_eating_disorders_treatment.aspx Gut microbiome-analysis startup’s $5 million lab
I wrote previously (19th Aug) that Israeli startup DayTwo will provide members of health care provider Clalit with personalized nutrition plans based on DNA analysis of gut microbiome. DayTwo is now setting up a $5 million lab in Rehovot, working with the Weizmann Institute. https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3751336,00.html Of mice and men
Israeli biotech CytoReason and Israel’s Technion Institute are analyzing the immune system at the cell level. As a result, they have just published a groundbreaking new mouse to human model. It will help scientists develop treatments faster that work both in clinical and human trials. Great video. https://medkit.info/2018/06/19/cytoreason-builds-largest-reference-of-immune-focused-inter-cellular-communications/ http://www.cytoreason.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjmJzS7_QN4 Patient motoring guidance system
I reported previously (Dec 2011) that the universities of Haifa and Ben Gurion were building MobiGuide to monitor patients outside clinically controlled environments. MobiGuide is now the first AI system for the automated management of atrial fibrillation and gestational diabetes patients.
See the new migraine relief device. I reported previously (21st May) that Israel’s Neurolief was developing a non-invasive brain neuro-modulation interface system that could relieve migraine headaches. This Israel21c article shows the device, describes the technology and plans. The device is also in trials to treat depression.
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#Remedies, Core Stability Of The Back Ebook Bundle

Simplifying E-commerce, CRM, CMS Implementation | Matrix-E.com Pte. Ltd. Home > eShops > Remedies > Remedies, Core Stability Of The Back Ebook Bundle Remedies, Core Stability Of The Back Ebook Bundle Eliminate Your Lower Back Pain In 30 Days! Core Stability Of The Back Is A Iffective And Simple Exercise Program That You Perform Every Day For 30 Days. The Exercises Strengthen The Muscles That Support Your Back And Take The Stress Off Your Back! Display Full Page Desi Remedies to help with Headaches and Migraines These Desi remedies are an excellent drug-free way to manage the pain … Alternatively, mix three drops with one tablespoon of almond oil or water and massage the temples or the back of your neck wit… Herbs to Relieve Back Pain, Inflammation, and Swelling More people are eschewing pharmaceutical pain relievers in favor of natural ones these days. While most research on herbal remedies are still in its infancy, it has long been a widely held belief that … CMA pushes back timetable for Sainsbury-Asda probe In an update to the timetable of its Phase 2 probe, the Competition and Markets Authority on Thursday said it notify all parties of its provisional findings and consider possible remedies in “January/ … Doctor’s recommended home remedies for cold and flu Here we tell you four home remedies that can help alleviate your symptoms and get you back in form quickly. But if your symptoms are really bad; and you are experiencing breathlessness … DIY Elderberry Syrup Recipe (One of the Best Natural Cold + Flu Remedies) And it’s one of the best natural flu remedies out there! This may not only help you avoid sickness in the first place, but it’s also proven to help you bounce back quicker if you do pick something up. … 13 Natural Sore Throat Remedies for Fast Relief Sore throat home remedies such as raw honey … If you have strep throat, you may even develop a rash and red spots in the back of your throat. Children between the ages of 5 and 15 are at the greates… Home Remedies to Remove Shoulder and Back Acne in a Week These home remedies will help you get rid of back and shoulder acne or bacne as they say with regular use. They are effective home remedies to clear up acne within a short time. 1. Tea Tree oil and al… 30 Home Remedies for Back Pain Back pain is something that will affect all of us at some point during our lives. Whether we pulled a muscle from lifting something, exerted ourselves by exercising too much, or simply slept wrong, ba…

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Migraine & Headaches Health Center

Get personalized tips to manage yours.
14 alternatives for treating migraine.
What goes inside your head.
Migraine andother types of headaches, suchas tension headache and sinus headache, are painful. Migraine symptoms include a pounding headache, nausea, vomiting, and light sensitivity andare treated with antinausea drugs and abortive or preventive medications. Headache remedies include pain relievers.
Aromatherapy: Can You Smell Relief?
While formal research intothe benefits of aromatherapy poses many challenges, some evidence does suggest thatthe alternative treatment may help relieve nausea, anxiety, various types of pain, andanumberofother conditions.
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Headaches canbemore complicated thanmost people realize. Different kinds canhavetheir own setof symptoms, happen for unique reasons, andneeddifferent treatments.
Once youknowthe type of headache you have, youandyour doctor canfindthe treatment that’s most likely to help andeven try to prevent them.
What aura looks like, triggers, and more.
Get the truth about migraine.
Could pot ease your pain?
Test your knowledge of triggers, types, and more.
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WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

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Prayuth Chan-ocha sees Thailand as marijuana powerhouse

Prayuth Chan-Ocha Thai officers show some marijuana before a news conference Bangkok, Thailand, Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2018. Thai police handed over around 100 kilograms of seized marijuana to be used for medical research Tuesday, as officials seek to produce pot-based medication. (AP … more > Print By Richard S. Ehrlich – Special to The Washington Times – – Thursday, December 13, 2018
BANGKOK — Buddhist-majority Thailand is on the brink of becoming the first Southeast Asian nation to legalize medical marijuana, a development that has pot connoisseurs around the world lighting up in anticipation.
Thai officials are hoping the country’s traditional cannabis varieties, its famed stoner “Thai sticks” and its expertise in exporting will make the country a powerhouse in a globally exploding market.
Authoritarian Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha is so bullish on Thailand ’s prospects as a marijuana hub that his government has contemplated invoking extraordinary powers to defend Thai marijuana products from foreign rivals who have applied for patents to get a foot in the door of the domestic industry.
In October, Thailand’s National Legislative Assembly proposed amendments to the Health Ministry that would legalize marijuana production and establish licenses for possession and distribution. Thai narcotics officials are telling their counterparts that the process to fully legalize marijuana for medical uses is expected by May.
Like France for wines or Iran for pistachios, Thailand would enter the global pot market preceded by a considerable reputation for quality. During the Vietnam War, one Drug Enforcement Administration officer memorably dubbed the cannabis grown in Thailand as the “Cuban cigar of the marijuana world.”
“Marijuana is Thailand ’s future cash crop,” Commerce Minister Sontirat Sontijirawong told reporters last month. Jet Sirathraanon, chairman of the National Legislative Assembly’s standing committee of public health, told Agence France-Presse when the legalization bill was introduced, “I’m doing this because it’s an opportunity for Thai people. Thailand has the best marijuana in the world.”
Marijuana is strictly illegal across Southeast Asia, but Canada, Uruguay and several U.S. states have fully legalized the drug and many more countries have opened the door to medicinal pot. The U.S. consulting firm Grand View Research estimates that the world medical marijuana market will surpass $55 billion by 2025.
During the 1960s and 1970s, American hippies and other aficionados sang the praises of Thai sticks, which are cannabis buds wrapped in marijuana leaves and skewered on bamboo sticks to make potent cigars.
Demand led to a production boom in some of Thailand ’s poorest regions in the 1970s and 1980s. The boom was snuffed out when the country adopted draconian laws during the high point of the U.S. war on drugs. Marijuana remains illegal in Thailand , with long prison sentences meted out for possession, sales and smuggling.
Nevertheless, Thailand allows a monthly “Full Moon Party” on Koh Phangan, an island where thousands of mostly young foreign tourists drink buckets of beer, smoke Thai weed, drop ecstasy and other drugs and dance on the beach until dawn. In cities, people gossip about discreet parties in posh residences where expatriate professionals and wealthy Thais smoke pot, drink expensive whiskeys and feast on fine food while discussing world affairs.
At some hip entertainment venues where tobacco is allowed outside, marijuana’s scent occasionally mingles in the air. In winding back streets, impoverished workers wearing ragged clothes sometimes share a smoke while waiting to hoist heavy sacks of rice or pull carts laden with construction debris.
The majority of Thais obey drug laws, but their changing cultural interests are influenced by hip-hop, Hollywood and the internet.
In Bangkok, long-haired, tattooed Thais at a November rally for legalization held signs that included in broken English: “Cannabis change world!”
Getting ready
Preparing for legislation to legalize medical marijuana, the Government Pharmaceutical Organization reportedly invested $3.6 million to create a marijuana plantation for research and development. Thai officials now openly talk about the medical benefits of marijuana, drawing on a long tradition. Cannabis was used as a folk remedy for ailments such as migraine headaches, malaria and pain relief for new mothers.
“It can kill people if we can’t allow the use of cannabis for medical treatment to save lives,” Dr. Sophon Mekthon, GPO chairman, told a recent seminar.
Mr. Prayuth ’s military-led government is watching the legislative process unfold but says it wants to protect patents before loosening the 1979 Narcotics Act to legalize marijuana for medical use.
Mr. Prayuth has invoked a provision of the constitution he pushed through in 2014 giving the prime minister “the powers to make any order” to maintain security, stop threats to national economics and control other situations inside or outside Thailand .
He is acting as Thai producers voice fears of being blocked from local research and losing out on potentially massive profits.
The Department of Intellectual Property has received patent applications from foreign companies for THC-derived products that could be made or sold in Thailand , and the department is considering how to proceed. The Thai Patent Act of 1979 forbids patents on “animals, plants or extracts from animals or plants,” including “extracts from animals or plants that have not undergone any man-made substantial processing.”
Thai Cannabis Corp., a Thailand-based firm, plans to apply for a license to sell cannabis-based extracts to health manufacturers, marketing chief Jim Plamondon told the Reuters news agency this week.
“The attitude is that it’s already a part of traditional medicine …,” Mr. Plamondon said, “and we should ensure that Thais can control their own industry.”
Inexpensive medical care is a winning issue among Thais, and medical marijuana legalization is hugely popular, according to opinion polls.
Health officials, including some at the Rangsit University Pharmacy College, want to experiment with extracts to treat nausea, neuropathy, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, severe pain and other dire conditions. The Public Health Ministry and the Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine want to explore marijuana’s healing properties by testing scores of formulas that can date back hundreds of years and include boiling the plant or distilling it in alcohol and mixing it with other herbs.
But there will still be limits.
“This does not mean people are allowed to grow marijuana in the backyards,” government spokesman Buddhipongse Punnakanta warned last month as the government prepared its new regulations. “It will still be under control.”
Although many people hope the government will make recreational use legal, that may take years.
“This is not the time to allow people to smoke pot and laugh all day,” Mr. Prayuth said.
Click here for reprint permission . The

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Girl Scout Cookies Strain (2019 Update)

Girl Scout Cookies Strain (2019 Update) Girl Scout Cookies Strain (2019 Update) Facts, Medical and More… Share
Winning multiple Cannabis Cup awards for its almost alien-like supreme quality, Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) has been a stoner-favorite for decades, attracting the likes of those who want to consume this amazing weed because of its aromatic, entrancing and earthy aroma. Its sweet, yet slightly minty flavor, reminds those who have tried this weed of the addicting Girl Scout Cookies they grew up consuming and loving. Since medical marijuana has been legalized in many regions of America, Girl Scout Cookies has been a popular selling strain for patients with all types of medical histories, conditions and symptoms. Wonderful for relaxing and getting your head clear, GSC is continuing to sell out from dispensaries, known for its top-shelf qualities that have stoners, cannaisseurs and medical cannabis patients running back for more.
Best of all, Girl Scout Cookies is one of the most potent and strongest strains of marijuana flower available on the market, making it a brilliant solution for medical cannabis patients globally who are experiencing some of the difficult challenges of various medical conditions. What Is Girl Scout Cookies Strain?
The Girl Scout Cookies strain is classified as a hybrid, with a 60% indica and 40% sativa genetic makeup. Its lineage hails from the mega-popular strains Durban Poison (a sativa) and OG Kush (a hybrid). The GSC buds grown and sent into labs for testing have shown results of a 17-28% THC content (rather high for a smoking strain), and a CBD content of 0.09-0.2% (low in CBD). When GSC is grown, variations of phenotypes in the genetics can occur, producing occasional batches of Platinum Cookies and Thin Mint (two related strains, closely tied to Girl Scout Cookies).
Originating from California, Girl Scout Cookies weed has now grow massively popular all over the world, selling out especially in dispensaries all over America. Although it is not considered a supremely easy strain to grow, cultivators continue to produce large quantities of GSC, so that stoners and patients everywhere can keep rejoicing.
Related Article: 5 Hacks to Increase THC When Growing Weed Girl Scout Cookies Aroma, Flavor and Appearance
One of the Girl Scout Cookies strain’s most notable attributes, is its distinctive skunky, yet slightly minty aroma. From its earthy undertones that ground you and bring you back down to the planet, to its uplifting and sweet flavor that shoots you high into the clouds, GSC is a strain of pure bliss and magic, the perfect balance for any class of cannabis consumer.
Although some variations in appearance can occur, this strain is notoriously beautiful with its distinctive and bright green twisting and turning calyxes, bundled up with deep purple leaves and neon orange hairs. Girl Scout Cookies is a gorgeous strain to stare at, with its pleasant character always managing to brighten up the world. Expect your first hit of GSC to be a sweet but heavy one, sending you through a whirlwind of pleasing and blissful emotions. Girl Scout Cookies Strain Grow Info
Girl Scout Cookies is not known for being an easy to grow strain , yet still not a very challenging strain either. In regards to difficulty, GSC sits somewhere in the middle. With the correct knowledge and research, it is totally possible to cultivate a dank batch of Girl Scout Cookies weed. The flowering time for GSC is around 9-10 weeks, which is considered average length in relation to other strains. It is possible to grow this strain in either indoors or outdoors conditions, with outdoors only being possible in the proper climate- plenty of sunny warmth and Mediterranean region-like qualities for the GSC to grow and flourish in.
If you choose to grow this weed outside, make sure your growing conditions are correct and expect harvest around mid-October. Indoors, this strain grows incredibly well using hydroponic methods. This reefer is reasonably pest and mold/mildew resistant, meaning that it should be fairly low maintenance to cultivate, in addition to this pot’s low to average desire for fertilizer. Grown indoors, its height and size sits somewhere in the medium or average range, occasionally ending up a bit smaller than a majority of other cannabis types. However, fear not, this ganja packs a powerful punch, regardless of its smaller size and lower yield!
It will be easy to enjoy smoking GSC, for each plant typically yields up to 60 grams of fresh ripe cannabis during harvest. As long as you provide the Girl Scout Cookies strain with an adequate amount of water on a regular basis, and care for the plants as you normally would any other strain of weed, you should expect to have a delicious and hefty yield, that will produce a pungent yet relaxing high and out-of-this world flavor. Girl Scout Cookies Strain Effects
Girls Scout Cookies’s effects are capable of bringing so much diversity to the table; with its balanced qualities, representative of both sativa and indica strains, GSC is both uplifting yet relaxing, sending consumers into a bend of euphoria full-body high and a heady, cerebral and thought provoking mood.
Expect this strain to be one of the best choices when needing a healthy dose of creative inspiration, or some hilariously uplifting and happy times, all while it melts away any problems you might be having, one hit at a time. Although you can expect to have some surges in energy during your high-time process with Girl Scout Cookies, there will be periods of couch-lock and complete body melting. Due to this, GSC is probably not an ideal option for a wake and bake and is better saved for later in the day when you’re ready to chill out and unwind.
The high from smoking Girl Scout Cookies strain typically lasts for several hours, due to its potent THC content. This is good news for those desiring to get more bang for their buck. Medical Benefits of the Girl Scout Cookies Strain
Although this strain won’t be able to provide medical cannabis patients many healing effects from its CBD content, its high THC levels compensate, bringing potent medicinal properties to patients who have tried this powerful weed. An outstanding choice for assisting individuals suffering from stress and depression , as well as appetite loss and nausea. Additionally, patients dealing with chronic and severe pain disorders , have discovered much relief when consuming GSC. Patients handling depression and even headaches or migraines , have also discovered relief from this wondrous hybrid.
For those who are planning on consuming the Girl Scout Cookies strain for chronic or severe pain disorders, it is important to achieve the highest dose you can handle for your pain to truly be affected. Consuming an edible or concentrate made from GSC would likely be the best choice in this circumstance. Additionally, patients handling appetite loss and nausea could benefit from edibles or concentrates, but also could get by with simply smoking a larger dose than is considered average of the Girl Scout Cookies strain. If you are dealing with stress, depression or another mental disorder, smoking GSC is likely best. Edibles and concentrates are not ideal in this circumstance, because sometimes, too high of a dose of cannabis can only worsen these conditions. By smoking a normal amount of GSC, you are ensuring the healing benefits work in your favor.
This magic strain features more capabilities than can be counted; a diverse and top-quality strain useable by all types of patients, stoners, cannaisseurs and more. Possible Side Effects of Girl Scout Cookies
The Girl Scout Cookies strain is probably one of the few strains that only has a couple of side effects for some consumers. The most commonly reported side effect for those who have enjoyed GSC, is dry mouth . This is easily manageable by drinking plenty of water while you are high, or another refreshing and thirst-quenching drink. If you want your high to become a little more intense, drink some fresh-squeezed orange juice- the high levels of vitamin C will help to increase the levels of THC in your body, resulting in a heftier overall experience, while still keeping your body feeling hydrated. Some individuals that have regularly smoked this strain, have also reported experiencing mildly drier eyes, as well as fatigue when smoking too much; this fatigue could be likely due to GSC’s ability to couch-lock its consumer.
In order to avoid any possible side effects, it’s important to consider your limits and boundaries. Know how much of this marijuana you can handle, and don’t pass that amount unless you are willing to deal with any possible adverse effects. Most of all, make sure you have the munchies ready and plenty of water to drink; staying hydrated, healthy and happy is vital! Final Thoughts on Girl Scout Cookies
Aside from sometimes challenging growing situations and a possibly average cultivation yield, the Girl Scout Cookies strain has been so world-renowned for a reason; this is due to its amazing quality and incredibly high THC content, plus its pleasant sweet flavor and intoxicating aroma. Starting small in the mountains of California where the strain was first created, GSC has now grown to be globally praised and desired, specifically in cities and towns all over the United States. Due to this, dispensaries are expected to continue supplying this mind-blowing strain with its powerful ability to help those struggling or dealing with various medical conditions and symptoms.
We hope you have enjoyed reading this Girl Scout Cookies strain review and found it to be both educational yet entertaining. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should be taken. Before consuming any cannabis it is important to understand the laws and restrictions in your state. Furthermore it is essential that you discuss medical cannabis with your primary physician.

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How to get migraine relief & headache relief without pills. No one likes getting a headache. There’s never a convenient time to get one and they can be so difficult to treat. Everyone has their go to pain medication, but sometimes they are just not enough.

#MigraineRelief #HeadacheRelief #Headache


Whether you’re looking to find options for migraine relief or headache relief or don’t always want to reach for medicine like or Advil, you could always try out some alternate methods. Whether you are looking for natural remedies to get rid of pain associated with, or are just looking at ways you can relieve your pain without having to use medicine, you’ve reached the right place!

Headaches can really affect our day to day lives, and if you’ve tried what seems like everything to get rid of the pain and it is still affecting you, it never hurts to try natural methods. Whether it a massage or other remedy to get rid of a headache, there are several different things you can do. And of course, if you find that you have chronic headaches and have never gone to the doctor to get them treated, your first priority should first always be to visit a healthcare professional who can examine you and make sure that you do not have any underlying health issues which may be causing your headaches. This should alway be the first step before taking any other form of action to treat your headaches or any other health related issues.

There are also quick and effective natural methods that you can try. The body has a series of acupressure points that when massaged for around 30 seconds can help relieve headaches and other pains within five to ten minutes.

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