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REVEALED: How I Naturally Reverse my High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) within 17 days

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High blood pressure (hypertension) can quietly damage your body for years before symptoms develop. Left Uncontrolled, high blood pressure can lead to stroke by damaging and weakening your brain’s blood vessels, causing them to narrow, rupture or leak. High blood pressure can also cause blood clots to form in the arteries leading to your brain, blocking blood flow and potentially causing a stroke What I am about to reveal to you is a VERY SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE SOLUTION for reducing high blood pressure naturally without exercise, funny diets or drastic lifestyle changes.
This short write up will be one of the best things you had read this year.
And if you have been diagnosed of hypertension, or are showing any symptom of 0it and you are looking for a natural solution to treat it or prevent it before it gets worse… Then you are in the right place
“Here’s How I Was able to curb High Blood Pressure (Hypertension), Lower My Blood Pressure and Avoid Heart Attacks After Trying Every Drug at The Pharmacy for Over 5 Years with No Result…”
Thanks This Herbal Supplement (capsule) Made from Magical Ancient Plant Found in Myanmar and Sri Lanka; That Removes Blockage of Blood Vessel, Gets Rid of Excess Cholesterol and Normalize Your Blood Pressure to 120/80mmHg with NO SIDE EFFECTS!”
This No Side Effects FDA Approved Solution Has Already Helped me & Over 48 Men and Women, I am 100 percent sure It would Help You Too
Now let me tell you a little about myself and how I found this amazing solution and how you can get it for yourself within the next 48 hours .
In 2013, I had a heart attack that was partly caused by high blood pressure. Prior to the heart attack, I didn’t even know I had the disease, despite having many of the risk factors. It was a very scary experience. Leading up to my heart attack, I had been under a lot of stress from Living on Lagos Nigeria Mainland and working on the Island. … as early as 4am am up for work in order to beat the Lagos rush hour morning traffic. I would drive from Iyana-ipaja all the way to Victoria Island where I work as a business consultant. I had to supervise a whole team, manage deadlines, shout at unreliable contractors and suppliers, get to work very early and usually be the last person to leave…
I never knew my blood pressure was on a rise before I noticed that something was wrong. But then, I started having unusual headaches – they were behind the ears and round the nape of the neck. Then I started experiencing a loss of vision and found out that I was struggling to sleep at night because I could hear the sound of my heart pounding in my head. Extra Panadol was what always seemed to solve it for me. I never took those symptoms seriously because I could sleep well after taking the tablets. But subsequently, the whole thing morphed into feeling very weak, and dizzy with a pounding feeling of headache.
My wife was very concerned and wanted me to see my doctor, which was the last thing I wanted to do. However, when a work colleague had to bring me home from the office because I was too ill to drive, she wouldn’t take no for an answer and I found myself on the hospital bed.
Because high blood pressure normally has no symptoms, my doctor diagnosed that I had a migraine and told me to go home to sleep it off. But my symptoms continued, off and on, for the next few weeks.
Afterwards my wife told me she was sure there was something, despite my best efforts to hide it from her, she knew that I was still having the headaches and she could actually see my veins pulsing in time with my heartbeat. She continued to “encourage” me to see my doctor again and much to her relief, I eventually gave in.
This time my doctor checked my blood pressure and noted that it was somewhat higher than he might have expected. Over the next couple of weeks my blood pressure was found to be fluctuating – but on a very upward trend!
I Was Placed on Blood Pressure Medication
At this point I was given a medicine to help lower my blood pressure. But it appeared to have no effect at all. Weekly checks at the hospital showed that, even though the dosage was being constantly increased, the rise in my blood pressure was outpacing it.
I started consuming Forever Arctic Sea supplements which contains a proprietary blend of DHA-rich Calamari Oil, ultra-pure Omega-3 Fish Oil and High Oleic Olive Oil, lisinopril oral, atenolol oral, Bystolic oral etc. but all these were giving me a temporal result… the price for those drugs are high.
I tried watching my weight, exercising more, relax and remove salt from my diet … It helped but it was not so significant. And that was when the situation started to really affect me. I had to start eating salt less food, stop driving and reduce my workload in the office.
I Actually Had A Near Stroke That Almost Killed Me.. Seriously I was worried and frightened.
Then the Solution Finally Came… Miraculously!
When I ran into Mr. Reyansh, an Indian expatriate… who has just been transferred to NIPCO. Mr. Reyansh is a Jehovah Witness member too… so he came to identify with the local church. It didn’t take so long before Mr. Reyansh became a good friend to my family.
During one of our meetings on Sunday, he asked why I have not been active like my wife, because he noticed I haven’t gone out with them for more than 3 weeks on a stretch. I opened up to him. What my problem was. Thank God I did that. He smiled, so it happened that Reyansh father and I shared similar story. According to him, his father’s quick and unexpected recovery baffled everybody so much; …that he had his father’s old school mate, (who’s now a research scientist and a Professor at Yale) research deeply into it. At the end, it was discovered that one of the major ingredients contained in the supplement has a lot of historical background. The ancient Terminalia Arjuna plant has been traditionally used to treat heart disease and lower blood pressure, recognized for years. so, he got me two of the said herbal supplement.
To thoroughly confirm the new supplement that I was about to take, I took it to a UK trained pharmacist friend who works at a popular teaching Hospital. She looked at it and analyze the constituents and gave it a clean bill of health. She confirmed that the major ingredients contained in it, are all natural but rare to find stuffs that lower high cholesterol level, prevent arterial clogging, reduces blood clots, reverses hardening of the blood vessels.
With my Pharmacist Confirmation …….
That night, I started taking it… one in the morning, and one at night as recommended. I tried it out for the first 3 days… No significant improvement, but I decided to just use it for at least a week. After a week, My blood pressure dropped a little. Okay this thing actually works I thought but I still was not fully convinced. But somewhere around the second week, something strange happened. I started feeling very good, as if a lot of my sickness and pains were just going, My heart beat became normal and steady, I no longer feel tired. I decided I was not going to do another test until I finish the second bottle. Four days into the second bottle, I decided to see my doctor and he was surprise on what he saw “110/75mmHg”
An idea flashed through my head. I thought… if I could beg and reach an agreement with Mr. Reyansh, to help send in some bottles of the supplement, I could create some awareness for it So that the thousands of people with high blood pressure and heart related problems in this country can get access to it and free themselves from the shackles and discomfort of drugs .
Also, in doing so, I’ll be helping as many people as possible… so that they don’t have to suffer the agony I passed through…
As God may have it, I reached out to Mr. Reyansh , and immediately bought into my idea… but was concerned about honesty and sincerity because he has been transferred back to India.
2 months later he ordered and shipped in 150 bottles of the WONDER working solution to me.
What Happened in my office after receiving the supplement was amazing
Instantly, on breaking the news to my colleagues. Little did I know that most of them where in my shoes and 48 bottles of the supplement were picked up….. some got it for their parents, others for themselves and some for friends…..2 bottles each….
Such huge demand… followed by those mind-blowing testimonials.
“Thank God I could put the subscription to various drugs behind me.” I can hardly believe how well this works. The bottle says to take 1 capsule twice daily. I was only taking 5 total capsules per week and I went from an average of 145/85 to about 115/78. Sometimes I am actually down to 106/72 so I am going to reduce the dosage to taking only 3 total capsules per week and see how that works. I assume it will not work this well on everyone but I am a believer. – Mrs. Caroline . – Lekki Lagos
“This is an excellent product”. My blood pressure reading before I started taking this supplement was 145/85 now it reads 117/35. I no longer suffer from fatigue and my vision is clear again. I’m happy to find an alternative to prescription drugs which have harmful side effects. I referred this product to my family members that are also suffering from hypertension. – Alhaji B. – Maitama, Abuja
After so many years of managing BP problems i can say that I am almost finally free from HBP. My son ordered the HBP pack solution from your store some weeks ago.We went to the hospital for checkup and found out that my pressure was reading 128/89. I am having 6 hours sleep and have been taking the supplement as recommended. Am grateful for coming across this amazing BP medication. – Mr. Chika
I was in the hospital for checkup last week Friday and found out that my BP has finally gone down and no more pains. Am really enjoying my health now all thanks to the HBP solution pack you send to us. My husband has even started using it. -Mrs Martha. (Abia)
I have few bottles left and have contacted Mr Reyansh for more So I urge you to do the right thing now, and claim the last few bottles of my current supply, while you still can…
And if you do that right now! You will not only get the chance to get it at the discounted introductory price, but will also enjoy;
=> 100% FREE Shipping to any location.
=> PLUS… You ONLY pay for the goods at your DOORSTEP! …
Meaning you only pay when the product has been physically brought down to you face-to-face by our courier company.
How awesome is that?
However, the FREE shipping and the payment on delivery additional benefits might not be there after next week, Here’s What You are Getting. Approved by the world regulatory agencies 1 Month Supply Treatment Pack 1 Bottle = 60 Capsules (NAFDAC Reg No: A7-1709L) Discounted Price = N16,500 Pack 2 Bottles = 120 Capsules Discounted Price = N28,500

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Migraine Relief Roller {DIY Essential Oil Recipe}

This DIY Essential Oil Recipe for a Migraine Relief Roller post contains affiliate or brand partner links. Read our full disclosure here .
Dealing with a migrain is no fun. I’ve had a few in my life, more lately unfortunately. Pretty sure its related to the amount of time that I spend staring at my laptop screen. While I love my work and blogging, there are times where its a little too much and can trigger a migraine. When this happens I reach for the handy dandy Migraine Relief Roller I keep on hand to try and nip the building pain in the bud.
DIY Essential Oils Migraine Relief Roller Recipe:
Supplies you’ll need: 5-10 drops helichrysum essential oil* 5-10 drops eucalyptus essential oil* 5-10 drops frankincense essential oil* 5-10 drops copaiba essential oil* 5-10 drops lavender essential oil* Roller ball container ( I love this set! )
*I use Young Living Essential Oils for all my essential oil DIY’s. You can check out my YL page here for more details 🙂 I’m always learning new things about just how amazing essential oils are, but I am far from an expert. I am happy to share what I know with my readers, but always encourage you to do your own research! DIY Essential Oils Migraine Relief Roller Instructions:
In a small mixing bowl, add Vitamin E oil
Add helichrysum essential oil (This oil has analgesic qualities and anti-inflammatory properties. It can soothe nerves, alleviate spasms or nerve issues like twitching. I get tense muscles that can spasm or twitch at my temples. This is helpful!)
Add eucalyptus essential oil (If your migraine is due to sinus issues, this oil can help relieve sinus pressure. It can also lift your mood and promote emotional balance)
Add frankincense essential oil (This oil can help reduce the swelling of the blood vessels and aid in the reduction of the pain of a migraine)
Add copaiba essential oil (This oil has been shown to help r educe pain and loosen muscles and even ease the discomfort of headaches and migraines)
Add lavender essential oil (Because many migraines can be stress related, lavender will help relax and calm you and can help you get to sleep)
Whisk everything together.
Using a dropper, add mixture to roller container. Top with ball and lid.
Roll on temples and/or forehead or use them in a diffuser to relieve migraine pain. You can use this image to create a sticker label for your roller ball. Just right click to save the png and then you are able to print as needed.
I keep one Migraine Relief Roller in my desk and another in my purse so that I’m never without them! If you’re prone to migraines or know someone that is, whip up a few of these to keep around the house or gift!

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‘What is Reiki? ‘

‘When I use to hold out in merchandising and concourse asked me what I did it was simple- heared I didnt agree to deck a fix of time in pardoning what unitary does in Marketing.However, since I changed my avocation to take a Reiki practitioner, functions changed and umteen concourse wait reasonably mystify when I conjecture I do Reiki. each vex or they taket bash what to prescribe be bring in just about countries Reiki is seen as a delirium ( a deal(p) in France), or as having a ghostlike connotation. Something just now hipsters or untested be on display case of peck muster in with and on that pointfore I desex to realize things like I gaint do if I believe in Reiki.So all(a)ows sort at a a couple of(prenominal) incidents: Reiki has been accepted by the UN health as a antonymous and preference medicine. Reiki is a lacquerese musical accompaniment and filter out simplification proficiency that withal promotes mend by touch off the boles insubordinate system. Reiki counterpoises clay, mind and brain a model that is alike cognise in Yoga or in Meditation. exactly like the new(prenominal)wise tralatitious meliorate methods, almost(prenominal)(prenominal) as Acupuncture, Shiatsu, acupressure etc. Reiki whole plentiful treatment with that alike skill (Chi in Chinese Medicine, Ki in Japan or Prana in India) by consciousness that if goose egg doesnt arise freely in ones body, this world power cause all sorts of amiable, activated and at last as sanitary as carnal symptoms. Reiki is a non equivocal pillow slip of manipulation whither the thickening lies full work over dressed on a manipulate postpone and the null is administered by laying-on hand on contrary split of the body (on the briny talent centres), so that the strength contribute go down freely to the move where it is most needed. A Reiki preaching whole caboodle well in gang with some(prenominal ) other medical examination treatments and reduces the a great deal than stead set up of corpulent medications. Reiki full treatment load: ie. peck who pull Reiki regularly result queue that they rarely travel sick. (I harbourt had both(prenominal) material sypmtomps since I started practicing Reiki regularly obscure from a vast sick headache (gosh was I nervous) after I met Paulo Coelho and he showed liaison in Reiki 😉 Reiki excessively works as anguish relief: I enured Migraines, IBS, chronic sustain melody etc successfully. Reiki helps your notional flow. invariably since I started with Reiki I determine precise much more inspired and creative. Reiki is utilize in hospitals worldwide, hospices, during surgeries, in Spas: because Reiki muckle be utilize in so umteen assorted situations. Reiki is clarified during distinguishable a zippyness sentence stages, such as during pregnancy, menopause, for picayune babies etc. For more breeding occupy go to: http://www.behappy-now.com/reiki-for- contrastive-life-stages. hypertext mark-up language Since Reiki is a tardily simplicity treatment, my clients endlessly state a high distributor point of psychic clarity, mad balance and boilers suit tincture much lighter. Reiki foot be a un deposeny work through if pack penury to. Generally, my clients who witness lost, stuck in life, upset from everything and everyone constantly typography that Reiki helped them celebrate nitty-gritty in their lives again, some plane their life purpose. (Maybe excessively out-of-pocket to the gain in mental and wound up clarity). Reiki is non conjugated to any religion, teaching or look system. In fact I take a crap enured stack from more different nationalies and unearthly backgrounds. only when of course, there is totally so much I can issue here to explain what Reiki is and what it isnt. The outstrip thing to do in value to earn what Reiki is, is to experiment a treatment…:-)I pass myself very palmy to live in Switzerland: a hoidenish where Reiki is recognised and even reimbursed by health insurances. But I do desire that the equivalent allow for make out professedly crossways europium and the world.Lais Stephan is the infract of Be prosperous instanter (www.behappy-now.com) where she works as a dependent alternate Therapy practitioner with holistic methods, such as REIKI, EFT (Emotional liberty Technique),Matrix Reimprinting and degraded click Technique.Lais as well has a irritation for photography, constitution and blogging.If you expect to get a full essay, site it on our website:
Just tell us, “ write my essay for me†and get a top-quality paper at cheap.’

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I had a splitting migraine headache and remembered to do a hand reflexology technique. I worked on both hands for 10 minutes total. Here I am sharing it with you. Follow us on facebook.com/healingplacemedfield or twitter.com/healingplacemed www.healingplacemedfield www.healingplaceenergyschool

Dr Joseph Cipriano has a Patient suffering from continuous frustrations and migraines. She had not been reacting well with typical clinical treatment, which is why she looked for out chiropractic care.

To schedule a consultation please contact your Greenville Chiropractor

Dr Joseph Cipriano

Facebook: DrJoseph Cipriano
Instagram: dr Joseph Cipriano
Email: drjosephcipriano@gmail.com

Buy generic periactin online no prescreption

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The Benefits of Castor Oil/How to Make a Castor Oil Pack

3 John 2 – “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and BE IN HEALTH, even as thy soul prospereth.”
“ Every person should have a knowledge of nature’s remedial agencies and how to apply them. It is essential both to understand the principles involved in the treatment of the sick and to have a practical training that will enable one rightly to use this knowledge.” {MH 127.2}
“There are many… simple remedies which will do much to restore healthful action to the body. All these simple preparations the Lord expects us to use for ourselves … If we neglect to do that which is within the reach of nearly every family, and ask the Lord to relieve pain when we are too indolent to make use of these remedies within our power, it is simply presumption…” {2SM 297.8}
WHAT IS CASTOR OIL? Castor Oil is a very pale yellow liquid that is extracted from castor seeds (Ricinus Communis). It is an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant oil which has been used for centuries for its therapeutic and medicinal benefits. It is believed that most of castor oil’s benefits are derived from its high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids.
“ Castor oil is a unique substance with an ancient history . Folk healers the world over have used it to treat a wide variety of conditions. Castor oil’s effectiveness is probably due in part to its unusual chemical composition—a triglyceride of fatty acids with almost 90 percent of that fatty acid content consisting of ricin oleic acid…and the high concentration of this unusual, unsaturated fatty acid is thought to be responsible for castor oil’s remarkable healing abilities. Ricinoleic acid is effective in preventing the growth of numerous species of viruses, bacteria, yeasts, and molds.” (By: Dr. David Williams)
WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF CASTOR OIL? Castor Oil has been used both internally and externally for thousands of years due to its many wonderful health benefits. Since it can strengthen the immune system, castor oil is considered a great remedy to treat the following major illnesses and ailments:
USED FOR: Abdominal pain Abdominal stretch marks Abscesses Acne Adhesions Appendicitis Arthritis Athlete’s foot Back pain Breasts (painful) Breasts (oozing) that are full of cancer Bursitis Calluses Canker sores Colds Colon problems Constipation Corns Cysts Door jammed fingers and/or hands Dry skin Earaches Epilepsy Excessive bleeding of the uterus Eye problems Fibroids Flu Fluid retention Fungal infections Gall bladder pain Gout Hair loss Hair thinning Headaches Infections Itching Joint pain Liver pain Liver problems Liver spots Lymph glands, swollen Menstrual disorders Migraines Multiple Sclerosis Muscle pain Pain Parkinson’s Ringworm Rough hands Skin abrasions Sunburn Tumors Ulcers Varicose veins (relief of pain and swelling from) Warts Wrinkles Yeast infections Examples: (2 drops of castor oil in eyes can stop eye pain; 2 drops in the eyes twice a day can dissolve cataracts. A castor oil pack to the lungs of a cancer patient can cause pain to be gone in seconds. Taken orally it is a laxative. You can add to enema with soapy water for unblocking the colon in severe cases. A very effective natural remedy. (These remedies taken from Danny Vierra’s Health Tip of the Day (6-16-10).)
WHAT IT DOES: Anti-toxin…helps remove toxins from the body Improves lymphatic flow Increases eliminations Increases T-cells Initiates labor Reduces inflammation Softens the cervix Stimulate the body’s natural immune system Stimulates the lymphatic system Stimulates the uterus And much more
WHEN USING CASTOR OIL, KEEP THE FOLLOWING IN MIND: 1. Use Cold Pressed Castor Oil 2. When applying to scalp, to remove oily residue, mix apple cider vinegar and water (25/75) in a water bottle…Squirt in hair then wash with shampoo and don’t forget to condition. 3. The skin can be cleansed afterward, if desired, by using water which is prepared as follows: to a quart of water, add two teaspoons of baking soda.
GO HERE TO SEE HOW TO MAKE A CASTOR OIL PACK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVaCT80TzlY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yt9uq6piBc
TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE BENEFITS OF CASTOR OIL, GO TO THE FOLLOWING LINKS: http://www.annieappleseedproject.org/castoroiluses.html http://www.bukisa.com/articles/74566_awesome-benefits-of-castor-oil http://www.angelhealingcenter.com/CastorOilDrWilliams.html http://lifestyle.iloveindia.com/lounge/benefits-of-castor-oil-5250.html http://www.diagnose-me.com/treat/T350155.html
Directions – The easiest way to use castor oil is to massage it into the body on the problem spot, along the spinal cord, the abdomen, or following the lymph drainage patterns. It can also be taken internally, but is a strong laxative constipation. Despite being a simple procedure, the castor oil pack can produce good results. For the strongest effect, use a hot oil pack. Physiological effects of the castor oil pack include stimulating the liver, increasing eliminations, relieving pain, increasing lymphatic circulation, improving gastrointestinal function, increasing relaxation and reducing inflammation.
Materials Needed (and is used to treat) * Three layers of natural, uncolored wool or flannel cotton large enough to cover the area being treated * Castor oil * Plastic wrap large enough to cover the cloth * Hot water bottle or electric blanket Procedure * Soak cotton with castor oil. It should be saturated but not dripping * Place the pack on the area being treated, for example lower right abdomen (liver) * Cover the pack with plastic wrap and place a hot water bottle over the pack * Leave the pack on for 30-60 minutes.
Use the castor oil pack 3-7 days per week. The same pack may be used for weeks or months. Refresh with additional oil if necessary.
COUNTER-INDICATORS AND WARNINGS: Precautions include avoiding meal times, not using the pack during heavy menses, and avoiding contact with fabric that could become stained.
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