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What You Need To Know About Craniosacral Therapy NYC

By Kimberly Moore
Cranial sacral therapy can also be referred to as craniosacral therapy. It refers to a type of bodywork whereby there is relieving of compression in bones found at the head or sacrum. The sacrum is a triangular bone which is at the lower sections of the back. The CST treatment is noninvasive and makes use of little pressure around the head, neck and sacrum. That helps in relieving stress resulting from compression. In considering Craniosacral Therapy NYC residents should be versed with what it involves.
Through manipulation of bones in the pelvic region and skull, the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the central nervous system gets normalized. That helps to ensure that if there were blockages, they get removed. The ability of the body to heal is thus improved. There are many specialists who can help with the treatment. You can be treated by a massage therapist, osteopath or physical therapist. You can have it performed as part of a treatment which was already scheduled or specifically for solving a specific issue.
Depending on what you are treating, you could need between 3 and 10. You might however need sessions for maintenance. The number of sessions which suit you will need to be determined by the healthcare provider. The treatment helps in relief if compression within the head or neck. After treatment, you will experience reduction of pain and also release of emotional or physical stress. Further, there will be restoration of mobility of the cranium.
The treatment can be beneficial to people of all ages. It can be used to treat conditions like constipation, migraines, headaches, recurrent ear infections and difficult pregnancies among others. There are however possible side effects that one should be versed with. When performed by a specialist who is licensed and experienced, the possibility of side effects will be minimal. Any side effects in such instances will be mild and tend to disappear within a day.
When you go for the first appointment with the therapist, they will inquire your symptoms and any previous conditions you have suffered. For the treatment, you are supposed to remain with your clothes, which means you need to ensure you put on comfortable clothes on that day. In many cases, a session will last for one hour or thereabout. The first step is to lie on the massage table.
Through the use of 5 grams of pressure, the therapist holds your head, feet or sacrum gently. They will do that as they listen to rhythms. In the event that there is need, they will reposition your body so that flow of cerebrospinal fluid gets back to normal. In order to support limbs, there is use of tissue-release techniques. There are a number of feelings which different people can experience. You can feel sensing pulsations or deep relaxation.
The CST is can provide the needed relief for many conditions. It is however mostly used for treating headaches. Because there is usually reduced probability of side effects, people prefer it to using prescription medicines. You need to ask your therapist whether they are licensed in offering CST.
CST is meant to help your body get back to its natural healing process. As a result, any improvements will go on for weeks after therapy. There will be the phase of reorganization whereby the body tries to adapt to the new wellness state.
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