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On Thursday, Donald Trump held a signing ceremony for a new job training program that the White House is touting, but during his little speech about this program, he had a moment of realization, and in that moment of realization, he let everyone in this country know that he is an absolute and complete moron. Today, 23 companies and associations are pledging to expand apprenticeships. That’s an interesting word for me to be saying, right, the apprentice. I never actually put that together until just now. That was a good experience, I will tell you that. Ain’t that strange, Ivanka, I never associate it, but here we are. Can’t get away from that word. It’s a great word. So Trump never knew, he never knew what the title of his own reality show actually meant. He didn’t know that he was actually looking for an actual apprentice to help him with his business, and to teach them and to give them skills. He didn’t know that. Now I can go ahead and predict how all of the Trumpbots out there are gonna respond to this. No, no, no. We have seen Donald Trump joke. We know what the average human being sounds like when they’re telling a joke or trying to make a play on words. That wasn’t this. The man was genuinely shocked when he read that word, “apprentice”, on the teleprompter, and something clicked in his brain, and that’s why he immediately started going off the cuff, ’cause you could tell the difference in the way he was speaking, when he said “apprentice”, then, “Oh, hey, by the way, I didn’t even know that. Man, I did a show about this Ivanka, how about that?” The man is an absolute moron. And it also reminds us that he is a reality show host who now happens to be the president of the United States. Now we can’t talk about this story, obviously without talking about the actual jobs, training program that Donald Trump is getting businesses to sign onto because that’s a good thing in theory. Unfortunately, these industries that Donald Trump is touting, “Oh, they’re gonna make these apprenticeships, we’re gonna try to retrain 3.8 million people here in the United States.” Yeah, that’s not the industries where we need people retrained. Where we need people retrained are the miners, the people working in the fossil fuel industry who should be retrained at the government’s expense to work in the renewable energy sector. In fact, Hillary Clinton had a phenomenal plan to do that, which was actually one of her only really great ideas when running for president. But that’s not what we’re doing. We’re sending more people into the defense industry, which could possibly mean that we’re gearing up for another war, it could mean that we just wanna waste all that military money we just had, but none of these are jobs that are actually vital here in the United States. There are people that need to be retrained, but they’re not people that are gonna go design bombs and tanks and planes and guns. We need real American workers who are in dying industries right now to be able to move into other industries. But that’s not what Trump wants to do, but what he did manage to do during that speech was to let us all know just how stupid he truly is. For more infomation >> Trump Basically Admits He’s A Complete Moron During Speech – Duration: 3:45.
I’m Michelle from “Oh My Disney.” And I’m here at Toy Story Land. [MUSIC PLAYING] How did this idea begin? As we imagined new opportunities for Disney’s Hollywood Studios, really wanted to bring a multi generational, family-friendly experience to this park. Who better than the “Toy Story” characters to usher in that kind of experience? It was a no brainer, really, to want to bring the world of “Toy Story” here. Now, how all of that came to be, of course, is its own design journey. But that’s where we started. When I walked in, I almost cried. I did cry. I’ve cried a lot today. It’s very beautiful. RYAN: Woo! Speaking of crying, everyone has emotional connections to these characters, these movies. It’s very dear to so many people. And you can feel that here in the land. How do you go about making that connection? With any new world that we bring to life in our Disney Parks and Resorts, we start with the heart of the story. For me, it was very easy, because I was Andy’s age when the original “Toy Story” film came out. And I’ll never forget that when I came back from seeing that movie, I looked at my toys so differently. – Yes, yes. And things that I loved, I never thought for a moment they might love me back as much as I love them. When everything that we do here in Andy’s backyard is charged with that intent and that feeling, that’s what makes this, not just a land of oversized objects, but a place where real heart lives. Yes. So that’s what we’re so grateful for in terms of working with Pixar and bringing these stories to life. But also, we’re so proud we’ve been able to capture in this really idealistic land. So many details to take in. I’ve just, like, been wandering. Just like, I feel like a little kid just looking around at everything. – Yeah, we love that. – Yeah. So when you’re conceptualizing this, when you’re making this, were there any moments where you had a surprise, where you were like, “Aha!” moment? The big surprise and delight was when we realized we had to make these– especially the toys we invented– feel like real toys. And that takes a little more than just building a box for it, right? Slinky Dog Dash is such a great example where we not only invent this mega coaster play kit in the form of this plastic toy track, we’ve invented instructions that tell you how to put this track together. We’ve actually built the tools that come with the play kit that you use to build the track with. That wrench in the Slinky Dog Dash queue fits on our coaster track out here. That is so cool! So what is it like to watch guests come in and experience this for the first time? There have been a lot of tears. Yeah. So we always say, you know, the heart and the soul of these lands that we make, they’re so much fun to design and build and envision. But it’s when the guests occupy these attractions and they come off of these experiences laughing and hugging each other and they’re so excited, when the heart is really felt. Thank you so much for talking with me. MICHELLE: A pleasure meeting you. RYAN: Yes. Enjoy Andy’s backyard. MICHELLE: Thank you. RYAN: Thank you. RYAN: Bye-bye. MICHELLE: Bye, everyone! [MUSIC PLAYING] Hello and welcome, I’m Disha and I’m here to help you transform your house into a home. With rapid urbanization, we have a lot of people living in very less space and this has led to a rapid decline in greenery and green spaces. We have very less green space not only outdoors but indoors as well. So if space is the constraint, should we stop growing plants. No, go vertical and hang plants on the wall and you can start growing plants indoors as well, you should grow more and more indoor plants in cute little tiny planters such as these. So I got these cute really cute little planters from Elite Earth. Elite Earth makes concrete planters which are not only trendy but sustainable as well. So when I got these from Elite Earth, I thought will be doing a giveaway on my Instagram as well as YouTube. So Instagram giveaway is already over and now it’s time for a giveaway here. First, let me tell you something about these gorgeous planters that first thing that these are quite trendy and contemporary and the second thing is these aren’t made of plastic. The third one, these are sustainable products. Fourth is that you can get them customized. Yes, this is the fun thing that you can get them customized. Whatever you have on your mind or you have dreamed of having such planter. Like if you ever wanted to have a planter in a shape of fish or duck or elephant or a clasping hand or any such planter then you can just tell me and Gurpreet who is the founder of Elite Earth will be gladly making that planter for you. So this giveaway is all about turning your dream into reality. So two of you will stand a chance to win this giveaway and for that what you have to do, I’ll share that later in this video. First, lemme quickly show you how I planted my succulents in these gorgeous planters and how I styled them. Now that you’ve already seen how I have styled these gorgeous little planters. Here are the details to enter the giveaway First, you’ve to like this video Second, go through the link that I have added in the description box and choose one planter from there and you can share the link in the comment box below or you can get customized your planter Yes, in your desired shape, your desired color. You just tell me everything in comment box below And Gurpreet will gladly turn that dream of yours into reality. So what you’re waiting for. Come on hurry up and leave me a comment and you stand a chance, two of you stand a chance to win concrete planters. So that’s all and I’ll see you really soon. Till then wish you all Love, Luck & Sunshine!! What happens when Prince Philip dies – and why he’s not getting a fancy funeral – Duration: 3:26. He’s been by the Queen’s side for the last 71 years and, whatever you think of the Royal family , there’s no denying Prince Philip makes it more interesting For the Queen, his presence has been one of steadfast support. For the public, he’s almost as famous for his often off-colour gaffes as he is for a life of duty Since retiring from public duties in August 2017 – and undergoing planned surgery – we’ve obviously seen a lot less of the Duke of Edinburgh, This, along with his age and health problems have, however, got people wondering what happens when Prince Philip passes away While Prince Philip very much remains alive and well, when that does happen, there are five things the British public can expect to take place 1. How the news will break Should the Duke of Edinburgh die overnight, the official announcement is likely to be made at 8am, and the BBC will be the first to have the news confirmed 2. No fancy funeral for him He may be entitled to a full-blown state funeral, but the Duke has expressed a preference for something a little more simple – and he’s been closely involved with the arrangements, which are being co-ordinated by the Lord Chamberlain’s Office at Buckingham Palace Rather than lying in state at Westminster Abbey, it’s thought the Duke’s body will lie at St James’s Palace instead, where Princess Diana lay for several days before her funeral in 1997 The public would not be allowed to view the body. As for the funeral itself, it’s believed the guest list will be comparatively paired back with only family, friends and heads of state from Commonwealth countries attending a service at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle, in the style of a military funeral 3. Where he’ll be buried While many of Britain’s monarchs and consorts are buried in Westminster Abbey and St George’s Chapel, Prince Philip’s burial will be at a different, more private location In keeping with his more low-key funeral the Duke of Edinburgh would be buried in Frogmore Gardens, in the grounds of Windsor Castle That said, he’ll be in good company – both Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are buried in a mausoleum there 4. How long the mourning period lasts for If Prince Philip dies before the Queen, she is expected to enter a period of mourning which will last for eight days During this time, laws will not be given the Royal Assent and affairs of state will be put on pause in a sign of respect 5. When the Queen will return to public duties The period of Royal Mourning will then continue for a further 30 days, after which the Queen will make a full return to public life and duties “When life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind.” – Chester Bennington. How can a voice reach so many? How can a man touch thousands of hearts? To move so many people? Change their lives? How can he give sense to pain or to the internal demons? Maybe we will not know how… But Chester Bennington did it. Probably without wanting it or even knowing it. But we can’t talk about pain without talking about Linkin Park. Especially about Chester… …a man able to sing as an angel and also as a demon at the same time. His voice was powerful… …angry, but also so melodious and capable of transmitting different feelings. It was manage to make you vibrate with emotion or move you to the edge of tears… …it was joy and pain, anger and love. All at the same time. It seemed to have no rival. A whole generation was identified whit it. Chester took his own life on July 20, 2017… He was at his best. He was only 41 years old, he had an incredible family… …one of the most important bands and a whole road ahead. Everyone was disconcerted by the news, because his death didn’t make any sense… …it did not seem real. At some point, many of his fans felt us betrayed. He taught us to deal with pain, with difficult burdens… …he told us a thousand times that no matter how complicated the trip was… …you could always raise your head and stand firm. It did not matter the fatigue, it did not matter if you felt lonely… desperate, if you were on the verge of collapse… You just had to keep all that out and continue. After his death this message seemed false… But it wasn’t. Chester fought throughout his life against it. He resisted for many years, always showing himself full of life… …proving to be a great human being, spreading his enthusiasm, laughter, love and energy… …to his friends, family and, of course, his fans. In the end those problems he faced as a child… …his addictions and all the demons that afflicted him ended up taking him away. We can’t reproach it, finally those demons were the ones who took him to Linkin Park. Those demons are the ones we see embodied in their songs… and they are the ones whit we feel reflected in at some point. Those songs have managed to inspire so many… Maybe more than Chester imagined. Personally, Chester was one of the best singers I’ve ever seen live… …one of the greatest talents I’ve ever met. As a person I also admired him Every fan knows what I mean by that, because Chester proved more than once to be an excellent human being. In Mexico we had a clear example of it with his last visit to our country. Linkin Park will never be complete without Chester and many of his fans will never feel the same again… …as his absence left a huge void. His songs will never feel the same way, many of them now look like a farewell letter… …an announcement of what was to come. Words can’t describe the constant pain we feel. A year ago our hearts broke and they will stay that way. Nothing can fill his absence. We can only learn to deal with the pain, we hope that he finally had found peace… …and we’ll be thankful for everything he taught us. As the band said: “A boisterous, funny, ambitious, creative, kind, generous voice in the room is missing”. “While we don’t know what path our future may take, we know that each of our lives was made better by you. Thank you for that gift. We love you, and miss you so much. Until we see you again…” -LP from a mild headache to a head pounding migraine attack headaches can be debilitating if you have ever had one or have seen someone from your family friend suffer you’d agree but some home remedies right out of your kitchen can do wonders in today’s video remedies 1 we’ll discuss the effect of banana peel on your forehead before you watch this video please take a moment to subscribe our YouTube channel by clicking the subscribe button then tap the bell icon so you will be the first to know when we post new videos daily sure I’m not a fan of too many fruits but give me a banana and you will never hear me say no it’s usually what I eat in the morning to get my share of carbs and just before I sleep after my early dinner it keeps you full and also keeps the midnight hunger pangs a day so now when I tell you that the banana peel can magically shoo away your headache will you trust me it might sound absurd but let me tell you this remedy is tried and tested how to use this the idea is to use the banana peel with an ice pack here’s what you need to do 1 before you use the peel you could probably eat it because it is filling and works even faster if the headache is triggered due to hunger place ice cubes on the banana peel and tape it so that it stays intact on your forehead 2 another way of doing this is to put ice cubes on a cloth tie it and then place it on the peel on your forehead there’s not just one way to do it but you get the drill don’t you also have a cloth or a towel handy because the ice will start to melt in no time 3 leave it on for a good 20 to 25 minutes and lie down preferably in a room that is silent and dark this remedy works like magic every single time it’s soothing relaxing and most importantly gives great relief here are some more home remedies these that can be tried one lavender oil lavender oil is the first thing that comes to your mind for room fresheners or anything pleasant smelling but did you know that it can cure headaches you can use this in more than one way one put a few drops of lavender oil on a tissue or a towel and inhale it you will start feeling better in no time it helps with nausea too – or just add a few drops of the oil to hot water and inhale the steam 3 another interesting option is to add a few drops of this – lemon or coconut oil and massage your forehead with the blend take a nap once you do this and you will feel so much better – coffee there’s nothing a caffeine shot cannot relieve it can make everything better and it works wonders especially for headaches the first thing I get my hands on when I get a headache at work is a cup of coffee caffeine is known to be an anti-inflammatory supplement and hence it helps a great deal but remember not to get into the addictive zone because it can be just as bad everything should be done in moderation 3 peppermint oil peppermint is an essential part of all our headache balms and it’s no news to most of us menthol which is found in peppermint is strong yet soothing and is known to relax your muscles and release tension thereby helping reduce the headache 1 take a few drops of peppermint oil and massage it on your forehead and around the temples you could also mix this with other oils like coconut almond olive oil or just with water for the massage – another option is to add it to hot water and do the steam treatment 3 as a last resort you could use any bomb that has peppermint menthol and massage it on the forehead but remember to follow up all of this with sleep have you ever suffered with migraine attack let me know in our comment section below if you like this video give it a thumbs up and share with your friends for more daily tips subscribe to our channel below thank you My name is Martin Bertilsson. I was born in Sweden. It’s kind of natural for me to be a fan. It’s quite amazing; the band was offered one billion dollars to reunite. They were supposed to do 100 concerts, but the problem they had was that they weren’t — according to the rumors — the four band members had kind of been together a long time and they were not getting along, and that was probably one of the reasons why they didn’t want to reunite. And one billion dollars is a lot of money; obviously, they had already made their money and thought that “we have enough.” But I think over the years, they’d probably mended some of their conflicts within the group. And I’m sure Björn and Benny had written some songs that they really liked! They’ve written a lot of songs for other people, and I believe that they wrote some songs where they thought, “These are for us!” And somehow, they mended the group together and recorded these songs. And I think the whole world is very excited about them. And as I know Björn and Benny, of everything they do, it’s quality. They will never release something that’s half good. I think it’s great! I think the songs will be awesome, and I think they will be hits. So I think what, if you are an ABBA fan and you go to Stockholm, Sweden, what you have to stop by is the ABBA Museum. ABBA museum was kind of late into the game, and I don’t know if they waited until they felt they had all the material, but they have a fantastic museum in Stockholm. And you have the whole studio there, you have all the songs; they have karaoke, and it’s a very popular place. So if you have the opportunity and have the time, if you’re going to Stockholm, please stop by the ABBA Museum. Björn and Benny, they do everything so perfectly; they spent a lot of time on each thing, and that museum is great. So you really should go. [Speaking in Swedish:] Thank you for listening to what I’ve said about ABBA and their trip throughout time and their successes. Thank you very much. Nice Slightly Rustic Log Cabin Like a Small Hotel Suite for 4 People – Duration: 3:44. Nice Slightly Rustic Log Cabin Like a Small Hotel Suite for 4 People For more infomation >> Create a Lake House Environment with Two & a Half Sisters – Duration: 3:27.

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